By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A number of clients report that they have let go of a number of “friends”, and even family members, after being on a nutritional balancing program for at least a few months.  This can be upsetting for some people.




            Reasons why this occurs include:


1. Greater awareness.  A person may literally wake up with a nutritional balancing program.  He or she may realize that some “friends” are not really that interested in your well-being.  Instead, they just hang around, or even take advantage of your kindness.

You may not have realized this, but improved awareness and better mental functioning allows you see this.  Such “friends” can suddenly seem disruptive, unpleasant, rude, or “users”.


2. Empowering.  A program may empower a person so that one needs other people less.  This is very common, in fact.  This combines with #1 above, at times, to cause an end to some friendships.


3. A new lifestyle and diet.  Nutritional balancing can separate one from friends and even family because it demands a different diet and lifestyle.  As a result, going out to one’s familiar drinking pubs, noisy clubs, junky restaurants and perhaps other social activities will have less appeal.  This often helps separate friends.


4. General house-cleaning.  While it may seem unusual, part of the detoxification process or house-cleaning process that everyone goes through on a nutritional balancing program can involve letting go of relationships that no longer serve one.


5. More knowledge and wisdom, and new interests.  Reading this website can stimulate the mind, and create new interests.  This can make one’s former conversations and discussions with friends seem boring or silly. 

The nutritional balancing program, along with some articles on this website, also help make one more open-minded.  This can make a person less tolerant of those whose thinking is more stuck, rigid or limited.


6. More energy.  One’s energy level often improves as a result of a nutritional balancing program.  You may no longer want to spend your time in the same way as you did previously due to new found energy.  This can be hard on some friendships.



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