by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Many people want to consume a green superfood.  These provide many nutrients.  They also provide vegetable nutrition, which most people need.  However, most green superfoods have the following problems:


1. All the powders go rancid, even in the refrigerator, and even if they are in capsules.  This is not ideal.  A partial exception is kelp capsules.  Kelp is very salty and this seems to act as a natural preservative for it.  This is one reason I suggest kelp as a green food, and not the others.


2. All green superfoods are very yin in macrobiotic terms for the following reasons:

A. The green leaves, algae and other things are all quite yin to begin with.

B. Green superfoods are raw.  Raw is always more yin.

C. Anything that is powdered or chopped up is also more yin.


Kelp, with its high salt content, is more yang than other green foods.  This is another reason I prefer kelp capsules to all the other green foods.


3. Some green foods are slightly toxic.  These include all the algae, such as blue-green algae, spirulina, chlorella and perhaps others.  Another group of green foods that can be somewhat toxic are alfalfa, cilantro and others.  These are herbs that can be consumed in small amounts such as sprinkling a little on your food.  However, in larger amounts they may be slightly toxic, in my experience.

Some kelp is also a little toxic.  The brand matters, as explained in the article entitled Kelp on this site.

However, most of the “toxicity of kelp” is due to the fact that it begins immediately to push out of the body the so-called iodine antagonists – bromine, chlorine and fluorine compounds found in all the bodies today. 

This is not toxicity!  It is simply a purification or healing reaction.  All that is needed is to reduce the amount one takes for a while, which slows the detoxification process.  As purification occurs (and the thyroid gland recovers its functioning), most people can slowly increase the amount of kelp up to about 4000 mg daily of kelp powder or granules without a problem.


For all these reasons, I cannot recommend green superfoods, other than kelp, which is part of all nutritional balancing programs.



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