By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© September 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.





Lying is very common on earth.  This article discusses some ways it is done.  This is helpful knowledge to avoid falling prey to lies.


1. Big lies.  This is telling lies that are outrageous.  The technique works!  Most people believe them because they think that no one would be so bold as to make up such big lies.

Adolf Hitler was good at this technique.  An example is saying the Hebrew people are the source of all the world’s problems.


            2. Repeating a lie.  By repeating a lie many times, some people become convinced that it is the truth.

An example is global warming and “climate change” and the need to reduce your “carbon footprint”.  The concern over it is nonsense – the climate always changes and has nothing to do with driving your car or burning coal.  However, the lie has been repeated so often that some people have become convinced that there must be some truth to it.


3. Skillfully mixing a little truth with a lie.  This is a very common technique.  By mixing a little truth in with a lie, people are confused into thinking it is all truth, when this is not true.

This is done regularly by politicians, public health authorities and others.


4. Fancy names of fake doctrines.  These confuse people because the names and theories sound sophisticated and scholarly.  In reality, however, the doctrines or theories are usually just tyranny covered up with rhetoric.

Examples are doctrines such as communism, Marxism, socialism, progressivism, liberalism, social justice, environmental justice, diversity, and multiculturalism.  These are taught as though they are legitimate sciences or truths.  In fact, they are modern forms of tyranny, or the rule of a small elite over the rest of the population.

In medical care, fancy meaningless names also abound.  These include words such as iatrogenic disease.  It sounds sophisticated, but it just means disease caused by doctors.  The fancy phrase, nosocomial infections, just means infections that one catches in a hospital.  Other such lying words are essential hypertension and idiopathic disease.  They just mean the doctors don’t know the cause of the condition.


5. Looking and speaking very seriously and with a sincere look on the face.  Those who lie are often very good at this technique to help convince others of the truth of their statements.


6. Use of flattery and implied threats.  Liars often use flattery to throw people off guard.  Another technique is subtle or veiled threats if one does not agree to the lie.


7. Prostitutes.  Often celebrities, “experts” in the field, or others are paid to write articles or scientific papers, or to do other things to promote or reinforce the lies.  People do not realize that seemingly reputable authors, doctors, and scientists can be “on the take”, and will say whatever they are paid to say.

For example, many medical studies, for example, are bought and paid for by drug companies and others in this way.


8. Dupes.  These are bloggers, authors, and often do-gooder types who are not paid to support the lies.  They are fooled into going along with the lie, which they repeat in their books or on websites or blogs.


9. Brutal.  Many liars speak sweetly.  However, underneath many liars are quite brutal.  This means that to protect the lies, and to get rid of those who oppose them, they will often resort to violence.  It may be done secretly so as not to attract attention.


10. Media control.  Many mass media outlets the world over are controlled by lying forces.  This is vital to know.  In general, one must look outside of the usual media channels to find the truth.


11. Influencing the young.  The liars begin with the very young children using the mass media and the education system to confuse and deceive the young people.  This usually lasts a lifetime.


12. Damaging health.  This is another tactic so that people cannot think and question clearly.  This involves control of the medical industry and can involve poisoning the entire planet, use of rape, upsetting the morals of the society and more.


13. Control of the education system.   This is very important, and includes controlling teachers colleges, textbook publishers and national school boards.


14. Control of the entertainment industry.  This is another powerful way to spread lies, denigrate the truth, and confuse the people.


15. Setting up organizations, charities, foundations, government agencies and starting or taking over certain businesses to support the lies.

For example, they control the mostly fake medical charities, the medical drug industry leaders, and so on.


16. Use of licensing and other occupational laws.  This is to control who works, who makes money, and who gets into positions of power.



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