By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Every few years, the news reports the outbreak of a deadly virus or other disease.  This article is about the ebola virus of 2014.  However, the statements in the article apply to any disease scare of this nature.

Many people are worried about the spread of the ebola virus in West Africa, and whether it will spread to Europe, Asia and the Americas. 

Fear is running very high all over the world.  I am not an infectious disease specialist and have not worked with anyone who has the ebola virus.  The following are general comments only about prevention and healing of infectious conditions from the perspective of nutritional balancing science.




1. The best general prevention I know of is to follow a complete nutritional balancing program based on a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis.

 A complete program includes a healthful lifestyle, an excellent diet, about 8 to 10 nutritional supplements targeted individually for you, and about 5 procedures to promote health and healing.  This program will keep your sodium/potassium ratio balanced and provide all the nutrients needed to maintain the immune response at an optimal level.  For more information and to begin a program, click here.


2. Another preventive method is to follow the “free nutritional balancing program” described on this website.  For details on how to do this, please read The Free Program on this website.  This is not as good as an individually-tailored program, as described above, but it is a good start.


3. A lesser option to prevent all illness is to simply stop eating all sugar, fruit, fruit juices and all refined foods, eat a lot more cooked vegetables, stay away from vegetarian diets, and take a few basic nutritional supplements to improve the immune response.  For adults, these include vitamin D, about 5000 iu daily, vitamin A 25,000 iu daily, and vitamin C 1000 mg daily.  In addition, I suggest zinc 20 mg daily.


With any of these general suggestions, lifestyle is important.  Please get plenty of rest and sleep, and some gentle exercise daily or at least a few times per week.  Also important is to maintain a positive attitude, thinking uplifting thoughts and entertaining mainly positive emotions.




This is what I would do, based on about 36 years of helping about 50,000 people with all types of health conditions:

1. For adults, take four Limcomin tablets three times a day with meals.  Limcomin is made by Endomet Laboratories.  This is a formula for the immune response.  The formula is on their website (, so you could duplicate it if you don’t want to use their product.

2. For adults, take about 50,000 iu of vitamin A daily.  Take vitamin A, not beta carotene.  Read labels, as this can be confusing.  If possible, buy vitamin A from fish liver oil.  NOW Vitamins and Nature’s Plus sell this (in 2014).  The synthetic vitamin A palmitate will do if you cannot find vitamin A from fish liver oil.

3. Be sure to drink 3 liters or 3 quarts of spring water only, each day.  Dehydration is not helpful.

4. Rest a lot.

5. If possible, buy or purchase a near infrared lamp sauna.  Many viruses appears to be heat-sensitive.  Heating the body a few degrees in a sauna can therefore help weaken or even destroy it.  To buy a ready-made lamp sauna, click here.  For plans to build your own sauna, click here.  This type of sauna is fabulous for improving your overall health, and it is clean and dry.  Everyone could use one daily.

6. Cleanliness is critical.  The condition is contagious or communicable, mainly through body fluids such as saliva, urine, feces and others.  So keep yourself and your home very clean to keep from infecting others.




            Most likely, it is very safe.  Many precautions were taken to prevent the spread of the illness.  If infection occurs in the USA, I do not think it will be from these two individuals.  If it spreads in the USA, it will be due mainly to the horrible diets and poor physical condition of many people of all ages in the USA.




This virus may have been altered or concocted in a laboratory.  Regardless of its origin, it sort of turns off the immune system and then it causes bleeding.  Both mechanisms weaken the patient, and this is why it is potentially dangerous.




              Possibly.  There exist many forces in today’s world that do not want the world’s people healthy and happy.  Those who spread the diseases usually have antidotes, such as vitamin A in high doses.

Spreading deadly diseases is one of the mechanisms they use to instill fear and to kill off a percentage of the population who are weaker or who have more compromised immune responses.

              Ebola, by the way, seems to attack the adults, rather than children or the elderly.  This is somewhat unusual.  Other infections often target the young and the old, but not ebola.




Sometimes, fear can motivate people to eat better and care better for their health.  Fear may also cause people to take more precautions to keep their bodies clean, wash their hands more, and so on.

Beyond this, fear damages the immune response even more, making the epidemic worse.  Fear alone can lower the sodium/potassium ratio, for example.  Fear also impairs digestion and elimination.  Fear also leads to sadness and depression, and this harms the body and the mind.  So, if possible, never give in to fear.



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