By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

August 2017, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.




              Jin Shin Jyutsu means the art of getting to know, or helping, myself.  It was taught to people in America and Europe by Mrs. Mary Burmeister of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

Mary was a wonderful teacher and gave of her life to thousands of students on a daily basis.  She passed from the earth about 20 years ago.  Her son and his wife now run the Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc. office in Arizona.




Jin shin jyutsu is a very ancient Japanese healing art that is based upon 26 energy locks or points on the body that must be open and functioning in order for health to be perfect.  Most people have at least half of these energy locks closed for various reasons.  The art of jin shin jyutsu is to open these as fast as possible and keep them open for a long and happy life.




            Each of the energy locks has a meaning in jin shin jyutsu.  The numbering of the energy locks also corresponds to the order in which the body heals during the process of development.

            All the points are along the side or governor channels, which run down the front of the body and up the back of the body on both sides of the main central channel or conception vessel in acupuncture, and pass through the nipples.  Some of the points are:


1. Back of the neck, to the sides, and halfway down the neck.

2. Back of the neck, lower down.

3. Back of the neck, even lower down.

4. Tops of the shoulders.

5. Near the top of the back.

6. Front of the body, around the level of the navel or belly button.

7. On the feet, behind the third toe, on the top of each foot.

8. Inside of the upper leg, just above the knees.

9. Inside of the shoulder blades on the back.

10. Slightly higher than the 9s.

11. Front of the body, just below the breasts.

12. Back of the neck, high on the neck.

13. On the back, near the level of the kidneys.

14. On the front of the body, at the base of the ribs at the level of the third energy center.




            This is the therapy side of jin shin jyutsu.  There are three main flows in the body that one must check with the pulses.  These are the main central flow, and the two side flows or governor flows.  If these three are moving well, then the person will not be ill, in general.  If they are not flowing well, then illness will be present.




            A session consists of placing one or two fingers on certain points and then waiting for a pulse to move through the fingers.  Then one moves the fingers to the next point or points, and waits again for the flow to begin.  In some people, it is easy to feel the flow.  In others, it is more difficult.




Two main problems have surfaced since the passing of Mary Burmeister that diminish the value of most jin shin jyutsu sessions.  They are not mentioned in any of the books currently sold about jin shin jyutsu.  I realize that some people do not agree with the following ideas:


              1. A jin shin jyutsu session must begin and end with the main central flow.  A main central flow procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Therefore, two of these flows occupies about half the typical session.  This is unfortunate, but necessary at this time for most people.  Otherwise, the person is left ungrounded, which is not as safe.


            2. Do not hold a point on both sides of the body at the same time.  This crosses the energy from side to side and is harmful.


              3. Jin shin jyutsu does not move energy downward through the body.  This is not too bad, but it is not as helpful as the pushing down exercise, for example, that forcefully moves subtle energy downward from the head to the feet.




            This art is being taught in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA twice per year.  In addition, there are books that can be ordered through the mail and on the internet.



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