by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó December 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


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Here are important facts that are rarely spoken:


1. The president did not obstruct Congress.  He was accused of obstructing Congress because he did not answer subpoenas by the Congress to appear before the committees holding the investigation.  A subpoena is a legal document requiring that a person appear to testify before a judge, jury or government committee, in this instance.

            In fact, there were no proper subpoenas issued.  There were only improper subpoenas that were really invitations to testify, which do not require that one appear.

The reason for this is the rules are that if the Democrats can subpoena witnesses, so can the Republicans.  The Democrats did not want this because if they allowed it the Republicans would uncover that there was real collusion between Hillary Clinton and the Russians and the Ukranians to influence the election of 2016, and they would uncover a lot more illegal activity by Democrats.

When President Trump received the improper subpoenas he went to a judge and asked if he and his staff were required to testify.  The judge said no.  So he and his staff declined the invitations.  This is not obstruction!  This was simply following the law.

If the Democrats had allowed the Republicans to issue subpoenas, then both parties’ subpoenas would have been legal and the President and others on his staff would have needed to come and testify.


2. The President did not overstep his power.  Actually, he was one of the few among the players in this drama that did not overstep their power.

The other article of impeachment was that President Trump overstepped his power because he suggested to the president of Ukraine that corruption by their government be investigated that involved the son of Joe Biden, a Democratic politician and candidate for President in 2020.

This is not a crime.  The president, in fact, is required to investigate corruption in foreign governments before handing over any aid to a foreign government.  The president was just doing his job.

The charge that President Trump withheld aid from Ukraine is also bogus.  In fact, there was no holdup on aid to Ukraine.  Also, the Ukrainians received much more military aid from president Trump than they ever received from Mr. Obama, who allowed the Russians to invade Ukraine and seize up to one third of their land. 

America has a treaty with Ukraine that America will defend that nation, which Mr. Obama did not live up to and president Trump has done. 

The opposite of what is being said by almost all the media and others is the truth.  The president has done an excellent job, and the Democrats and their friends in the media don’t like it.

The Democrats also lied about other charges such as bribery.  In short, they have no case and the impeachment is about other matters.  For example, they may not think they have a good chance of winning the 2020 electdion against President Trump because he is popular and does a fairly good job.

If they can’t remove him from office, at leas they can make him look bad in the media and attach the label of “impeached” to him.




              From the day Donald Trump announced he was running for president in 2015, the Democrats in the House Of Representatives declared that they would impeach him.  The reason is not that he sends out tweets calling people names. 

            The reason is that he is an independent thinker who loves America and who can see, to a degree, at least, what needs to be done to return America to a prosperous nation.

            You see, the Democratic Party of the United States is now the socialist/communist party and they want the USA either destroyed completely or turned into a weak and poor nation.  This was the vision of Barack Obama when he announced that he would “fundamentally transform the United States”, about 3 days before he was inaugurated as president.

            By the way, the former president signed an agreement with Iran that allowed them to develop nuclear weapons within 10 years and Obama gave them about 150 billion dollars as part of the agreement.  This was a treasonous act and Mr. Obama should have been removed from office for aiding an enemy of the United States.

            Back to Trump - The present impeachment had nothing to do with the truth and nothing to do with due process, which means the correct procedures to follow to remove a president.

            Worse than killing him.  In some ways, this impeachment was worse for the nation than if they simply killed the president.  That is a horror, but it leaves the laws of the nation intact.

            Treason.  This impeachment twists and ignores the laws and the spirit of the US Constitution, leaving us all without the guidance of a clear set of laws to follow in the future.  This is indeed a form of treason, or an attempt to overthrow the rule of law and the US Constitution, and to overthrow the legitimate government of a nation.

              We sincerely hope that history remembers this day of December 18, 2019, in this regard because this is what occurred.

            Fortunately, it is not that easy to remove a sitting president, so we will see what occurs when the Senate takes up the issue next year.  We will also see how the people of America react to the impeachment at the ballot box, unless the Democrats succeed in actually removing Donald Trump.

            That may sound impossible, but the Democratic Party of the United States is thoroughly infiltrated by the Rogues, as we call them on this website.  They are extremely high-tech, extremely secretive, and an extremely brutal adversary that seeks to control planet earth and has been doing so for at least 20,000 years.  For details, read The Rogues.




1. The US Constitution is written very poorly.  It does not spell out what crimes can be used as the basis for impeachment.  It just says “high crimes and misdemeanors” and does not define either.

The constitution also does not spell out clearly what to do if a public servant violates his or her oath of office, which clearly occurred here.

The constitution does not clearly state that if a pubic servant does not follow the rules of due process, the impeachment is null and void.

2. Sabotaging the rule of law. In this impeachment situation, the Democrats had no intention of following the rules of due process in order to arrive at a proper conclusion.  They drew their conclusion first and then justified it.

Government really cannot work if some choose to completely ignore both the truth and due process.  There are no shared values upon which to base debate and discussion.  That is what occurred here and is very important to point out.

The Democrats ignored the basic rules of conduct such as the Ten Commandments and lied all over the place, and continue to do so.  They literally have a different set of basic values – which one might call the Marxist value of the end justifies the means – and little else.

One literally cannot debate or discuss anything with people who do not share one’s basic values.  This is really the divide in America, not liberal versus conservative or anything else.  It is irreconcilable and the only question is which system of values will prevail.  For the Western system of Bible-based values to prevail, the other must be identified and stopped at once.  This has not been done in America or most places, and the result was the mockery, hoax, charade or kangaroo court that occurred.

3. The lying mass media.  The mass media of the United States, almost all of it – radio, television, internet and print - was totally in agreement with and complicit with the coup to remove Donald Trump, and played an important role in making the lies appear to be real.

Clearly, the behavior of the mass media of the United States with no controls over what they write, speak or display visually is another very weak point in the structure of the United States.  We sincerely hope this changes.  This is not the first time the mass media have been used to sabotage government.  In fact, this has gone on from the beginning of this nation, and of course in most others.

What is needed are clear laws and standards for the media.  They are a business and their product is the truth.  If they fail to deliver it, they have committed fraud and should be shut down at once and the perpetrators put in jail for a long time.  That is all that needs to be written into the laws of all nations.

4. The oath of office.  The perpetrators of the Trump hoax in the House of Representatives all put their right hand on a Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution Of The United States.  Not only did they violate the principles of due process and the rule of law that underlies the Constitution.  They also violated the Hebrew Commandment in the book they swore upon that says “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.  This means you shall not lie.

No one in the media or elsewhere seems to care one bit about this oath of office and its violation.  This is another very weak part of the legal structure of the United States and most all nations.  Why bother at all with the “oath of office” if it means nothing?

The US Constitution needs to be amended to say that if a public servant or elected or appointed or hired official of the government ever violates their oath to uphold and support the US (and State and local) Constitutions and other laws, they are to be removed from office at once and put in jail for a long time.

This would go a long way to stopping the hoaxes and treasonous activities of the rogues.  However, by design, we assume, this is not in the US and the American State Constitutions, at least not stated explicitly in the document itself.

When the US Constitution was written, every attempt was made to keep it very short, supposedly so that every person could read it and understand it.  We think this was nothing but rogue infiltration and little else.  Many, many details that make it much easier to understand, were left out such as what the oath of office means, and what to do if a politician or other government employee fails to live up to it.

Meaning of the oath.  Swearing an oath is an ancient practice on earth that the rogues purposely do not allow to be taught in school because they don’t like it.  It is basically a promise that one makes to the whole world upon assuming a privilege such as working in the government.

Swearing the oath while putting the right hand on the Bible is also ancient and not taught or understood today by 99% of the people.  It means that not only does one promise to do whatever the oath says, such as to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  One also agrees to all the basic rules of conduct contained in the Hebrew Bible, in particular.  Some rules, including the Ten Commandment Of Moses, may not be stated clearly in the Christian Bible or New Testament.

Every third grade child should know this, but few college professors know it today!  This is another profound weakness of the education system of America today.

5. Influence of the internet search engines.  The Google Corporation, in particular, along with the other search companies such as Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuck Go, Start Page, Brave and a few others were all complicit and guilty in the charade that was called the impeachment of Donald Trump.

We single out the Google Corporation because their search engine system and technology is used by all the other search engines.  It is a complete monopoly, which is a serious crime in America that needs addressing at once.

None of these companies printed the truth when a person searched for the truth about the President Trump impeachment.  They claim they “fact-check” but this is a lie they engage in every second of every day.  In fact, they censor the truth and purposely lie and are rigidly controlled by the rogues, who understand the importance of controlling the content on the internet and especially controlling the search engines web crawlers and other internet technology.

This is another very weak structural problem in the United States and all over the world today.

6. The churches and synagogues of the Untied States.  Donald Trump was elected, in large part, by the religious people of the United States.  These people tend overwhelmingly to be conservative and Republicans, and strongly dislike the lying Democratic Party.

However, we heard very little outcry from this group concerning the impeachment.  We think there are at least three reasons for this that need to be addressed:

A. Some were fooled by the lying media and the lying Congressmen and others in government.

B. The current laws in the United States forbid most churches (those that have 501c3 tax status) from speaking freely on political matters.  This is a clear violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitutiton and of the idea of separating church and state.

C. The churches today are heavily infiltrated by the rogues, who beat, rape, murder and otherwise influence church leaders, pastors, priests, rabbis and everyone in charge of these very important institutions.

D. Religious people in the United States and around the world are under severe attack by the rogues, who view traditional religion as their mortal enemy.

7. The entire academic community, particularly the legal profession.  This group of men and women who are supposedly schooled in the law, was notably silent all during the impeachment.  This applies especially to the millions of American attorneys, but also to all the college professors and teachers and school administrators all over America.

As a group, they wrote or spoke out very little about the abuses committed upon the US Constitution, the rule of law, due process and much more.  Some of them actually supported the impeachment with all its faulty testimony and lack of due process.

Clearly, the educational system of attorneys and the entire educational system is another very weak system in the United States, and indeed around the world.  The attorneys, in particular, are supposedly learned in the areas of law, justice, jurisdiction, and due process.  However, one or more of the following occurred:

A. They were not smart enough to understand what was occurring and/or were fooled by the lying media.

B. They understood, but were prevented by the rogues from speaking out.  This is undoubtedly true, in some cases.

C. Many just don’t care much if the rule of law and due process are violated and the legitimate government overthrown in the United States.  They are traitors, in other words, who only care about their daily business and little else.  This may be due to bad education or to faulty personalities and bad brains (see below).

8. The Lack of Brainpower Of Most Americans Today.  Dr. Wilson wants to add that the condition of the minds of most Americans, based upon hair mineral testing research, is so bad that this needs to be taken into consideration as a cause and lesson of the Trump impeachment. 

We believe this is correct.  We do not think such a mockery of the law could have taken place 200 years ago.  The people and the press or media would not stand for it and would rise up and march in the streets.

Today, however, most people can hardly think!  Their brains are toxic and thoroughly depleted of nutrients and operate at 10% or less of capacity. 

One might think that such brains would not be able to even drive a car, but the body is remarkable.  It shifts its resources to where they are needed most. 

As a result, basic activities such as shopping, driving, and even raising children continue.  However, the ability to think logically, draw conclusions, evaluate lies versus truth, the ability to remember and learn, and other cognitive skills are gone today from most people. 

The rogues are responsible for ruining most of the food supply on earth.  The medical profession is responsible for not teaching people how to eat and how to live properly.  Instead, they fill the bodies with vaccines, toxic drugs, toxic radiation and toxic surgery, almost all of which would not be needed at all if the people ate and lived correctly.  This is, indeed, a very important weakness in America and around the world today.  It does not matter if the health care systems are “private” or government-controlled.

Actually, that is not quite acurate.  If the health care system were really privately owned and operated and legally protected, we would be better off.  Instead, what people call the American “private sector” health care system is a sham. 

This sector of American society is so heavily over-regulated and rigged in favor of drug medicine and remedy medicine that the very words fee for service, free market medicine and private sector health care are today nothing but a joke and a lie.  The rogues have made a great effort in this area and have thoroughly infiltrated the hospitals, all healing schools, doctors’ offices, nursing schools and more.

9. Underestimating Satan, the adversary, the dark side of the force or the rogues.  Most people still trust the television and radio news, the internet search engines, the college professors, the newspapers and others who do not deserve their trust, and indeed are treacherous, vicious, brutal destroyers of all things good.

Even the conservative talk show hosts, while wonderful in many ways, underestimate them and point the finger in the wrong direction, confusing and deceiving their listeners.  The problem is not “the left wing” or the “socialists” or “communists”.  These are front groups only.

The Bible is correct.  It says something like we fight against powers and dominions, not just flesh and blood alone. (paraphrasing until we find the quote).  Even the Bible-orieented talk show hosts, Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro and others, don’t point the finger correctly, and should know better if they really know the Bible.  Perhaps they would be killed or at least not allowed to speak if they told the truth.

Implants.  Even those who do not trust these liars have no idea, in most cases, how high-tech, how sophisticated the propaganda and brainwashing they are subjected to, how pervasive and how brutal and smart is the adversary – the rogues who exist all over the earth and in outer space.

For example, they do not realize that Nancy Pelosi, to just mention one name of thousands, has computer chips implanted in her head and often a very fine wire connecting her to a communication base out in space that tells her exactly what to say and what to do.  This is the truth and the technology is not that complicated.

I know it sounds paranoid, but it is much worse than this on planet earth today.  It is not paranoia – it is the truth. 

Tiny brain implants are put in everyone today, either shortly after birth or even before.  For details, read Implants.

The rogues of Satans also rape the girls in utero to “prepare them” for their life ahead.  They rape the boys, too, extracting plenty of sexual fluid and frightening them too, so they are all scared, weak and sick. 

The rogues also use electronic frequencies to deplete vitamin E, lecithin and many other brain chemicals in utero and afterward so the brains do not grow strong and correctly.  They start using the implants to tell the babies what to think and how to behave even before they are born and continuously afterward.  The rogue section of articles and the Rape article discuss more details of these truths. 




THE VOTE.  The vote for impeachment on Wednesday, December 18, was completely along party lines.  Every Republican voted against it, while all but two Democrats voted for it.  Those two deserve an award, by the way, for bucking the party leaders and risking their careers.

This alone should tell you it was a political move, and not really about any crime, which presumably would have been clear and considered by both Democrats and Republicans.

            We believe that December 18, 2019 will be remembered as a sad day for the American nation that the people and the laws would permit such a political charade.  The entire process did not follow the traditional rules of fairness to both sides.  There was almost no debate of the entire House of Representatives, and in committee, the Republicans were repeatedly prevented from calling witnesses and more.


One Democrat was so upset about this that he has entirely quit the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party.




            If Americans care about their nation, please call or write your Senators and tell them that when the trial begins in the Senate, vote against removing the president.  DO NOT ASSUME THAT ALL IS WELL AND THAT THERE IS NO CHANCE OF REMOVING THE PRESIDENT!  That is another lie of some in the media and in government.

            Call, email and write continuously until the process is completely finished.



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