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Today there is an epidemic of low testosterone, or low T, among men aged about 45 and older.  This has prompted the use of testosterone replacement therapy.  It is a bad idea, and this article explains why.




These include muscle loss, weakness, erectile dysfunction or impotence, depression, anxiety, irritability, in most cases.  In a few cases, other symptoms may appear such as cancers and other diseases due to hormone imbalances.




There are several reasons:


1. A basic reason is the adrenal glands and the testis are depleted of nutrients, so they produce less testosterone. 


2. Some men produce testosterone blocking chemicals.  The most important of these is called SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin.  Doctors consider this a problem.  However, in fact the body may produce SHBG because the man is in a four lows pattern, and testosterone in any form makes the pattern much worse.

Unfortunately, some doctors give these men testosterone replacement therapy, and this causes cancer and other serious problems.


3. At times, the body makes enough testosterone, but converts too much of it to estrogen or to other hormones.  This is also often a compensation.  However, some doctors give these men testosterone, which is just converted to more estrogen, in many cases, making the men more ill.

More doctors are prescribing testosterone replacement hormone therapy because it is quick and easy, and it makes the men feel better almost immediately.  However, this does not alter the harmful longer-term effects of this therapy in many men.




            We have already discussed one of the worst problems with all hormone replacement therapy.  I will call that problem #1 below:


1. Most hormone replacement, even when needed, drives people into a four lows pattern and keeps them there, which is very bad for oneÕs health.  Other problems are:

2.  Hormones are meant to be made as they are needed, responding to the immediate needs of the body.  This can never be duplicated with any pill, patch, shot, or other method of administration from the outside.  Taking hormones from the outside locks the body into certain stress responses that are usually not the best.

3.  Most hormones are somewhat toxic, as they are powerful chemical, even bio-identical ones.  So all hormone replacement therapy tends to be a little toxic.

4.  I am skeptical if bio-identical hormones really are bio-identical.  There may be combinations of hormones that are very difficult to copy or imitate with a pill, patch or shot.




 A much better answer for Low T is to embark on a complete nutritional balancing program - only with one of the Approved Practitioners that work with us.  These programs solve the problem of Low T in a completely non-toxic and physiological way, as follows:


1.  The program supports the adrenals and the testis, helping them to produce more testosterone. 

2. It balances body chemistry, reducing a lot of stress on the adrenal glands, in particular.

3. It makes the manÕs body more yang, which reduces the need for testosterone somewhat.  This is also very helpful.

4. It may make the body more receptive to the effects of testosterone, again reducing the need for the hormones.

5. We can move a person out of a four lows pattern.  Not only does this help with the production of testosterone and other hormones.  It also is a safety measure.  It also can cause the body to produce less sex hormone binding globulin and less estrogen, restoring the balance of the hormones.

To begin a complete nutritional balancing program, CLICK HERE.


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