by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Unfortunately, many foods that are called “healthy” today are not so healthy, in my experience.  These foods include ones that are not well-absorbed, somewhat toxic, or perhaps yin in Chinese medical terminology, or that somehow upset the digestion.  Among them are:


Salads.  Raw vegetables are thought to be excellent foods.  However, I find they have the following problems, for which reason I suggest cooking your vegetables:

1. Raw is too yin.  This means they are cold, expanded and centrifugal in their effects on our bodies.  This is not helpful today, which is a yin time in history.

2. The minerals and some other phyto-chemicals found in all vegetables are not as well absorbed when the vegetables are eaten raw.  Humans lack the digestive enzymes to break down the tough vegetable fibers. Taking a digestive enzyme does not usually solve the problem.

Thus, vegetables are best eaten cooked until they are soft, or semi-soft, in order to absorb many of the wonderful minerals and other nutrients they contain.

3. Other reasons to cook vegetables are to concentrate them so you can eat more of them, and in places like restaurants and some nations, cooking is very helpful to destroy parasite eggs, bacteria and other harmful items that live on them.

Standard milk, cheese and yogurt. Commercial, pasteurized dairy products are often not such high quality foods today.  Raw dairy is best, and the other decent product is organic dairy, though raw is better.


Fruit and all fruit juices.  Fruits today have many problems.  Most are very yin in Chinese medical terminology.  This means they are expanded, and sugary  The mineral balance of most fruit is also not good today.  Also, fruit is often sprayed, even if it is labeled organic, as fruit is very prone to insect infestation.  Most fruits are hybrids, today, and not nearly as mineral-rich as some older varieties that are hard to find.  The water and sugar in fruit, along with fruit acids, disturb digestion, and they upset the entire body.  Sadly, fruit, as a category of food, is one of the most ruinous foods today, even organically grown or home grown fruit.


All wheat products such as breads, pastries, flour tortillas, wheat pasta, whole wheat cookies and muffins, and other flour products.  Wheat in all forms, even organic whole wheat, along with spelt, is quite irritating to the digestive system because wheat is severely hybridized and is no longer a good food.  The hybids produce many more tons of wheat per acre, but the mineral and protein content is much lower and the glutamic acid content is higher, making this an irritating food.  Some effort is being made to change this, but it is not too far along.  Until wheat can be returned to a more healthful and less hydridized crop, I suggest avoiding ALL wheat and spelt products.


Fermented foods. These are highly recommended by many health authorities for their probiotic quality and other reasons.  However, they are too yin, like raw foods, and they all seem to contain toxic aldehydres.  Please avoid them, except for some raw cheese and yogurt.


Green “superfood” powders, as opposed to green food capsules. These are also heavily promoted as health-giving “superfoods”.  However, they are often rancid, which is toxic, and they must be put into smoothies or drinks, which upsets digestion badly (see below).

Instead, I suggest dried vegetable capsules, which don’t go rancid nearly as fast, and kelp, a wonderful sea vegetable.  Do not use the other sea vegetables as much such as nori, wakame, dulse and the others.  They have less alginates that trap toxic metals such as mercury in the sea vegetables and prevent its absorption.  Also, I suggest avoiding the algaes that are so popular - chlorella, spirulina and blue-green algae.  These seem less compatible with human physiology in some way, although a little bit is okay.


Protein powders. I find that for most people, whole foods are best.  Problems with protein powders are 1) yin because they are broken apart and processed, and because they usually must be sweetened to eat them 2) bad combinations in smoothies and drinks, and 3) often much less nutritious than the whole food such as an egg or some raw cheese.

For protein, have 2 or 3 soft-cooked eggs, or a little chicken, turkey, lamb or lentils.  However, limit red meat and beans to about two servings per week in most instances.


Smoothies or shakes.  This is difficult for many people to imagine, but smoothies are not recommended at all.  They are all too yin because they are made of powders that are broken apart (very yin).  Then one adds water or worse, something sweet, which is also very yin. 

In addition, they are usually difficult food combinations for the body to digest.  Also, drinking a lot of liquid when you take your food interferes with its proper digestion.  For all these reasons, smoothies actually damage the digestion.  At best, they do not heal the digestive tract, which is a primary aspect of health that everyone needs today.  In most cases, they make it much worse, no matter how “nourishing” they may be.


Beans. – low etheric energy food and slightly toxic.

Coffee. – great in enemas, but irritating to the stomach and the nervous system when consumed as a beverage more than 1 cup of regular coffee.

Juices. – 10-12 ounces of carrot juices with a few spinach leaves or other greens is great.  More than this is very yin and seems to upset digestion as well.

Water. – spring water is wonderful, and distilled for a few months is fine for detoxification.  Carbon-filtered tap water is not too bad in some locations.  Other waters don’t seem to work well, especially reverse osmosis, most shallow well water, sadly, alkaline waters, fancy 3 or more stage filters, so-called designer waters, and adding salts or minerals to your water. 

Pig products. – May contain trichina worm eggs or ova that are not destroyed by cooking, and for other reasons that are less clear to me.

Vegetarian and semi-vegetarian diets.  These are too yin and very deficient in essential nutrients, no matter what the vegans and vegetarians claim.

Loads of dairy or milk.  Even too much raw milk is too sweet and yin.  Limit milk intake to 4-6 ounces of raw milk or organic milk, and limit cheese intake as well to about 4-6 ounces daily or less.  Dairy is not an essential food, so don’t worry if you are allergic to it.

Too many combinations (complex meals).  This is a very common ‘health food nut’ error.  More than about 3 foods per meal, or less in some cases, is much harder on digestion.  Mono meals, meaning one food at a meal, are very good, or just have a starch and a vegetables or two, or have a meal of a protein and a vegetable or two.  Do not combine heavy starch and heavy protein, ideally, as this is also harder to digest.


Drinking with meals.

Tons of supplements.

Kombucha, gramma and rooibos tea.

Wine and chocolate.

Soy products.


Salmon and Tuna

Hard-boiled eggs or other hard-cooked eggs

Most herbs

Homeopathic remedies


Natural or bio-identical hormones.

Wine – is junk.




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