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              Most people feel fairly good when following a nutritional balancing program with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  Most feel some fatigue, at times, and some ups and downs are normal as healing proceeds.

            Retracing also occurs during programs.  This causes short periods of anxiety, fear, anger, and various aches and pains.  However, these usually pass fairly rapidly if one does not resist them.

However, one should not feel miserable most of the time, for example.  This article discusses what to do if one does not feel well during a nutritional balancing program.  The rules are:


1. DonŐt wait and suffer.  If you donŐt feel well after 3 days or so, please take action.

Very powerful and simple procedures are:

A. Do the pushing down exercise much more – several times daily.

B. Rub the feet 5 or 6 times per day, especially the main meridians.  These are found on the top of both feet, just behind the toes, in the ŇwebbingÓ or troughs in between the first and second toes, and in between the second and third toes.

C. Do extra coffee enemas.

D. If the problem is localized, shine a reddish heat lamp on the area a number of times during the day.  This is in addition to using a red heat lamp sauna, which consists of three reddish heat lamps.


2. Also, stop your nutritional supplement program.  The reasons are:

A. The supplement program may need changing due to changes in your body chemistry.  This can occur at any time, even only a week after you begin a program.

B. If you are having a healing reaction, it may be best to stop the supplements.

If you feel better off the supplement program, then wait a day or two and then slowly restart the supplements.  Begin with one dose of supplements per day for two days.  Then increase to two doses daily for two days, and finally go back to the full program.

If you still feel well, most likely you just went through a mild healing reaction.  If you do not feel better, however, then go to step three below.


3. Contact your practitioner and ask for a review of your entire program.




The most common reasons are:

A. Not following the program correctly.  This can involve any aspect of the program.

The diet. Most often, one is not doing the diet we recommend.  This can be tricky because a simple habit that you may think is fine can ruin the program, such as eating fruit, bread or candy.

Very often people tell us that the diet brings up feelings and thoughts that they do not want to experience.  Therefore, they believe the diet is harming them.

In reality, the diet is causing deep healing at many levels. However, retracing feelings and attitudes that need changing is not always pleasant.  The most important attitude most people need at these times is more forgiveness of everyone for everything!  For details, read Forgiving.

Other people tell us they just donŐt like vegetables, or the diet is too much trouble, or they donŐt believe that diet is very important.  None of these are good excuses, by the way, and they will cause the program not to work.

Lifestyle. Other ways clients sabotage the program are lifestyle problems, such as staying up too late, running around too much, or overexercising.

Procedures.  The detoxification procedures are not critical for many people.  However, they are needed for rapid progress and in some cases, people will not progress without them.

Attitudes.  A few of our clients are so nervous or fearful that this sabotages their program.


B.  Another fairly common reason for not feeling well is that the supplement and dietary program needs updating.  This occurs because the programs cause rapid changes in body chemistry, so that the supplement program no longer balances the body.  This can make a person feel miserable.

C. Retracing.  This is a temporary reaction of the body as it eliminates toxic metals, toxic chemicals, heals infections or shifts in other ways.  It can temporarily cause any symptom imaginable.


            Uncommon reasons for not feeling well are:

A. General sensitivity and needing to take fewer supplements and move more slowly on the program.

B.  On rare occasions, something else causes a problem.



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