by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© August 2023, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


I. Introduction

II. The Procedure

III. Cautions




The garden center healing and development procedure is a method of healing using special souls that are in some plants today. It consists of sitting or standing in front of a plant and allowing souls in the plant to move energy in the body or to move nutrients or other chemicals the plant makes into your body. It is a new procedure – August 2023.

The use of plants for healing oneself is very ancient. This is just one method, but an unusual, simple, safe and powerful way to use plants. Healing by this method may account for the good feeling that many people get from sitting, walking or hiking in nature and from gardening.

With this procedure, one does not kill or harm the plant. One simply stands or sits in front of it and allows certain energies and perhaps chemicals to move from the plant into the body. When doing this procedure, some people can feel an energy leaving the plants and entering your body.


Plants have many specialized souls and make many chemical substances. The possible healing effects of this procedure are really endless.

Plants particularly assist what are called the upper levels of a person's body. This has to do with one's energy centers, but not the ones located on the physical body. The upper centers are found above the head.


Required Materials. To do the procedure, one must get close to many plants. At this time, we don't know what each one contains.

Clothing. Wear light-weight natural fiber clothing. This type of clothing allows subtle energy to move through it the best. Also, less clothing is better, so if possible, open your jacket in front to allow more exchange of subtle energy.

It is best not to wear much jewelry around your neck in case it blocks energy exchange.

Location. One needs to visit a place where there are lots of plants and lots of variety. It could be a nursery, a plant warehouse, or a store where many plants are sold. I have done this procedure at all of these places.

One could use one's own garden or anywhere there are plants. We don't have enough experience with this procedure at this time to be more specific. However, we believe it is best to do it at a location where there are many types of plants.

Method. Walk slowly among the plants. Listen while you walk because some souls will try to move you so you are in front of the correct plant for your healing. You need not touch the plants.

Duration. Set aside at least one hour to do this procedure. You can do it for several hours at a time.

How often. One can do the procedure up to once a day. We recommend doing it at least once a week and more often if you have the time.

How about bringing plants into your home? This may work, but the problem is knowing which plant you need on any given day. It will change and it may be difficult to have enough plants in the house so you have the right ones. We are researching this.


Most of the time, one will feel better after doing this procedure.

Retracing. This procedure could cause purification reactions. These are temporary symptoms due to detoxification or other types of healing in the body.

So far, there are very few purification or healing reactions because the souls in the plants are careful to balance the body. For details about retracing, read Retracing.

Toxicity. We would avoid standing or sitting near marijuana, which is a toxic plant. There may be other toxic plants, as well, but most plants are beneficial.

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