by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The physical life traps most people, big and small, men and women.  Most people become too caught up in their careers, families, work, hobbies, friends, fun, politics and more.  This is the meaning of the phrase “Life traps us.”


1. You want to develop yourself, but you fall in love and soon you are thinking mainly about raising a family, buying a larger home, buying a second car – and there is little time left to cook meals, do the pushing exercise two hours daily, and get plenty of sleep.

2. You want to develop yourself, but you land a good job and soon you are promoted to vice president or something else.  The boss pays you well and praises you every day, but requires that you work 40 to 60 hours weekly.  So again, there is little time to rest enough, cook your food fresh and do the pushing exercise at least two hours daily.

3. You want to develop yourself, but you become interested in gardening, or pets, or your friends.  Soon you have little time for rest and sleep, for doing the pushing exercise two hours or more daily, and development stops.




            We say life is not about these physical matters.  They are important in order to stay alive and thrive in the physical world.  However, life is about more than this.  It is about development, a subject discussed in a number of articles on this website.

            What we mean is that the human being is capable of much more than going to work all day, having children, reading books and watching the television.  The human being is capable of developing into something quite unique in the universe.  However, one must know this, or one gives up and joins the others in their traps.

            This website therefore emphasizes development, and how to get there, in an effort to keep you from becoming trapped in the physical and often a superficial life.




            One question people ask is why bother with development.  “I am happy”, they say.  Here are some answers.

Longer lifespan.  Development allows you to live much longer – hundreds of years, in some cases.  Some say that this would be a curse, not a blessing.  Usually, however, this is because they are unhealthy and unhappy and just want to “get it over with”.  Those who learn to be happy do not want to leave, ever.  You may not realize this, but it is the truth.

Much better health.  This makes life a joy, even if you don’t have a lot of friends or a lot of money.  Health is more important than one may believe, so anything that improves health a lot is worth considering.

Medicine is not about health.  The medical profession, which I love for some items, is not oriented to wonderful health.  This is just the truth about it.

The medical profession, including most holistic doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and nutritionists, are more concerned with being out of pain and with avoiding the “killer diseases” such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  This is not health.

Health is not even having to think about any disease in the body, and this is a foreign concept to the medical and natural healing professions.

Unusual abilities such as telepathy.  Development also allows you to develop unusual abilities that multiply your power, your influence, your thinking skills, and more.

            Time for healing, working, loving and living.  Development allows you the time to review your life, remove your traumas, and to be all you can be.  Otherwise, you will find that all of a sudden your life will be cut short by disease, accidents and/or old age.

Accident prevention.  Accidents can still happen to those who develop.  However, they are more rare because you will think more clearly, take fewer chances, drive slower and sleep more.  You will also think more about your behavior, dress more modestly, and you will see problems coming your way before they overwhelm you.

Also, your health will be so much better that this alone is a protection and helps prevent accidents.  Also, if you should have an accident, injury or incident of some kind, your better health will help you recover much better and faster.

Windfalls.  Development also offers some windfalls.  We call them windfalls because they are not the goal of development, but they occur.

For example, when you outlive your enemies, you win.  When you live a long time, you learn how the financial system works, and how the governmental system works, and how many things work.  These come naturally just due to time and experience, in almost every case.

Success.  These windfalls are wonderful because, combined with better health, you become more successful in the world.  This is a great benefit for many people.

Smarter and wiser in the ways of the world.  You will also become much wiser about life, in general.  This knowledge you can share in books and giving speeches, and perhaps raising a family.  You will realize that when you were young (meaning less than 100 years old), you were not very smart, and most people are fooled day after day by the media, by their teachers in school, and in other ways.

Until one has the time to really learn the truth about worldly systems of finance, health care, governing, relationships and more, one is very gullible.  You will realize this some day.  This website discusses these subjects because I have learned about them, and more importantly, have been given this knowledge by others.




            1. Be sick.  I know it sounds negative, but illness helps a lot of people develop.  Most people who undertake a nutritional balancing program start out ill.  They cannot participate as easily in life’s “pleasures”, so they turn inward and work more on themselves with development.  It is not pleasant, but it works.  So do not hate your sickness, or hate yourself because you are “less than” someone else.  It may be saving you.


            2. Read this website.  We know this just sounds like self-promotion, but it works.  This website will move you in the direction of development. 


Avoid the following:

            1. Not-reading.  Many people do not read because they are lazy, busy, or say they don’t understand well.

If you don’t like reading, your computer can be set up to read to you.  The computer feature is called text-to-speech.  It comes with all Apple computers and it can be added to any computer.

            2. Reading the wrong material or wrong websites.  This includes almost all of them!  They include the news sites, the political sites, all the health sites, and all the social media sites.  These sites are fun, but many teach wrong information, and they waste your time if you want to develop.  Please keep this fact uppermost in your mind.


3. Cultivate the right friends, or have no friends.  Friends will easily drag you away from development – even the “best” of them.  They are only trying to “make you happy”, but that usually means distracting you.  So be careful with friends and acquaintances of all sorts.


4. Become a nutritional balancing practitioner.  Many of our practitioners find that they, themselves, benefit greatly from offering nutritional balancing to others.  Becoming a practitioner makes them think about the program all day long, and it makes them learn a lot more about it.

They also feel they must follow it better to be an example to their clients.  They also want to reach out to others, so they talk about it more.  To learn more about this, please go to the Training page.


5. Live simply and cheaply.  The reason is simple.  The more things – even friends – that you have, the more of your time, energy and resources you must expend to maintain your lifestyle.  This automatically leaves less time to rest, cook your food, and do the pushing exercise at least two hours every day. 

Complexity.  In fact, complexity of one’s life is one of the worst traps.  Many people think they need a “web” of family, friends, partners, children, material goods, books around the house, and more.  Otherwise, they think life is empty.  In reality, it is the opposite.  These things only take up your time and energy. 

Life is always full, and that is a fact.  If you are bored, or have “time on your hands”, then do the Pushing Down Exercise more and you will be happy that you did.


            6. Don’t die young.  It takes time to develop yourself.  So live safely when you are young.  This means care well for the body and brain when you are a child and a young adult.

              This means don’t go skiing, sky diving, hang gliding or bungee jumping.  Don’t ride motorcycles, and don’t ride bicycles on busy streets. 

Don’t go out on dates.  You don’t need it.  Have friends instead, but don’t go on dates. 

Drive slowly and don’t ride in small cars, ever.  They are much more dangerous in an accident.  Don’t fly in planes, especially in private planes.  They are not as safe as advertised. 

Go to bed early, get up early, and stay close to home.  Don’t travel to foreign lands, as this is definitely more dangerous.  If you want to learn about a foreign land, watch a television program or movie about it. 

Eat well always, and never eat fast food or junk food.  It is not worth it!


7. Don’t be lazy or a procrastinator when it comes to the pushing down exercise and nutritional balancing.  Before you know it, life is over.  So do it today and every day, first thing in the morning, before the rest of your life impinges and distracts you.

The critical requirement for development is to keep life from just overwhelming you with opportunities, obligations and other things that too often amount to distractions.

It is fine to be somewhat lazy and a procrastinator in other areas of life, such as sex, marriage, earning a lot of money, or having a big house or a lot friends.  However, do not be lazy when it comes to following your program.



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