By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


I believe that human beings should be quite healthy, and should live long lives.  They should also require few operations, drugs, herbs, or other medical or natural health care interventions.

This is a radical idea that is not taught in the schools or the media.  Also, most people do not feel well, and seem to need a lot of health care, so the idea probably seems crazy.

However, this assertion is based on our experience with those who faithfully follow a nutritional balancing program for at least a year or several years.  They require less and less medical care, and have fewer and fewer symptoms and diseases.  Based on these facts, the idea that all should be healthy and require little medical care does not seem crazy.  So please consider it.




It requires several steps.  Since most of the bodies are ill, they require rehabilitation or upgrading.  This is not the same as medical care.  The process involves:


1. Remineralizing the bodies.  This is not easy and takes a number of years.  For details, please read Remineralizing The Body on this site.


2. Make the bodies much more yang.  Remineralizing the bodies will help with this, but making the bodies more yang also involves removing many toxic substances, eating different food, changing the lifestyles in some cases, and more.


3. Avoiding poisons.  These include vaccines, drugs and even herbs.  It also means avoiding most operations due to anesthesia drugs and other damage to the body.

This would mean a drastic change in the health care systems of most nations, which depend upon the use of drugs and operations.

Other poisons to avoid are those found in our water, food and air.  Agriculture would need to be cleaned up a lot, and we would need to purify our water without chlorine, and we would need to stop adding fluoride, aluminum and sometimes other chemicals to it.

The air in the cities would need to be cleaned up.  This would not be difficult to do, however, if there were a concerted effort to do it.  Cars can run on water (HHO), and need not polute nearly as much.  The oxygen content of the air would improve, as well.

Electromagnetic poisons are a problem, and the entire cell phone industry might need to be stopped due to stray electromagnetic fields produced by the phones and the cell phone towers..  This would be less difficult for some nations that have wired phone systems or cable systems.  It would be difficult for some nations that do not have a wired telephone or television system.


4. Healthy lifestyles.  To maintain the bodies, they need adequate rest and sleep, some exercise, and other wholesome living habits.  


5. Other rehabilitation, depending on each person’s condition.  This occurs with a complete nutritional balancing program.  It includes the fast or slow oxidizer diets to replenish many alkaline reserve minerals.  It also include about 8 nutritional supplements, but not many more because they are all yin.  It also requires the detoxification procedures, at least in most cases.

Remember, rehabilitation is not the same as “health care”, either allopathic, naturopathic or holistic.  These methods of health care are remedy methods that take care of symptoms.  However, in general, they are not designed to fundamentally rehabilitate the body.  That is, they do not deeply remineralize the body, make it more yang, and balance it at deep levels.




1. Do you want “health care” or health?  I recently heard a political candidate say he believes in “free government health care”.  Of course, nothing is free, so it is all a lie.  But even if it were possible, it is not the answer.  The answer is to restore real health, rather than get “free” visits to the doctors.


2. Will you lose your job if people become healthy?  Some fear the idea of really healthy people because they fear that if people don’t need doctors and hospitals, they will lose their jobs.  I have no such fear because I know it will take years to rehabilitate the bodies, so there will be plenty of work to do.


3. Is more government the answer? Some people think we are unhealthy because of capitalism and the profit motive.  However, it is quite the opposite.  A free market health care system, which does not exist in the USA or Europe, offers many, many choices.  In a private health care system, if you don’t like your doctor or other provider, you can just leave and find another.  Reading this website is part of the free market system.

However, government health care always reduces choices to whatever the bureaucrats decide to give you.  Also, government bureaucrats always tend to want to extend their influence and power, so they do not want you well, because then they would not be needed.


3. What a waste of money!  The present health care system, which costs about 3 trillion dollars in America alone, and many trillions more around the world, is a huge mis-allocation of resources.  What if the money were spent on rehabilitating the bodies so they were really healthy?  It would cost much less, and people would be happier, as well.



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