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                  This article may seem trivial, but it is not.  It is an example of how some have tried to reverse the concepts of the founders of America.

                  The original meaning of the word federal is a governmental system in which power is distributed among many governmental bodies.  These include the national government, state governments, county governments, city governments, and governments of unincorporated areas, as well.  It is a vital aspect of self-government.

However, this meaning has been reversed.  Today, when someone speaks of the federal government they mean the central or national government only.  This is quite the opposite of the original meaning of the word federal.




                  A similar case involves the word ‘liberal’.  Until roughly 100 years ago, this word  described the beliefs of the founders of America such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others.  They believed in limited government, sovereignty of the citizens over the government, self-government, and the rule of law with a constitution based on the concept of natural rights.

                  However, in the twentieth century the word liberal was stolen by the socialists and communists.  They are always looking for seductive ways to describe their tyrannical and elitist beliefs.  As a result, if one speaks of liberals today, it refers to socialists, communists, and progressives – the proponents of elitist, autocratic rulership.



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