By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This article is about the work of John Ernst Worrell Keely (September 3, 1827 – November 18, 1898).  There are levels of scientific disintegration of matter that are very important for the design of weapons, energy systems, healing systems, and everything else.




1. The base or adamantine level.  The first level is the most superficial.  It is called the base level because it is the basis for the other six levels. 

The adamantines.  This level concern particles of very small size that are sometimes called the adamantine particles.  It is level is the level of the adamantines.  To learn about these, please read a delightful book entitled Love Without End – Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green.

This level is not too useful for our scientific purposes, but it is important to know about because it is the basis for the others.  From here forward, all of the levels concern combinations of the adamantine particles, or motion of the adamantine particles.


2. The music level.  Music is a level of existence.  It is the easiest level to access for most people. 

A soul level.  This is a soul level, since the souls are heavily influenced by music, and they love it.  It is also easy to access with:

a) standard musical instruments.

b) electronic versions of standard instruments such as electric guitars and electric pianos.

c) purely electronic sound synthesizers.


These are the three main types of musical devices that are used to produce music in the world.


3. The pure sound level.  This is related to the music level, but it is not music.  It is pure sounds.  These are produced by mechanical and electrical devices of various kinds.

For example, nature produces some of these sounds, such as falling water, ocean waves, wind through the trees, babbling brooks, rustling of bushes or trees, and even the sounds of the wind moving through caves and hollows.  There are many of these nature sounds, although this is just one type of sound. 

Electronic machines can also be used to produce tones, frequencies, and sine or square wave tones of many kinds.  These are much easier to use, since one does not need a babbling brook in one’s laboratory.

This level can produce healing of the body and is used in some clinics that employ music therapy or sound therapies.  Nutritional balancing employs all of these methods, by the way, but one must be very discerning since sound can also harm the body, and often does with today’s rock n’ roll music.


 4. The protein and molecule level.  This one is even more esoteric.  It is the sound of molecules, atoms and other chemical compounds.  These do have sounds due to their vibratory qualities, especially living molecules.  These are molecules found in living organisms such as body proteins, body enzymes, hormones and other compounds.

These sounds are very soft, of course, so they must be amplified and this is not easy to do.  So this level is not easily accessible for most scientists and the public.  However, it is a very important level. 

For example, there are sounds that a healthy body makes, while there are also sounds that sick bodies make.  Some people “hear” these, meaning they sense them and smell them, perhaps.

This can make all the difference in a relationship, for example, or even a friendship.  This is why some relationships end for no apparent reason.  It is not “karma”.  It can be that the vibrations of one of the people changes, to a degree, and the sounds their cells and proteins make shifts.  The other person no longer recognizes the sounds, no longer enjoys the sounds, or no longer relates to the sounds, and loses interest in the first person.


5. The DNA level.  This level is even more subtle and esoteric.  It is the level of the sounds of the DNA molecule in everyone.  This level is also about health and disease.  As the telomeres shorten with age, the DNA actually changes its pitch to a lower pitch.  This can be felt by some people. 

This level, too, has to do with relationships, and with their beginnings and endings, at times.  One person just suddenly becomes interested in another for no apparent reason, or loses interest in another for no apparent reason.  The essence of it is the vibratory rate of the DNA.  This level is also not very accessible to most people, so it remains somewhat esoteric.


6. The atomic level.  This is another sound level that is even more esoteric.  It is the level at which the atoms of a person vibrate.  This is where nutritional balancing operates, and it gives this system of healing great power. 

For example, a healthy body vibrates at a frequency of about 7 Hertz (or Hz).  This is well known in some circles.  Most people, however, vibrate at a much lower frequency because they are so ill.  They have chronic infections, are nutritionally depleted, and they have too many toxic metals in the body.

Some electronic machine healing.  This is the basis for some electronic machines that can temporarily step up the vibratory frequency and effect some healing.  The problem with all these machines is they cannot maintain the higher frequency or it will destroy the body.  Also, the machines themselves are faulty and make the body more yin, which eventually kills the body.

Nutritional balancing explained.  This is the reason that in nutritional balancing science, I do not recommend these electrical and electronic machines, even though now and then they can eliminate a cancer or other diseases.

They are fraught with danger, and they don’t work in all cases, meaning that one must take a chance, pay a lot of money for the machine or for sessions with the machine, and even then the outcome is uncertain.

In contrast, nutritional balancing has a certain outcome.  This sounds arrogant, but it is not.  It occurs because nutritional balancing is firmly rooted at this sixth level of human existence.  The principles all derive from this level, although this was not discovered consciously.

Nutritional balancing principles apply to the sixth level only.  The principles were discovered little by little by Dr. Eck and Dr. Wilson.  They researched different healing methods and their effect on the sodium/potassium ratio, for example, and on the other mineral levels and ratios.

They found some principles to be valid for nutritional balancing programs (really just valid for this level of healing).  Meanwhile, many other principles were not valid, although they might work for drug medicine, surgery, homeopathy, herbalism, naturopathy, chiropractic, osteopathy, essential oils, body work, electrical healing, gemotherapy, spiritual healing, and religious healing.  This is because these sciences operate at a different one of the levels above.  Please understand this principle.

The principle is that all healing methods are valid at a certain level.  If they don’t work, it is because the method is designed for a different level with different principles.


7. The ALL level.  This is the highest or most esoteric level.  It is the sound of the One, or Unity, or Christ, or God.  This is the collective level of consciousness that includes us all.

This may be a bit esoteric for most people.  Perhaps it is easiest to call it the God level.  God, in most people’s mind, includes all of us, all of nature, all the planets and stars, and even more.  So it is called the ALL level for this reason.

    This level is so esoteric that few can access it easily.  A book, a compact disc program and one article on this website discuss some of its principles.  It is titled: The Real Self (all three – the book, CD and article - are mainly the same).  These contain basically nothing more than ancient philosophy brought up to modern times.  However, it is not easy to appreciate for most people.  Here are links to these resources:

1. The Real Self book, or 2. compact disc program.

3. The Real Self article.


Dr. Wilson discovered, to his delight, that these principles blend beautifully with nutritional balancing science, though he did not know why.  It is because they are of a similar level as his science.


This completes the basic scheme or layout of the levels of existence.  I hope to expand this article in the future.


Dr. Keely. These principles were discovered on earth originally by Dr. John Keely.  Based upon them, Dr. Keely was able to design anti-gravity machines, Tesla power systems that require no external connection or fuel, and much more.  Some day this technology will be known to everyone on earth.  For now, it may seem like fantasy, but it is not.



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