By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

December 2017, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            This is an extremely dangerous practice because it involves moving energy upward – or toward the head.  This website emphasizes that one should always move energy downward, both in front and in the back of the body.  See Down Healing and The Pushing Down Exercise on this website.  If you move energy downward – from the head to the feet, it will flow around properly. 




Moving subtle energy upward is very dangerous and causes kundalini syndrome.  This can include fatigue, loss of concentration, brain fog, depression, memory loss, apathy, and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

In fact, what occurs is it weakens the body and mind and allows aberrant souls to enter the body and brain.  The aberrant souls will then begin to direct your life and cause many more serious problems to occur – from illnesses to psychopathic behavior.  They could even tell you to kill yourself or to kill others.

Please stay away from kundalini yoga, and from any other practice in which you move energy upward – meaning from the feet or center of the body to the head, and perhaps beyond.



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