By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Please do not slather lotion all over your skin!  Here is why:


1. Your skin is an amazing organ.  It is a sense organ, protective organ, eliminative organ, temperature regulator, and much more.  Please do not abuse it by gumming it up with creams, sun tan lotions, moisturizers, salves, rubs, aftershaves, and other products.


2. Almost all lotions, even those from the health food stores or “natural” companies, contain toxic chemicals.  Otherwise, they don’t work well.  The chemicals are often hormone-like substances, chemical scents, preservatives, and more.


3. Such lotions always clog your pores, no matter how pretty the skin looks.  This is quite unhealthy.  It also slows your progress with healing, and can stop it altogether.


4. There is often no real need.  Just because your skin is a little dry is not a reason to use lotions on it.  However, the cosmetic and skin care industry is enormous, with very high profit margins.  Billions of dollars are spent each year trying to convince you that you need to put all sorts of products on your skin when this is all a lie. 

Please realize this and do not listen to these advertisements.  Many “natural health” companies are no better.  Their products are not natural, at all.  The labels do not tell the complete story, no matter what anyone claims.




1. A slow oxidation rate.  The slower the oxidation rate, the drier your skin, in general.  This has to do with sluggish thyroid and adrenal glandular activity.  Often, it has to do with general malnutrition or an out-of-balance body chemistry.

To correct this, begin at least the “Free Program” today.  Ideally, contact one of the Approved Practitioners list on this website and begin a complete nutritional balancing program.  This is the best way to help your skin.


2. Chlorine and/or fluoride in your bathing water.    These toxic chemicals are very drying and damaging for the skin.  If your water contains these substances, as most of it does in Western nations, consider a shower or bath filter.  These are not too costly, and will remove some of these chemicals.  Also, consider taking more showers and fewer baths.  Baths expose your skin to more chemicals, in general.

Other things you can do is to shut off the water while you soap up, and don’t take a very hot shower or bath, as this can drive more of the chemicals into your body.


3. Using toxic soaps or shampoos.  This is very common.  Even soaps and shampoos from health food stores are often too harsh for some people’s skin.  Use a baby soap and baby shampoo, perhaps.  Also, consider using less soap and shampoo.


4. Congestion and toxicity of the skin.  This is extremely common!  In addition to a complete nutritional balancing program, be sure to build or buy a near infrared lamp sauna, and no other kind of sauna.  Use this every day and your skin will begin to glow and sparkle after a time, as you heal and decongest your skin.


5. Deficiencies of various vitamins, minerals and especially omega-3 fatty acids.  Dry skin is a classic symptom of certain nutrient deficiencies.  Be sure to eat 3 cups of cooked vegetables three times daily – some with each meal.  I know this is a lot, but it works well.  This is part of every nutritional balancing program.


6. Poor circulation.  This is helped by a nutritional balancing program, and especially by the use of the sauna daily, and by skin brushing.




1. If possible, leave your skin alone.  Skip the lotions.  Follow your nutritional balancing program correctly, and your skin will become much more beautiful, in time.  It can take a year or more, however, so be patient and persistent.  Stop using any lotion, which will slow down your healing process.


2. Brush the skin vigorously in the shower or bathtub.  This will help rejuvenate the skin, and is an excellent procedure.  I suggest using a synthetic bristle brush with a handle so you can reach your back.  You can also use a loofah.  Natural fiber brushes and wooden handles get moldy quickly, so they are not as good for this reason.


3. When you take a shower or bath, do not strip the natural oils off your skin.  This dries it out.  To avoid stripping the oils from your skin, do not use a lot of soap or worse, shampoo.  Never wash the body with shampoo, as this strips the oils badly.

Using too much soap or shampoo is one reason why some people’s skin is so dry when they get out of the shower or bath.  Instead of using a lot of soap or shampoo, brush the skin and limit the soap to just the underarms, crotch, under the breasts and these areas only.  With most people, this will be enough if you brush the skin.


4. When you dry off after a shower or bath, rub your skin vigorously with the towel.  This also helps the circulation of blood to your skin.  Make the skin glow a little.  This is very good.


5. If you feel you must put something on your skin, please limit it to some aloe vera gel.  This is safe on your skin, unlike the lotions.  Do not use an aloe vera lotion.  Use only the pure aloe vera gel.  Usually, you do not need it every day.  I know that it does not make the skip all creamy like some lotions.  However, it is much healthier than lotions.


6. Some of our clients report that by taking another capsule of EPA-DHA (fish oil containing omega 3 fatty acids), their dry skin becomes more moist.  This is fine.


7. Try to break the lotion habit.  This habit is common, and consists of automatically or routinely putting lotion on your skin every time you shower, supposedly to keep the moisture in.  This is not necessary and is not a good habit.


For much more about skin care, please read Caring For The Skin on this website.



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