by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This article is a vision for the future.  There are a number of possible visions for our future presented in movies and books. People who like this subject are called futurists. 

Some of the visions are bright, and others are dark and awful.  Maybe global warming and climate change will ruin the earth, as some people claim.  I think it would make it nicer, however.

This article presents a positive future for the earth.  It may be all wrong, but I don’t think so.  I believe a new age of love and healing is coming to the earth.  This may sound ridiculous, but I believe it is the truth.  Here are the details.




Trend:  The world trend is that Christianity is growing fast.  People in America, Europe and Australia don’t realize this because it is not occurring in these areas.  It is occurring primarily in Asia, , in places such as China, Korea, Japan, India, and Malaysia. These are very populous nations that contain the bulk of the earth’s people.

Effect: The change is causing a giant shift in attitudes among these people.

Psychology. They are no longer thinking of themselves as victims of karma, for example.  Now they think of themselves as children of the one God, the Father.  They are coming to believe that God loves them as much as he loves all of his children.

This alone is shifting things on earth.  It opens up many possibilities for progress in government, business, family and culture.  It means these nations are no longer full of starvation, disease and death, as they have been for centuries.

Economics.  It means the coming of capitalism and open markets.  This is a wonderful system of economics that brings wealth to all.  It means new methods of transportation, communication and housing that brings safety, health and joy to millions upon millions of people.  All this is due to a religious revival.

Meanwhile, the Western nations are somewhat stagnated in this area.  I think you will see that this is temporary, promoted by new-age radicals that don’t like truth, love, America, joy, happiness and health.




Trend: More people around the world are looking to natural ways to improve their health.  This is necessary because everyone is sick, and drug medicine is not helping them enough.


Food. The organic food movement is the fastest growing sector of the food and agriculture industry.

Health care.  Also, especially in the Western nations, more and more people report trying holistic and natural methods of healing such as vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Lifestyle. More people are trying to improve their lifestyles and reduce stress.




              Trend: More and more of the world’s people today have modern electronic communication, computers, telephones, automobiles, and other items to make their lives better.

Effects:   This is bringing unheard of prosperity, literacy, education, and with it better health and more joy and happiness.

            Housing.  This important area of life is lagging somewhat, but it is changing, too.  New technologies and new materials are making good-quality housing more affordable and more available for people.  More prosperity is allowing many more people to live in real homes, not shacks and cardboard boxes.




Trend: There is much less killing on planet earth today than in the past century.  The 20th century saw World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and the reigns of terror of Stalin in Russia, Mao Tse Tung in China, and Pol Pot in Burma.

This century, there is much less war.

Effects: Wars tend to destroy nations and destroy factories, human beings and more.  This century has so far been one of unparalleled growth and development in many nations.

Yes, there is ISIS.  But they are minor in comparison to the horror of Nazi Germany or Communist Russia of the past century.




Trend:  The invention and growth of the internet in the past 20 years has revolutionized education by making knowledge available much more widely to everyone, all over planet earth.  There has never been an invention even close to this.

Effects:  These are beginning to be felt as the world’s education systems – schools, colleges, libraries and more – are feeling the effects of the internet.

Many of the old education systems are now obsolete.  They are too costly, unsafe, infiltrated by special interests, and not needed.  There is underway a revolution in education in which everyone can learn at home, at their own pace, in their own way, and learn better and learn more.

College education may well change greatly, and it is starting.  Thirty-three percent of students in one recent survey have taken college classes online.  There may still be college campuses in the future,  but many fewer.  It is much cheaper and safer, especially for young women, to study at home.




Trend: Environmental awareness is growing, and this is a good thing.  America is the cleanest nation, and she is leading the way. 

Effects:  This is reducing many of the “filth” diseases spread by poor sanitation, lack of clean water to drink, and contaminated food and air.

Some nations are also beginning to clean up their industrial pollution.  This is helping the health and happiness of their people.




Trend: There is a growing awareness and willingness to talk about the problems of murder, rape, incest, honor killings, female genital mutilation, and other ways people harm one another in society.

Effect: Love, honor and respect between all people on earth is growing.  People are becoming more loving the world over.




Trend:  Nations with large welfare states are all bankrupt.  This is occurring throughout Europe and in the United States of America.

Welfare states are nations in which the government runs the health care system, the education system, the old age retirement system, and cares for the poor.  All these tasks were formerly done by the private sector of the economy.

Government welfare is not working!

Effects: This will slowly cause the re-emergence of private sector welfare, private education, and private retirement programs.

Private welfare.  Instead of government welfare, churches, synagogues and other private organizations such as the Rotary Clubs will again provide private welfare to their members.  It will be far more compassionate, sane, less costly, less corrupt, and more effective.




Trend:  People are becoming more and more fed up with corrupt, bloated, expensive and ineffective governments around the world.

Effects: I predict that self-government will grow on earth.  It works better.  In contrast, socialism, communism, totalitarianism and dictatorships or monarchies are not working well.  They are corrupt, out of touch with the people, and not good at satisfying people’s needs.

The new governments will secure basic rights to own and use property, the right to work without unions or stupid occupational licensing laws, and the right to contract freely.  These are basic rights of all people.  There will be freedom of speech, of religion as long as it is peaceful, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate with whomever you wish. 




Trend: There are new sources of energy that do not pollute and that are much cheaper than current technologies.

Water. One new source for energy is water.  One can split water into oxygen and hydrogen, and run the cars and the power plants on it, in combination with gasoline or natural gas.  It is available today, and it is inexpensive, non-polluting.

Free energy.  Free energy, or really etheric energy technologies, have also been invented on earth.  Some do not want these technologies, but they will again revolutionize energy production and make it cheap and universal.  This will improve the life of millions of people.




Trend:  Capitalism, free markets, and free enterprise are growing fast around the world.  Only in Europe and America are capitalism declining because of powerful efforts to ruin these economies.

Effects: The growth of capitalism, especially in Asia, is causing much greater prosperity for millions of people all over the world.  It is raising the living standards and providing better clothing, housing, transportation, communication, education, health care, and everything else.  It is extending the lifespan and bringing more joy to people everywhere on earth. 

Capitalism is by far the most productive and fair economic system in the world.  It has been given a bad name purposely by some who seek to destroy it.  In spite of this, it is growing around the world.

 Are some corporations corrupt?  Absolutely, but most are very good.  The bad ones need to be closed down.  Usually, they are kept in business by corrupt governments.

Be very clear.  The opposite of free market economics is socialism, communism and all dictatorships, religious and non-religious.  These ideologies basically want to confiscate or steal most of the people’s resources and wealth and control them.

The fight between individuals and their rulers or elites for control of resources is the age-old human dilemma for as long as humanity has existed.  Only the names of the economic systems are new.  It used to be the king or queen versus the people.  Now the words for tyranny and dictatorship are socialism, communism, Marxism, liberalism, progressivism, social justice, economic justice, populism, the welfare state, the regulatory state, statism, and “people’s republics”.



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