By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

April 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


Some men are reporting a number of unusual reproductive symptoms that doctors are unable to diagnose.  Some have hormone imbalances, but this does not fully explain the symptoms.

Symptoms include:

1. Sudden ejaculations with no stimulation or provocation.

2. Prolonged erections for several hours that can wake them up at night.

3. Premature ejaculations, meaning it happens with very little stimulation.

4. Ejaculations that occur without a full erection of the penis.

            5. Perhaps combinations of the above, or other erectile symptoms.


            The cause.  The cause appears to be a deficiency of a special zinc compound that is not found in many foods, and is not found in any zinc supplements.

            Zinc has much to do with male reproduction.  In other words, this may be a nutritional deficiency disease.


Solutions.  The needed zinc compound is found in certain food products.  These are the foods we suggest in the article Food For Daily Use.  So follow this diet as strictly as possible.

Correction is not immediate, but this may help.  We welcome feedback on this subject.



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