By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© September 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.



An old myth in Western society is the story in which a knight in shining armor rescues a damsel in distress who lives couped up in a castle that is guarded by a vicious dragon.  In order to rescue the damsel, the knight must slay or at least tame the dragon.

While this may be just a fairy tale, it has relevance for a process many people move through during a nutritional balancing program.  It is not exactly a retracing process, but has more to do with taming the ego mind.  Here is the psychological meaning of the story:


THE DAMSEL.  She represents the maturing physical being.  “She”  can be a man or a woman, by the way.  She has “appointed” or hired the dragon to protect her in the past.  The dragon follows orders, and keeps all outsiders away from her, which is what she wanted in the past.

However, now she is maturing and no longer needs the services of the dragon.  In fact, the dragon is now getting in her way and making a mess of her life!


THE DRAGON.  This can be a male or female.  It represents the ego mind or lower self.  It is, in fact, a relic of the past – like a dinosaur.  It should be gone, like the dinosaurs, but this one is still hanging around.

The damsel has actually constructed and authorized the ego mind to protect her.  It is a structure with which she evaluates not only her suitors, but all things.  She uses the ego mind to figure out which ones are for her.

This may have worked fairly well earlier in her life when she was not capable of deciding things for herself through analysis and logic.  However, now the ego mind has become entrenched, and has become a block toward progress in her life.

It is even worse than this.  The ego mind has become her enemy.  It tricks her and confuses her, perhaps in a misguided effort to protect her.

Biochemically, the dragon represents cadmium and copper.  Like cadmium, it is tough and a warrior.  However, it is toxic, a relic of the past, and not really that strong.  In fact, it is weak and afraid, like copper.


THE KNIGHT.  He represents the future for the damsel.  Psychologically, he represents the Real Self or High Self and the more godly side of life.  He wants to join with the damsel, who also realizes she wants him, as well.  But the dragon is in the way.

Biochemically, the knight represents zinc and selenium.  We call these the future minerals, and the spiritual minerals.  Zinc is gentle strength.  Selenium is also a gentle but very strong mineral when in the right compounds.




This story should have a happy ending.  The knight should overcome the dragon, ideally with the assistance of the damsel.  She alone has the power to call off the dragon so the knight can be with her.

However, often the story does not end well.  Too often, the damsel remains in fear of life and cannot let go of the dragon, even if she sees that it is causing problems for her.

The knight makes a number of attempts to rescue her, but is repulsed by the dragon each time.  In the end, she remains alone in the castle (even if she marries someone else), having missed her real lover.  The dragon remains in her life, keeping the best things in life away from her.




A nutritional balancing program often helps a person mature psychologically and emotionally.  Just improving one’s health and one’s mental clarity goes a long way toward moving into mature adulthood.

As a result, one becomes like the damsel in the castle who realizes, at some level, that her old ideas and perhaps old ways of living are holding her back.  In other words, these have become like the dragon who frightens the knight.

Some in this position feel torn between their past (the dragon they have built), and their future (the knight who waits patiently just outside her realm).

In a sense, the nutritional balancing program brings this issue of past versus future to a head.  If one understands the story well, it can help one to make the best choice.

To do this, here are a few of the important qualities of the ego mind to consider.  They are identical to the mythical qualities of the dragon in Western society – though these are not the dragon qualities in Oriental culture:


1. It is powerful and fearsome (fire-breathing and large), but not too intelligent.  It is like a soldier who will fight, but should not lead in your life.

2. It is vicious.  This means that although it always claims to be of help, in fact it is rigid, not too smart, and will defend the past vigorously – even causing severe physical of emotional symptoms if you try to go around it or ignore it.

3. It is sneaky.  This means it knows you well, and will play tricks on you that may be difficult to figure out.  For example, it will fool you into thinking that the knight is not for you, when really the truth is the exact opposite.

4. The dragon is usually dark in color, in contrast to the knight who shines on a white horse.  The dragon or ego mind represents the past.  If allowed to rule you, the dragon represents darkness and stagnation.  The knight represents the future – a bright and happy future.

5. The dragon represents power and control, but not intelligence and love.  The knight represents joy and love, even if he seems less powerful, in some ways, than the dragon.

6. The dragon is your creation.  Remember this.  You put it into service, and you keep it in service.  You can put it aside at any time, or subordinate it to your Real Self or high self.

Many people don’t realize this.  They believe their ego mind, also called the monkey mind or reactive mind, is independent of them, and absolutely needed.  This is just one of the lies the dragon teaches.




The challenge for the damsel, and for all of us, is to join with the white knight of our dreams.  It can be done, but it takes some courage.  It is no different than any other new, exciting, unfamiliar, and somewhat scary relationship.  It requires some letting go of the past, of the familiar, and of security.

Nutritional balancing can help, but only to a point.  Then one must realize that the dragons in your life (often anger and resentment) that you have come to depend upon may not be serving your highest good.  Also, you must realize that you can slay it – or retire it, if you prefer a gentler analogy. 

You can speak with the ego mind or dragon, and thank it for its service in the past.  But you must let it know clearly and repeatedly that it is time to go. 

You don’t need the dragon anymore and it is in the way.  You don’t like its tricks, even if the dragon believes the tricks are only to protect you.  You don’t need its primitive power and tactics.  You are ready to move on, under your own power, and find your way out of the prison of the castle and into a new and better life.




Whenever a person comes to these conclusions about their ego self or lower self, helpers will appear.  This is an ironclad rule.

They may not be whom you expect.  It could take the form of a new relationship, or a new career.  However, these helpers may also be frightening, such as an automobile accident, an illness, loss of a job, or something else that wakes you up and helps you realize that something deep inside needs to change.

So look for helpers that appear in order to assist you to decide to retire your dragon.  They are there to move you out of your self-made world of the ego, and into a larger and much more fulfilling world of love and God.



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