By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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“Hate speech” is a new and completely phony idea used by left-wing people to shut down free speech.  In some nations of Europe and in Canada, it is illegal and used to silence people. 

Yet it is completely subjective, and in practice is just a false accusation to silence those who disagree with left-wing thinking.  For this reason, we put the term in quotes.


Definition.  The Miriam-Webster Online Dictionary is going along with the crowd and provides the following definition of “hate speech”: speech that is intended to insult, offend, or intimidate a person or group because of some trait such as their race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.




            1. It presumes intent, which requires mind-reading.  How do you know that another person intended to offend others?  It is simply not possible to know this, and unless one is perfectly psychic, it is simply a matter of opinion. 

For example, a person may make a statement such as “Joe is lazy.”  The speaker may just be saying what he or she believes to be true, based upon observation, with no intent to offend or intimidate. 

However, another person can easily mis-interpret the statement to signal an intent to offend.  There is no way to know the truth.


2. Truth does not matter.  Speech is how people communicate with one another.  The truth of one’s speech is very important for good communication.  For this reason, and others, truth is very important to look for in anyone’s speech, much more important than whether the speech might possibly offend someone. 


3. It is applied very selectively.  The term is used almost exclusively by liberals and left-wing individuals to silence those with conservative ideas.

For example, a television news commentator recently called for Donald Trump’s beheading.  That statement was not labeled as ‘hate speech’ by the liberal media, though it certainly sounds like a hateful thing to say.  The reason there was silence after such a statement is the media doesn’t like Donald Trump, so the statement was fine in their minds.




The real intent is not to avoid offending people.  It is to confuse people, control thought and to isolate and shut down those who do not agree with left-wing thinking.




“Hate speech” is just one of a number of intentionally confusing terms used by left-wing people.  Examples are:

Social justice (which is not justice).  Social justice is whatever the person using the term believes is just.

Political correctness (which is not correctness or truth).  Instead, it is whatever the person using the term believes is correct.

Liberalism (which is not liberal).  It is a modern term for left-wing, tyrannical authoritarian ideas.

Progressivism (which is not progressive).  It is another word for tyranny and authoritarianism.

Communism (which is not communal).  It is just another word for totalitarian, aurthoritarian covernment.

Socialism (which is not social).  It is a fancy word for government control and authoritarian rule.

Now we can add hate speech (which is not about hatred).  It is just speech that some, usually left-wing people, disagree with.




Realize that “hate speech” is just a phony idea designed to shut down freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

If you are accused of it, know that it is simply a ploy to shut you up. 



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