By Kwan Yin

© December 2015, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


Life is a game.  This means that it is a setting with some rules.  That is what I mean by a “game”.  I do not mean that life is unreal because it is a game.  I do not mean that life is stupid because it is just a game.  No.  I mean that it is a setting with some rules.  That is how games are always played.  You set up the rules, and then you jump in and play the game.  That is the sense in which I mean that life is a game.


Irreverent?  This definition of life may sound irreverent, but it is true.  Life is about adventure, drama, comedy, tragedy, relaxation, bliss, and life is about suffering, at times.  These are just part of the game, which has many possible aspects.


Another way to say the same thing is that “Life is a stage play” or “life is theatre”.  Life is like a stage where one takes a part and plays out the role or part in the play.  Then, at some point, one turns in the script, one changes clothes out of your costume,  and goes home.  This is how life works.  This is the truth.  It is not pleasant or sad, hopeful or hopeless.  It is just the truth.

William Shakespeare wrote it this way in the play, As You Like It: “All life is a stage”.  He was a wise man, as you may learn some day.


Your opinion of life does not matter.  If you don’t like it, that is okay.  If you love it, that is okay, also.  It does not matter what you think about it.  Life is just this, and no more. 

Life seems to be about ideas, people, things, and more.  This is not true.  These are features of life, but this is not what life is about.  Life is a game and we are in the game.


We cannot leave the game.  We can stand aside and pretend to be outside of the game, but we cannot leave.  That is another principle.


Life is okay.  It is not good or bad, wonderful or terrible.  It is just okay.  That is an important principle.  In this sense, life is perfect, but only in this sense.  It is not perfect in the sense of being all bliss and wonder.  But it is perfect in the sense that it is okay, and that is all it is.


Life is never “over”.  It just keeps on going.  It is not about you and me, and it is not about life and death of the body.  It is a thing unto itself, in which bodies arise and vanish, souls arise and vanish, and so on.  This is not life.  Life is beyond all of this.  This is an important principle of life.


Life is one.  That is, we are all in touch with each other at some level.  We don’t have to talk the same language, and we don’t have to interact personally, or on the phone, or on the computer.  Life is somehow beyond all of this, although these devices are helpful at this time.


Life is all there is.  This means that there is nothing outside of life and the game.  There is no “God” outside of life, for example.  However, there are leaders, spiritual beings, Jeshuas, and others.  But they, too, are within the game of life.

This is depressing for some people who imagine that “God” is outside of it all, but the evidence is not there, so far.


Life is good.  This is a special meaning of the word good.  Good, in this sense, is not opposed to bad.  Good means of God.  That is the sense in which I mean the word good.  It is the derivation of the word good, by the way.  Good is of God.  That is all there is to life.




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