by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Some situations are truly disgusting, horrible, awful and one may say evil.  They may be on the nightly news, on websites including this one, or you may hear about them from friends, or experience them yourself.  A very important question arises – how to respond?

Here are some ideas:




Prayer is wonderful because it gives one something positive to do, it is easy and you can do it any time of the day or night, and studies show it actually works.

For details about what to pray and how to pray, read Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer.  We also believe that the pulling down exercise is active prayer.  For details about this powerful procedure that also heals the body and mind, read The Pulling Down Exercise.




This may seem like an unusual way to respond to evil and horror, but it is actually very valid and helpful.  The reasons are:


- Healing the body with a program offers some protection against certain kinds of evil such as people poisoning you, accidents, and even beatings and rapes.  A healthier body handles all kinds of stressors much better than a sickly body.

- Healing the body also tends to make your thoughts happier and more positive.  You will literally begin to receive ‘happy messages’ from your cells when they are well-nourished and not full of toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  This works!

- Healing the body and mind will improve your perception and judgment so you won’t fall into as many traps and you will make better decisions that can improve or even save your life.  You will ask more questions before going on a date, perhaps, or before buying a house or a vehicle.  You will think through all situations better and be better able to discern truth from lies, which will help keep you out of trouble.

- Healing the body and mind will improve your emotional stability.  This greatly helps one handle all kinds of information and all kinds of stressors.

- Healing with a development program literally increases your brain power so you will think more clearly and more correctly.




Responding to evil is often not easy.  It may seem like you should be angry, or upset, or something else.  However, exactly what to do is not always clear at all.

A good idea is to keep asking for guidance.  This is tedious and sometimes boring to ask over and over, but it works.  There is a principle involved.  The Bible expresses it well: “Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given.”




It is not helpful to fall into despair, apathy, cynicism, out of control rage and negativity when you hear about evil doings.  These responses tend to cripple your ability to respond in the best way. 

Many times, one goal of the evil-doers is to discourage you and to make you apathetic and despairing.  Don’t let them win on that level.  This means you must stay out of these attitudes.  To help with this are many articles on this website, including Apathy And Cynicism, Fear, Forgiveness and others.


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