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To help understand this article, please first read the article entitled The Four States Of Matter.

The subject of this article is: Our bodies seem to need nutrition from all four states of matter. 


- Each state of matter is basically matter at a higher frequency than the one previously. 

- At each higher frequency, the quality of the nutrition can vary a lot, both in quality or vibratory rate, and in the actual composition.

- Nutritional balancing programs are careful to include all four types of “foods” our bodies require.

- Unfortunately, standard medical care and standard nutritional science do not include all four of these types of nutrition. 


Here are more details about each of the four types of nutrition.


Solid matter.  This includes all of our solid food and solid food supplements, as well.  The quantity, quality and types of foods are all important.

Liquid matter.  This includes water, mainly, and for babies it includes breast milk.  The type, quality and purity of the drinking water are all important.

Gaseous matter.  This is the air we breathe.  Getting enough of it, and getting enough oxygen in the air are both very important.  This is why deep breathing is important in nutritional balancing, and why I suggest an ozonator/ionizer air purifier in every home to enhance the oxygen content of the air we breathe.

Plasma matter.  We need “food” in this form, as well.  The plasma state of matter is not well understood by most people.  It is made of chemical compounds that, due to their boiling point and other properties, exist in a plasma state at room temperature and pressure.  We usually perceive it as light frequencies or what is called the ether or aether.

Some of these plasma-state chemicals or light frequencies are found in varying amounts in our air, water, food and sunlight.  They receive little scientific attention because they cannot be seen, and are difficult to measure.  In some ancient healing sciences, these “foods” are called vital force, life force, qi, chi, prana and other terms.  They are quite important.

The nutritional balancing diets are based on eating high etheric energy foods.  We also suggest eating only natural foods, preferably in a whole state, not powders.  This is also to enhance the ether content of the foods.  Food in the fresh state is also higher in this energy.  Cooking food actually enhances this energy in most cases, except for fats. For this reason, raw dairy products such as butter, cream and milk tend to be superior.  However, otherwise, cooking food is best.

Among the most beneficial frequencies of light needed by the human being are some rays emitted by the sun, and those emitted by the reddish ‘heat lamps’ that I recommend for use either alone, or inside a sauna.  These are two examples of beneficial light frequencies.

Other light frequencies are not as healthful, such as sitting under fluorescent lamps all day long, as many people do in offices and some homes.  These can be improved, however, by replacing the fluorescent tubes with full spectrum fluorescent light tubes that are sold at hardware stores.

Replacing fluorescent tubes is often possible, even in large offices if you ask.  You may have to pay for the tubes, but they are not costly.

Of the available lamp colors, cool white bulbs of all kinds tend to be the best lights to have in your home and offices.  They have a bluish look to them, similar to the color of the sky.  That is because they tend to emit light frequencies that are most similar to the colors of the sun. 

For clarification, the sun is yellowish in color.  However, the atmosphere filters the sunlight and only allows certain frequencies to pass through.  These are the best ones for people, and the sky has a bluish color because these are the best colors for us.

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