by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This is the very common method of recommending foods and nutritional supplements that presumes that the human body is like a large pail. To nourish the body, one just dumps in a variety of foods to form a “balanced diet”. One can then do the same with food supplements, dumping in some of each vitamin and mineral.

In our experience, this method does not work well because:

1. People’s bodies are different and require different proportions of certain foods. We use hair mineral testing to assess the oxidation type. Based upon this, the diet contains more or less fat, in particular. We find that giving everyone the same diet – such as the Mediterranean Diet or the Keto diet - is not correct.

2. For best results, nutritional supplements must be even more individualized. We find the hair mineral test, when performed and interpreted correctly, is the best method to figure out which nutritional supplements each person requires. Taking the wrong ones or the wrong amounts causes conflicts and can throw the body further out of balance.

We also find that testing needs to be repeated every 3 to 6 months because each person’s needs will change as body chemistry changes due to the development program.


We offer a basic diet and a basic supplement program as a starter program only. It is for those who want to begin a program immediately on their own, and/or who do not want to go to the expense of beginning a complete development program.

The diet on this program is correct for about 80% of people. 20% of people will not feel well on it. The supplements are general ones and will help most people. However, they are not sufficiently individualized to move a person forward with development at a rapid pace.

We believe the program is a good starter program for most people, and many people report feeling much better on it. This encourages them to switch to a complete development program. For details, read The “Free” Or Basic Development Program.

To begin a complete development program, one needs to contact one of the Approved Helpers listed at Finding A Helper To Begin A Development Program.

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