by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Learning to receive healing is one of the most important things a person can learn.  It involves four stages, which are the four stages of action discussed in the article, The Four Steps To Action.

Briefly, the stages of receiving healing are:


1. Desire.  You must have the desire to be healed.  Most people have this desire, so this is not the hardest stage.  Their problem is that it is mixed with other desires that are in conflict with the desire to heal.  For example

- Some people desire to go on the government dole or ‘disability’ so they won’t have to work ever again.

- Some people desire to be taken care of by their spouse forever.  Healing would get in the way of that, too.

- Others are not really sure they want to heal because it will mean more responsibilities, or they will need to get married and have a family and they are afraid of this.

These and other conflicting desires often get in the way of the desire for healing.


2. Intention.  This is more difficult.  It is the sustaining of desire day in and day out.  This is more work and most people cannot do it.  They mix their desire for healing with other desires such as to be taken care of, to feel sorry for themselves, and more.  This negates the desire to be healed and ruins the intention, so it loses its power.  Then healing does not occur and one does not understand what occurred.  This is the hardest stage for most people.


3. Allowing.  Once the desire and intention are done, one must relax and allow the healing process to unfold.  This is often not too difficult for most people.  However, some people try to control this stage and that won’t work!

For example, the healing you seek may come in an unusual way.  The doctors might fail in their attempts to help, but an unlicensed, unrecognized or uncredentialed  healer might do what is needed.  You must not decide HOW your healing will occur, in other words.

You might have to get undressed in a sauna, or put coffee in your rectum, or eat a lot of cooked vegetables, which some people don’t want to do.  This is all part of the allowing stage.

You might have to let go of your prejudices against a particular race or group.  You might have to let go of hatred.  You might have to let go of all negativity. 

Whew, you say!  Yes, that is correct!  Just do it!


4. Surrender.  This is similar to the step before, only it is more final, deeper and long-lasting.  This is similar to intention in relation to desire - it is more final, deeper and long-lasting.

A difference, however, is that the ultimate surrender is done for you by grace.  This means you are permitted to literally forget and move on from your past, which otherwise tends to bind people to their past.  It is a conversion process that is quite miraculous.

Surrender, at one level, means you are really going to allow Stage 3 above.  You are not going to waiver.  You are not going to let others talk you out of it.  You are not going to relax your guard in this matter.

Surrender, at a deeper level, means that you give up “your life” for “the life”.  This is the only way the Father energy can enter and literally save you from your fate as an earth-bound person who is conditioned and controlled by your upbringing, your traumas, your parents and friends and other such factors.

This is a challenge for some people who go to a church, synagogue or mosque regularly, where you hear the same words over and over, sometimes tinged with anger or hatred for those who are not members of their group.

Thus, surrender is not always easy and you might have to leave that organization in order to step away from their non-healing attitudes.  You might even have to cut off your closeness with your family of origin if they are the ones who taught you incorrectly and are continuing to do so.  In this way, surrender is somewhat complex.  It is not just “letting go”.  It is moving on!



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