by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© March 2020, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            Properly cooked, good quality vegetables are delicious.  The purpose of this article is to help you identify why you donÕt like vegetables so that you can correct the problem.


1. Using poor quality vegetables. 

Solution: Try to find organically grown and/or local vegetables, as these are often better.  Also, vegetables must be cooked properly – until soft, but they need to retain their color or they are overcooked.


2. Not cooking vegetables until they are soft.  Crunchy may be popular, but they often do not taste as good, and one cannot get as many minerals from them. 

Solution: Cook all vegetables until soft.  I suggest Pressure-cooking for the best taste and other advantages. 


            3. Eating vegetables brings up issues, emotions, feelings or negative thoughts. 

            Solution: Work harder on forgiveness, and realize that this is retracing.  Bringing up issues and emotions is very good and necessary to release old traumas and achieve excellent health, so do not fight it.  Go slowly with the supplements, if needed, and the thoughts will eventually pass.


4. DonÕt like the nourishing and cleansing quality of vegetables because I am used to heavier food such as starches.

Solution:  The cleansing feeling may be unusual for you, but it is actually very good, so please get used to it.  You will come to like it.


5. I donÕt want to bother buying vegetables and then having to cook them.  In other words, I am just lazy.

Solution:  Realize that it does not take long to shop for vegetables once you get used to buying them.  Cooking with a pressure cooker takes about 10 minutes or less.  You only need to cook once daily for the whole day if you prefer.  You can eat vegetables at a restaurant, but they need to be well-cooked, fresh, and order triple portions.


6. Vegetables just taste unusual. 

Solution: This is usually because you are accustomed to sugary junk food.  Persist with the vegetables and your tastes will change.  Have some cooked carrot, cauliflower or onion with each meal.  These vegetables are quite sweet and will help with the overall taste of the other vegetables.


7. Vegetables are not my comfort foods.

Solution: You will come to love vegetables and they can become your new comfort foods.  So persist during this transition.


8. I am in rebellion because my parents made me eat vegetables as a child.  I refuse to eat them now.

Solution:  It is okay to be angry about this, but it is time to move on.


9. My husband or wife or parents donÕt eat vegetables, so I wonÕt cook them or eat them, either.

Solution: Please realize how important cooked vegetables are for health and healing.  Cook and eat them anyway, even if your partner or others do not want to eat them.  This is the wise thing to do.


10. I feel sick when I eat vegetables, with gas, bloating or stomach pain.  I guess I am allergic to them.

Solution: Most likely, you have intestinal parasites.  Millions of people have round worms, tape worms and other intestinal parasites. 

If you change your diet to include a lot of cooked vegetables, you are depriving the parasites of their favorite foods.  They may secrete chemicals that cause bloating and abdominal pain, in part to discourage you from eating the vegetables. 

Please ignore this.  In time, parasites will tend to leave because you will become an unwelcoming host for them.


11. Vegetables are boring.

Solution: To add excitement, you can sprinkle a little of your favorite herbs on the vegetables.  Also, have a few different vegetables at every meal.  Eat for health, not excitement.  When you feel good, life becomes much more exciting.


12. I donÕt believe eating this many vegetables is healthful.

Solution:  We work with several thousand people, and the cooked vegetables are needed today.  They provide the alkaline reserve minerals and other nutrients that everyone is low in.



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