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Welcome. About 10 years ago, a group formed that consists of trillions of small creatures and some human beings who live on and around planet earth. We were told that we could help the planet and would receive protection if we followed certain rules and followed orders as to how to live and what to do.

We don’t know who has agreed to protect us. However, we have found repeatedly that if we follow their rules, we remain fairly safe from the rogues. When we violate the rules, conditions for the group turn dangerous, often rapidly.

This blog is the idea of our protectors, who want to bring more knowledge to the people of earth. The author just reports what he is told to say with no editorial comments.

Disclaimer. All information on this blog is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.

Warning: Most of the material on this blog was obtained second-hand, unlike most of the material on the rest of this website. We try to independently verify the information. If we detect an error, we will immediately post a correction.


2/21/20. Most news outlets are not reporting the truth about the ideas of the Democratic Party candidates for president of the United States, so we will help out.

Abortion and infanticide. All the candidates want to legalize the murder of unborn children at any stage of pregnancy. Some also want to legalize the murder of babies after birth if the mother desires it. This is called infanticide and is currently the law in the state of New York, USA.

The candidates believe in a right to health care and college, but oppose more basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Homosexual marriage. All the candidates favor homosexual marriage. We find that homosexuals change back to heterosexuals when they balance their body chemistry. For details, read Homosexuality.

Health care. All the Democratic Party candidates want to “free” health care for everyone in America.

Free” services. The word free as the candidates use the word means that the money to pay for it will be confiscated or taken by force from the people. No services are really ‘free’ because someone has to build the buildings, buy the equipment, and provide the services.

Right now health care is voluntary – one pays for what one wants. The candidates don’t want people to have this choice – whether in health care, education, child care, or other areas of life.

The candidates say the voluntary system is “unfair” because everyone is not treated exactly the same. (In reality, in all socialist nations, the rulers get the best care – much better than the rest of the people.)

Private health care. Most of the candidates want to completely end all private health care. No one would be able to just go to a physician, nutritionist, chiropractor or other health care person when ill.

Instead, all health care workers would be employees the government. They would do only what the government tells them to do. This includes the type of treatments, kinds of medicines, and the amount of care.

Anyone offering private or alternative care would be fined or imprisoned. Imprisonment for socialists includes beatings, rapes, drugging and possibly death. This is the only way they can control people’s behavior.

Anyone over the age of about 60 would be considered “less worthy” and would receive less care. Those who oppose the government’s programs would also receive poorer quality care, or perhaps no care at all. When closely questioned, the Democratic Party candidates all admit this is part of their scheme.

Education. The candidates want to outlaw all private schools, religious schools and other private education in America. All children would be required to attend government-run schools, probably starting around age 3. Anyone caught teaching their child at home would be put in jail. Their children would be taken away from them. When closely questioned, the candidates admit this is their plan.

Subject matter. Education would center around going along with the government authorities and not questioning or opposing these dictates. Anyone who does not go along would be declared mentally ill and forced to attend special classes to change their attitudes.

If this remedy does not work, those opposing the government schooling would be forced to go to special “hospitals”, really prisons, where they would be drugged and beaten, if needed, to make them go along.

This is the truth of their plans, and it is the current policy of socialist nations such as communist China, North Korea, Iran and a few other nations. When questions closely, all the candidates admit that this would need to be their policy in order for society to run smoothly.

College. Most of the candidates want to provide “free” college education. This would be closely supervised by the government to make sure it is thoroughly controlled and the content censored for “acceptability” and “relevance”. These are code words for lying, distorting history, and teaching communist and socialistic values. When closely questioned, the candidates admit this is their plan.

Information. They also favor control of information on the internet, which they call “net neutrality”. It is pure censorship. It is already in place on Google and other search engines. They oppose the free flow of information in the media and elsewhere. They consider freedom of speech and freedom of the press unneeded and dangerous.

Guns. They favor “gun control”. This means taking the guns away from the people so that only the rulers have them. Criminals will also have them, because they don’t follow the law. Many of the candidates swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution, which includes the right to have and bear arms. However, these candidates flagrantly and openly violate their oath.


Day care. The Democratic Party candidates all want “free” government-sponsored child care. At the age of about 6 months or perhaps one year, all babies of working mothers would be forced to spend their day in a government-run child care center. Anyone caught offering private daycare would be fined and possibly imprisoned.

At these government daycare centers, the babies would be fed what the government deems best (not breast milk because their mothers would not be present). The babies would also receive their vaccinations, drugs and anything else the government wishes to do to the babies. Upon close questioning, all of the Democratic candidates admit that this is what they want.

Good and services. The candidates eventually want to control the manufacture, pricing, availability and distribution of ALL goods and services in society. This is an important aspect of socialism, which means government control of the economy.

The free enterprise economic system or capitalism, which means letting people run their own businesses, they see as wasteful and too competitive. They also view it as mean-spirited because some businesses succeed while others fail. Anyone who sets up a private business would be fined or imprisoned as an “enemy of the people”.

A government-controlled economy, also called a command-and-control economy, does not work well. Every nation that has tried it in history has become impoverished. To provide for their people, such nations usually go to war to steal the wealth of other nations.

However, this is the plan of the Democratic Party candidates. Upon close questioning, they all admit it. Some of them know it does not work well, and they don’t care. What matters is that they would be in charge.

Jobs. Some of the candidates advocate giving people guaranteed jobs and a guaranteed income. They don’t say how they will do this, however, perhaps because it is not possible unless the jobs are phony make-work.

Money. All the candidates plan on spending trillions of dollars on all the above programs. They say we just need a few more taxes to do this, and they will only tax the rich people. However, in all socialist nations, such as in Europe and Canada, everyone pays high taxes and the governments are still bankrupt.

The candidates oppose wealth in the hands of the people, except for the rulers. Among the candidates are several billionaires, not just Mr. Bloomberg who has about 65 billion dollars. All of them plan to take much more of ALL the people’s wealth through taxes, caps on salaries and other methods.

Religion. All the candidates oppose Biblical values, which they consider outdated, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and so on. In fact, what they really oppose is that religion is an alternative power center, and the candidates want the government to be the only power in people’s lives.

Truth. This is not one of the core values of the Democratic Party candidates. Instead, they live by the teaching of Karl Marx that the ends justify the means.

Lying is a method of getting elected, so it is okay in their eyes. This means, however, that you are foolish if you believe what they say. The other political party is not perfect, but their values are much better.


2/21/20. We are very happy that we figured out that there was no real movement through space. We were just “treading water” near the earth. The rogues had set up hundreds of these artificial journeys in order to distract us and split our forces.

Tonight we are bringing back several hundred groups of souls, creatures, plants and equipment, returning all of them to the earth. Some had been on a fake journey for up to 100 years.

As a result, we now have many more twins, meaning souls that are the twin souls of members of our group. This is a great benefit because all souls want to be with their twin. Souls and creatures are much happier, smarter and better workers when they are with their twin.

We also have many more fine matter creatures with which to defend and clean up the earth. This is badly needed to make fast progress cleaning up the earth.

The greater number of large fine matter creatures are also helping to remove unwanted rogue weapons, bases and other devices. They also help with many other tasks that require a lot of strength. This equipment is everywhere and very harmful for the earth and her people. However, it is cloaked so you won’t see it.

Bringing in millions of fine matter plants is providing much more food and chemicals that the plants make. These are desperately needed, as well.

Most important, trillions of souls and creatures are not wasting their time flying around in circles in space when they should be cleaning up and performing other tasks on earth.


2/20/20. Earlier posts reported that we had separated from the large, female, angel-like being in space. However, we have now figured out that this was a trick of the rogues and we never really moved very far in space. We were just inside a gigantic “theater”, like a huge planetarium, so that we thought we were moving.

We have gone back and corrected a number of blog posts below to reflect this new situation. Some don’t like that we change the blog this way, but we have many new readers and we don’t want them confused.


2/19/20. The group of souls that are inside and on the surface of the earth number in the trillions. We are becoming more organized.

The latest change has been to set up a communication system using twins or twin souls. Twin souls communicate between each other very easily and accurately. The communication system uses one twin soul in one location while the other twin remains elsewhere. They pass messages between them quickly and accurately. Groups of souls are at ‘hubs’ so that messages can be spread to other twins easily, to be relayed elsewhere.

The only problem is that twin souls like to be close together, not on opposite sides of the earth. So we rotate them, giving them a break each day when they can be together.


2/18/20. New figures from China indicate that the corona virus or Chinese virus is still spreading in China. A few more people in other nations are also infected.

We hope this situation will cause more people to pay attention to their health. The following is a repeat of an earlier post, in case you missed it.

To stay safe, go to bed by 9 PM, get more rest and sleep, eat only fresh, high quality food. Beyond this, the most powerful method of handling disease we know of is a development program. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.

Beware of all other healing programs. Many are not good, no matter how much people tout them. They can cause symptomatic improvement, but do not heal as deeply.

We find that many popular programs are harmful in the long run. These include homeopathy, chelation therapy, most herbs (toxic), raw food diets, vegetarian diets, the Mediterranean diet, the Weston Price diet, the keto diet, the paleo diet, and others.

Development science teaches that properly cooked food is better than raw food, except for raw dairy products which are good in moderation. It also teaches that vegetarian diets, fruit-eating and smoothies or shakes are harmful, no matter how nutritious they are, because they make the body too Yin in macrobiotic terminology.

In addition, the healing and detoxification procedures we suggest build health and can help protect the body against viral infections. These are the red heat lamp sauna therapy, reflexology, the spinal twist, coffee enemas and the pulling down exercise. Others are called The Accelerators.

Other common sense preventive measures at this time are to avoid all international travel and avoid crowds. This means avoiding places such as movie theaters, sports stadiums, concert halls and all crowded places.

Stay clean, wash your hands often with soap, and wash clothing often. These simple steps can greatly reduce the risk of viral infections.

It is a bit scary that so many of our products come from China. President Trump is taking the lead on changing this situation in America.

While we believe in international trade, socialist China has cheated for years in order to get everything manufactured in their nation. They have done this with government subsidies and by artificially controlling their currency so that goods are cheap from China.

This is ultimately a ruinous financial policy. However, in the meantime, other national leaders need to adopt the same policies as Mr. Trump in order to start manufacturing more products in their own nations.


2/16/20. To assure the safety of the group of souls and fine matter creatures in and on the earth, we require that anyone who wishes to join our group must sign what we call the pledge or covenant. It is a short statement about how one promises to behave. Anyone who does not sign may not join the group. Here is the pledge or covenant:

1. I promise to obey the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai. I also promise to obey the Golden Rule – to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.

2. I also promise to develop myself, meaning to follow the correct diet and to do the development procedures for at least two hours daily. I also promise to teach development to others for at least another two hours daily. I also promise to treat everyone in the group with the utmost respect and to support the group in all my daily activities.”

Some day, we are told, the human beings on earth will also sign the covenant. Right now it is only for the fine matter beings. If you are interested in signing, however, you can do it mentally and just keep in mind the rules.


2/14/20. The souls and the large female being who are writing this blog say that five major cleanup project are underway on earth at this time. There are others, but these are the main ones.

These do not require many new laws. Instead, they mostly require the repeal of hundreds of bad laws. So beware of anyone who wants to increase government intervention in society. Government intervention is most of the problem, not the solution. The five projects are:

1. Planetary cleanup of toxic metals and chemicals. This project is well underway. It began in earnest 30 or 40 years ago with better environmental laws. We don’t need a “green new deal”. Right now the focus of this project is on:

- NO dumping of raw sewage into the oceans. This is a serious problem in some nations. It is easy to solve with better sewage treatment and simple technology such as recycling toilets.

- NO use of toxic agricultural chemicals as pesticides and insecticides. These chemicals are not needed if farmers remineralize the soil, which is occurring now and this movement is growing.

The rogues have stolen minerals from the planet and the minerals are being restored. Do not believe anyone who says we will starve without the use of these chemicals.

The organic food movement is the fastest growing segment of the food market and has been for 20 years or more. As more people demand organically grown food, farmers and ranchers around the world are responding. For details, read Organic Agriculture.

- NO superphosphate fertilizers, also called N-P-K agriculture. This practice increases crop yields, but produces weak, sick crops and much less nutritious food. This makes the human beings and animals that consume them weak and sick.

Many crop varieties used today are adapted to the use of superphosphates. However, a new generation of farmers are learning how to farm sustainably without them.

- NO CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) and a return to grass fed and organic meat production. This is also well underway and receiving lots of support from the fine matter beings on the planet.

Cleaning this up means mainly repealing laws that favor factory farming.

- NO GMO foods (genetically modified organisms). GMO is a dangerous, harmful and unneeded method of crop breeding that is already illegal in a number of nations of Europe. For details, read GMO Food. The internet also has many articles explaining why it is a bad idea.

- Much reduced use of pharmaceutical drugs that are mostly toxic chemicals. See #5 below for details about solving this problem.

2. Improve the fertility of all soils on earth. All the soils of the earth are low in minerals. This is due to the rogues, who have stolen minerals from the planet. Restoring them is a major project of some fine matter beings on earth.

Only fertile soils will grow food without the need for toxic chemicals or superphosphate fertilizers.

3. Stop the rapes. This is a large and vital project. It involves getting rid of the troph or Rogues, who are professional rapists, and this is being done.

However, it also requires educating everyone in society about proper behavior, the evils of seduction, healthful lifestyles and better attitudes. It also requires passing laws in most every nation making rape a much more serious crime.

The rape epidemic is ruining the earth, instilling fear and hatred in many women and damaging relationships between men and women. It is also sickening many women, their partners and their children. For more details, read Rape and Healing Rape.

4. Stop the 5G cell phone system and convert the planet to what is called “free energy”. 5G is mainly a spy system promoted by the rogues. They want to know every move you make. A cable-based phone system is much safer and is not a spy system.

5G in America is also being set up illegally. We just learned that land-based telephone customers are being forced to illegally subsidize the construction of the wireless system. For details, go to: 5G Corruption.

Free energy is a simple technology that was discovered over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla. However, the rogues don’t want it here so it has been suppressed.

Free energy can power the cars, homes, aircraft, ships and everything else with no pollution or expense besides buying the equipment and maintaining it.

There will be no need for a “power grid” that is vulnerable to terrorism. Also, homes will not need internal wiring because every appliance will have its own power supply. This will reduce the cost of homes and solve some EMF problems.

5. Change the medical care system of America, first, and then every nation. Health care needs to change from drug-based to nutrition-based.

Some people say this is impossible because the drug companies are so powerful. However, it is already occurring and this movement will speed up because the fine matter beings support it.

It means no vaccines, which all contain toxic metals and chemicals that are ruining the health of our children. Today, the side effects of vaccines, such as autism, attention deficit and even death, are more serious than the diseases the vaccines are meant to prevent.

Vaccination is not needed when children are fed correctly and natural methods are used to heal illness. Many vaccines are also a fraud, meaning they do not do what is claimed for them. The truth has been suppressed and this will change.

Cleaning up health care also means no more government subsidies for drug research, drug medical schools and drug-based hospitals. Also, medical and other health care licensing laws need to be repealed because they lock out alternative healers and alternative methods.

Health care licensing laws are fraudulent. This means they do not do what they claim to do. These laws claim to protect the public. Instead, they make things worse by locking out alternative healing methods.

Drugs and surgery will still be used, at times, but will be a last resort and much less needed. You might say this is impossible, but we are told it is not at all impossible to change this system.

These changes will greatly reduce the cost of health care because it is true prevention. It will also result in much better health of the people and a longer lifespan.

It will also reduce crime, violence, divorce and many other social problems that are the result of impaired health and drug dependency.


2/12/20. Souls tend to be somewhat lazy. The reasons are they don’t need much to eat and drink, they can eat many kinds of food, and they don’t need houses, clothing or vehicles to drive in. As a result, they don’t have to work too hard to stay alive.

This trait affects all creatures because souls operate all the bodies. This is one reason why the free enterprise economic system or capitalism works well, and why socialism does not work.

In a socialist economy, the government provides free health care, free child care, free education, and even a guaranteed income. You will hear politicians talking about this during this election season.

It all sounds wonderful, but it does not work because the people become lazy. They are given little incentive to work hard or to accomplish anything.

As a result, work or production slows down and poverty follows. Also, health care, child care, and education all cost money to provide, so the government must confiscate most of people’s money in taxes and in other ways order to provide these services. In other words, nothing is free and any politicians who claims to offer anything for free is lying.


2/10/20. We find there are serious problems with genetic testing. These test scare people needlessly. Some women even get their breasts cut off because a genetic test shows they might get breast cancer. This is wrong and completely unneeded.

Here’s the problem: The test does not measure what you have been taught. In truth, the test measures not only the DNA, but also the ability of the body to copy the DNA to make RNA, and some steps in making chemicals from the RNA. The “defects” the tests detect are mostly in the RNA and synthesis, not the DNA.

And guess what causes problems in the RNA and in biosynthesis? Nutrient deficiencies and toxic metal excess.

In other words, the cause of most, if not all the “genetic” problems are not caused by “bad genes”, but rather nutrient deficiencies and toxic metals that you can correct.

We know this because the tests can change if one follows a development program. This would not occur if the problem were in the DNA. But doctors don’t tell you that and instead you are left scared and discouraged that your DNA is defective when this is not true.

Also, and more egregious, only about 3% or less of the genetic code has been decoded. The other 97% is called “junk DNA” and scientists have no idea what it is for. The idea that all of the genetic code is understood is a total lie! Look up Junk DNA to confirm this!

Much of the “junk DNA” has to do with development. It is not junk! It is just more difficult to decode. For details about genetics, read Introduction To Genetics, Genetic Defects and Genetic Testing.


2/8/20. The large being of which we are a part is still improving her health. It will be a long process because she was starved badly. However, we are learning more about her and her husband.

They tell us that space is enormous and that they don’t think they even belong in this area of space. We don’t know how to move her, however.

Our area of space seems to have a lot of rogues and they do nothing but cause trouble! We still do not understand exactly who they are, but they seem to be like a disease of some sort.

This blog earlier reported that we were moving through space, but now we do not think so. It seems like an aspect of the earth was and is moving, but not the real, physical planet. We know this is confusing, and we don’t understand it.


2/5/20. Today the United States Senate voted to clear president Trump of all wrongdoing in connection with the impeachment that took place last month in the US House of Representatives.

We don’t like everything about Mr. Trump, such as his vindictive tweets. However, we are happy about the end of the impeachment because the charges were false. The truth is the president did nothing wrong. In fact, he is required by law to investigate corruption of foreign governments to whom the US gives aid. It does not matter who the corruption involves.

He also did not “obstruct Congress”. When asked to testify, he went to a judge who ruled that he did not need to testify, so he did not. That is not obstructing. It is following the law.

The Democrats vowed to impeach him from the day he took office three years ago. The reason is that he loves America. The Democrats hate America because these days they are socialists and communists. This is a recent development in the past 40 years or so.

We, the souls who inhabit the earth, say that Mr. Trump has done an excellent job and should be re-elected.


2/5/20. President Trump, the American president, gives his entire salary of $400,000. per year to charity. He has to give it to government agencies. Here is where it has gone:

1st quarter 2017 to The National Parks Service for repairs, 2nd quarter 2017 to the Department Of Health And Human Services to fund a summer camp for poor children, 3rd quarter 2017 for research into the opioid drug epidemic, 4th quarter 2017 to the Department of Transportation to fix the roads of America.

In the 1st quarter 2018 he gave his salary to the Veterans Administration for their programs, the 2nd quarter to the Small Business Administration to help small businesses, the 3rd quarter 2018 for alcoholism research, and the 4th quarter 2018 to Homeland Security. In 2019, he gave his salary to: 1st quarter 2019 for agricultural research, 2nd quarter 2019 to the Surgeon General’s Office.


2/5/20. The large, female being we are inside of is feeling better at this time, and is telling us more about herself. She says she has helped the earth for many years and is sorry she cannot help us more.

She says she was involved in the life of Abraham and Sarah that we know of as the Old Testament of the Bible. She was also involved in the life of Jesus.

She says that both of these events were set up to help the people of earth, and they have helped. They are not enough, however, and people today must eat better, she says, in order to be healthy.


2/5/20. We have become aware that the above brands of red heat lamp bulbs are dangerous! If you have them in your sauna, please throw them away immediately.

SaunaSpace is telling people that the shielded wiring in their sauna stops any EMF from their bulbs. We don’t believe this is true, even if it cannot be measured with an EMF meter. We no longer recommend SaunaSpace saunas, although the sauna unit itself we think is okay.

Use only the standard brands in the hardware stores such as Sylvania, GE, Philips, Feat, or Havel Sli - not Westinghouse, right now.


1/31/20. This is a historic day because Great Britain, also called England and The United Kingdom, is officially no longer part of the European Union. This is important because the European Union has weakened the sovereignty of its member nations.

The European Union, based in Brussels, Belgium, has been responsible for policies that have weakened the cultures of the member nations. Among these are unrestricted immigration from the Middle East that has brought with it rape and other horrors. This is the main reason the British people voted a few years ago to get out of the European Union.

Many British politicians did not want to respect the vote of the British people. However, in this case the people persisted and finally the leaders gave in. Bravo to the British people, and a good lesson for us all!


1/30/20. The so-called corona virus should be called the Chinese virus. It is apparently the product of a bioterrorism laboratory located in Wohan, Communist China. The virus got loose and is spreading quickly among the people living in the area.

The Chinese authorities knew about it months ago and suppressed the truth about it because it made the government look bad. Lying to the people is a common practice in communist and socialist nations.

We hope the virus was not spread deliberately to “test” a bioterrorism weapon. This is something else that goes on routinely in communist and socialist nations because they really don’t care much about the people, no matter what they claim.

President Trump in the USA is handling the outbreak well, so far, by quarantining anyone who has traveled to China for two weeks. To quarantine means that the person must stay in a hotel or other facility for a period of time to make sure they are not sick and cannot spread disease to the rest of the population. Some people also think he should ban all travel to communist China until the outbreak is over.

Disease outbreaks like this always burn themselves out. They kill the weak people and the rest of the people survive and that is the end of it.

We have had a series of these outbreaks. Some people remember the swine flu, the Asian flu, the Ebola virus and others in the recent past.

Almost exactly 100 years ago an influenza virus killed millions of people around the world. This has not occurred again since then, but we would not be surprised if this one kills thousands because people’s bodies are so toxic and malnourished.

This type of virus is not the most lethal. However, it can cause death in weak, malnourished, toxic bodies. This is a major reason to begin and continue with a development program.

In our experience, if you follow a development program (not just any health program), you will be safe and need not worry about this virus. Avoiding air and ship travel, especially to Asia, is also a good idea at this time. For more protection, avoid crowded areas, stay very clean, get plenty of rest and sleep, and follow a complete development program.


1/30/20. Finding the large beings in space makes us wonder who is in charge of outer space and why it is such a mess. It looks like a Star Wars movie with the Empire in charge!

So far, we have no definite answers. We are getting lots of help when we ask for it, but we do not know who is actually in charge.


1/30/20. This beautiful being has been kept in a semi-coma so that she will not upset the activities of the rogues or trophs.

The rogues have poisoned her, driven spikes into her body and brain, and beaten and raped her repeatedly to keep her very weak. They have also damaged all of her organs. It is truly disgusting.

Usually, the rogues just kill anyone they don’t want around. However, we guess that the rogues do not want kill her and her husband. They are somehow needed in the universe.

At this time, this is all we know about why her life has been spared. This is also all we know about why the earth has been spared because the earth is part of her, we believe.


We have now found another large being in space near us who we believe is the husband or twin of the large female being in whom we find ourselves.

He is about the same size as she, with the exact same body organs, except that his reproductive organs look like those of a man.

We have learned that most fine matter beings are twinned or married this way. Twins, by definition, have main souls that were birthed at the same time – one male and one female. They tend to get along very well and work together well.

Twinning can occur among human beings on earth, but it is very rare. When it occurs, it makes for a wonderful marriage. One’s twin soul can also be in one’s mother, father, child, brother, sister or just a good friend. However, all of these are uncommon.

Some people have their twin soul inside them. These people often do not marry and are fairly happy living by themselves. For details, read Twin Souls.


1/30/20. The earth is currently in the upper chest of a large, female being in space. This area is between the fourth and fifth physical energy centers of all living creatures. For details, read The Energy Centers.

The earth is located in a special area called the triple hearts. This is right in the middle of the upper chest and almost at the level of her throat.

The function of the “triple hearts” area of all bodies is to connect the physical body with the etheric and other so-called upper “bodies”. These are not really bodies. They are energy fields that are very large and grow larger as one develops. For details, read The Hearts and The Energy Bodies.


1/30/20. We just realized that the earth is part of a huge, female, fine matter being who lives in our area.

She is so large that our entire solar system is about the size of her pinky fingernail. She looks sort of human with two arms and two somewhat short legs. She has two lungs, two kidneys, a large heart, a liver, a spleen, a pancreas and a small and large intestine. She has the same type of reproductive organs as human females.

Unlike human beings, however, she does not have a bony skeleton. Also, she has an unusual structure in the middle of her chest that is a propulsion unit or power unit. She uses it to move in any direction she wishes.

She also has two large wings that emerge from the area of her shoulder blades. These are also used to move around.

She seems to be very sick. We are trying to help her heal by feeding her the proper, cooked food, giving her vitamins just like we give to human beings on a development program, and cleaning up rogue bases and rogue poisons that are all over her.

She is very grateful and tells us that planet earth belongs to and is part with her. This is part of the biological theory of space. For details, read Outer Space and Bodies In Space.


The earth is definitely being assisted to survive by very powerful benign forces. Anyone who believes otherwise is incorrect. This is why the climate change scare is nonsense.

Without assistance, planet earth would have been turned into a trophos socialist slave planet many years ago. This would make climate change problems look mild. Yet this has not occurred.

Instead, the earth is progressing, both technologically and spiritually. There are many problems here such as pollution, the 5G spy system (that is really what it is), malnutrition, disease and bad governments.

However, things could be much worse on earth. Many planets are desolate wastelands, and ours is not.

We now believe that a few large, advanced, fine matter beings escaped the scourge of the rogues. We think these beings are helping us, though they stay hidden, perhaps for their safety. Do not listen to doom and gloom predictions. These are just designed to scare and discourage people and get people to vote for tyrannical socialist government.


The worst governments are the communist, socialist and Marxist governments. Please know that these are cover words for one-party, totalitarian, tyrannical rule.

In these nations, the people don’t matter much and the government does what it wishes. Historically, this always lead to poverty and eventually, war.

These governments have been responsible for the death of over one billion people on earth in the past 100 years. They started World War I and World War II. After the wars, Josef Stalin murdered over 70 million people in Eastern Europe. Mao Tse Tung murdered about 60 million Chinese people. By comparison, Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany ONLY murdered about 12 million people in Europe, although he started World War II that cost many more lives.

So do not be misled by anyone who suggests that socialism or communism are good systems of government.


There are two basic types of bodies in the universe:

Coarse matter bodies include the bodies with which we are familiar – human, animals and plants. Also, the bacteria and fungi.

Fine matter bodies are of a lower density, so most people cannot see them. Examples of fine matter beings are angels, elves and souls. Some young girls can see angels and elves. They are definitely real.

For a true story about elves, we suggest watching FairyTale: A True Story (1997). It is the story of two English girls, about age 10, who lived about 100 years ago. They saw and photographed elves near their home. The photos were authenticated by photographic experts.

Fine matter beings live very long lives and can live in outer space and deep inside the earth. In space, they can find enough food and water. In space, fine matter animals can also find enough oxygen to breathe. Fine matter plants can find enough carbon dioxide to breathe in space, as well.

Fine matter creatures vary in size from microscopic to enormous. They all can fly about using a ‘power unit’ located in the area of their chest. They have many shapes. Some look human or similar to earth creatures. Others are unique-looking, such as a few that look like dragons. For more details, read Bodies in Space.


Fear is a serious problem on earth. The trophos teach fear in hundreds of ways. The goal is to weaken and discourage the people of the earth. This makes the planet much easier to control. Here are a few examples:

The medical profession spreads fear. We know that if people eat correctly and follow a development program, most diseases would disappear.

The television, radio and other media outlets often focus on bad news, while ignoring happy news.

The trophos use rape to terrorize women. To read all about it, read Rape. A more subtle method is the use of radionic machines that broadcast fear into everyone. For details, read Psychotronics.


Babies are not healthy enough today. The trophos want more daycare, which wrecks the health of babies. Daycare has many problems, such as picking up infections from other children and from daycare workers. For more details, read Daycare.

President Trump is proposing a way to fix the daycare problem. He wants to require all businesses to give a woman who gives birth one year off work without firing her.

The company does not have to pay her while she is off work. But they must rehire her after one year if she wishes. If the company does not want to do this, they do not have to hire young women. They can hire men or women who are older who won’t have babies. This legislation is needed in America for the safety and health of our babies.

In Canada, new mothers are actually paid 55% of their work salary to stay at home with their babies for a year or a year and a half. The money comes from unemployment insurance that is taken out of a worker’s paychecks.


Love is not sex. Love is caring, respect and gratitude. Another kind of love is the radiance of the Creator. It is all around and through us. It is the ether. For details, read Love As Radiance and The Ether.


For optimum health and development, one needs to have the right values and attitudes. We find that the ones that work best are Biblical values such as the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule (see The Twelve Commandments – Ten Of Moses and Two More) and The Golden Rule.

Modern “liberal”, “progressive”, “democratic socialist” and “left wing” values do not work! They have been tried many times!!

Most people are not old enough to remember the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (or USSR in Russia), the National Socialist Party in Germany (NAZIS) and many others. They murdered millions of people. Their thinking always lead to poverty and war.

Do not be fooled by slick advertising by Bloomberg and others. These people are one-party rule tyrants underneath. That is the real way they do things, and it could happen in America. Read Socialism, The Irony Of Socialism, Basic Economics and Words Used To Confuse People.


Go to bed by 9 and sleep at least 9 hours a night. Otherwise, you will develop very slowly.

Ordinary sex with fluid loss slows development and weakens the body. Keep it to a minimum. However, Down Sex is excellent for health. You can do daily if you wish.

Certain detoxification procedures are excellent for healing and development. We recommend six basic ones. For details, read The Detoxification Procedures.


Avoid all powders, shakes and smoothies. They are bad food combinations and mix too much liquid with the food. Also, avoid all juices except 10-12 ounces of carrot juice for adults. More than this and other juices are too yin, and thus harmful even if you feel better on them.

You can, however, blend vegetables in a powerful blender that chops up the vegetables and heats them so they cook. We are still researching this method. However, do not cook the vegetables for more than about 30 seconds – just until they are chopped and cooked. They will cook very fast because they are all broken apart. Also, use as little water as possible because mixing liquids with meals dilutes the stomach acid and greatly impairs digestion.

The only recommended raw foods are up to 4 ounces daily only for all dairy products - milk, cheese, yogurt and kefir. Butter and oils such as sesame oil or olive oil are best raw. Do not heat olive oil! It turns to a poison.


Many will not like this recommendation. To feel well and become younger inside, cook almost everything you eat. It kills a few vitamins, but it kills germs, too, and the minerals are unlocked from the vegetable fiber.

Cook with water! Pressure cooking is best, but with this method care is needed to avoid overcooking. For example, vegetables just need about 2 to 2.5 minutes – just enough so they retain some of their color, and are soft, not crunchy. You can also steam food, or stir fry and then add water and steam for 15 minutes more.

A crock pot can be used, but is not quite as good because it overcooks food.


Stay completely away from all foods made with white flour, white sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and other chemicalized food. Rice is also not healthful, although we do not know why. This even applies to organically grown whole grain rice.

Stay away from fruit. It is too yin and interferes with development. For details, see Yin Disease.

Also avoid all pig products. They often contain parasites even when well cooked. Avoid duck, bison or buffalo, and even duck eggs. They seem less compatible with our bodies.


Organic almond butter and organic roasted tahini are excellent and needed for development. The tahini from Israel is best, if you can find it. Sprouts Markets sell it in the Western US. This is a part of the diet that many overlook and it slows development and healing.

Blue corn chips are also most helpful for development. They are somewhat salty and greasy, but we can’t find an alternative to them at this time. Corn cereal or tortillas are not as good. However, if you cannot find blue corn chips anywhere, then yellow organic corn will provide some of the same chemicals.


We find that vegetarian diets are killers and will shorten your life, no matter how good you feel on them. Have some animal quality protein twice a day, but only 4 to 5 ounce portions for adults and less for children.

Good ones are lamb, chicken, grass fed or organic beef and sardines. Rotate animal proteins so you are not eating the same ones all the time.

Eggs are good in moderation. Prepare eggs by poaching or soft boiling for 3 minutes so the yolks remain runny. This is important. Women can have up to 6 eggs per week. Men can have 8 eggs per week. Otherwise, they become toxic.

Eight ounces of plain goat yogurt per week is also very good. Do not eat much other dairy products for the fastest development and healing. It is not needed and can interfere.


Development requires a careful diet. For the long version, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use, and Forbidden Foods For Development. Here’s the short version:

Diet: Eat a mixture of certain vegetables with each meal – all cooked properly. This is to obtain more of their minerals, mainly. Minerals are not damaged by cooking.

The needed vegetables are carrots, all types of onions, shallots, leeks, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, daikon (white radish), broccolini (also called baby broccoli or broccolete), and just a little horseradish root, celery, garlic, ginger, and golden beets.


This website is the original and real nutritional balancing website. We suggest avoiding the others, unless they are websites of our Approved Helpers. The trophos have many fake nutritional balancing groups and websites who teach nutrition incorrectly, on purpose, to keep people from getting well.

Now we call our work development. It is the science of youth and long life. If you want to stay young, this is the place. To read more, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.


The next set of blog entries is all about healing. It will include lifestyle, diet, cooking, child care and more.

Deep healing is needed by everyone on earth today. The goal is to eliminate toxins and replenish nutrients, particularly minerals. Done properly you will find that most illness goes away and you will live a long time.

In our experience, this requires what we call a development program. Other natural or medical healing programs are much less effective.

In fact, we find that many natural healing methods are harmful in the long run. These include the use of herbs, homeopathy, chelation therapy, IV vitamins and taking loads of supplements. Also bad are vegetarian diets and raw food diets. They may help for a time, but they unbalance the body.


Everything about your life needs to be about service – to others, to the planet or to humanity, in general. This unselfish way of looking at life will bring you more success than any other approach to life. Only service sustains the planet.

This does not mean to overwork or become exhausted. You need to take care of yourself, as well. Include yourself in the circle of your love. However, whether it is in the area of business, friendships, marriage, education or anything else, think service first, not money or other selfish motives. Ask - How can I serve?


Many fewer humans are starving today. This is due to the spread of the free market economic system. Please know this is the truth! The main country spreading this is America.

Free market economics, also called capitalism or the free enterprise system means private ownership of land, laws to protect that ownership, and freedom in the economic sphere of life. People are allowed to start businesses and produce goods and keep the money they earn. Capitalism works beautifully when the laws are fair and are enforced.

When this is done (not done enough), prosperity, happiness, and a cleaner planet are the result. Anyone who says or teaches otherwise is a trophos or influenced by them. For details, read The Free Enterprise Economic System and Command And Control Economics.


The oceans and rivers of earth need cleaning up. The worst problem is mercury and other toxic metals (not plastic bags). Most of the mercury was brought to the planet by the trophos to damage the food supply.

There are bacteria that convert mercury into healthier elements, but we don’t yet have enough of them. To read how they do it, read Biological Transmutaton.

Until the oceans are cleaner, we do not suggest eating most fish. Only eat very small fish such as sardines. Three or four cans of sardines per week are very healthful.


The topsoil of the earth is a precious resource. Trillions of tiny creatures such as earthworms live in the soil and make it fertile and able to grow food.

Improving the topsoil of the earth is a top priority in the cleanup of the planet because all the food depends on the quality of the topsoil. To help with this, farmers and ranchers are very special people!

The topsoil of the earth is polluted with toxic chemicals that make the food much less nutritious. The trophos have promoted these chemicals. Their use must be stopped as soon as possible.

Do not listen to anyone who says we can’t grow food without toxic chemicals. The organic food movement and the anti-Genetic Modification (anti-GMO) movement are among the most important on earth. For details, read Organic Agriculture and GMO Foods.


A major task today is to clean up pollution to make the earth sustainable. We want everyone to help in this effort.

Be clean in everything you do. Don’t waste anything. If a product is poorly made, call or write the company and tell them to make it better so it lasts longer.

Keep your bodies clean, your clothes clean, and your homes clean. If you see trash on the streets, pick it up and throw it in garbage containers. Get into a ‘clean consciousness’. Wear light-colored clothing because it shows the dirt so you will know when to wash it.

Don’t get tattoos or piercing. These are very unclean. Stay out of hot tubs and even swimming pools. They are unclean no matter how clean the water appears. Chlorine and other chemicals cannot kill all the germs.


The only reason the people of earth do not use free energy today is that a group that call themselves trophos do not want it. Using this energy would bring environmental cleanliness, great prosperity and sustainability to the earth.

The trophos, or troph for short, are a group of beings that arise everywhere in space. The word trophos in their language means nourishes the baby. The English and other Western languages have a very similar word that means the same thing. This word is trophoblast.

The trophoblast in medical books is a tissue that should arise only at the beginning of pregnancy. It eats into the uterus of the mother and steals some blood to nourish the baby. If it arises at any other time or place, we call it cancer. For details, read The Trophoblast.

The trophos arose on earth about 50,000 years ago. They invade, steal, rape, murder, lie and deceive, and are horrible thugs. On Dr. Wilson’s website, he calls them the rogues. For details, read Rape and The Rogues.

The Bible refers to them as Satan, which means the secret ones in an ancient Hebrew dialect. They like to operate secretly.

Today, the trophos have a significant presence on earth. Their agents dominate the mass media on earth and most education systems. They also control most large corporations, most governments, the entertainment industry, and more.

They want to kill the earth with rape, disease and pollution, but they blame it on others. They are very tricky and deceptive.

You can tell who they are because they do not like or practice Biblical values. Instead, they promote liberal, so-called progressive, socialistic and communist values. These words are cover names for autocratic rule or tyranny.

For example, they do not want guns in the hands of private citizens, even though the truth is that guns in private hands save many lives and prevent thousands of rapes every year. For details, read Guns.

They now own the Democratic Party in America and the liberal and socialist political parties of Europe and elsewhere. Never vote for them, no matter what they promise because they usually do not tell the truth. For more details, read Socialism.


The earth’s orbit, speed of rotation and distance from the sun are tightly controlled. It is adjusted constantly to benefit all the human beings, animals and plants on the planet. Nothing is left to chance. The climate is always changing and has nothing to do with driving your car or eating beef.

Predictions that we will all be dead in 14 years (the latest prediction as of January 2020) is pure nonsense promoted by the trophos to keep people in fear, to damage the economies of the nations, and to distract people from the real problems of planet earth – the pollution. Earth is not dying. Driving cars is fine. For more details, read Climate Change.


You may wonder why there are trillions of barrels of oil inside planet earth? It is not to run the cars and the airplanes (old technologies). Actually, oil is a living substance! It is a little like vegetable oil, which is a living substance and can be used to run cars, as well.

Actually, the oil inside the earth is the food for millions of fine matter creatures that live there. Soon, we will not need it in the cars. Electricity can be used. Also, water works well as a motor fuel and costs nothing and leaves no pollution. To learn about this, type ‘Joe cell cars’ into a search engine on your phone or computer.


Within 50 years or so, we expect all vehicles and homes will be powered by what is called ‘free energy’. This is another source of energy on earth that is already helping power a few devices such as heat pumps.

Free energy was discovered over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla, John Worell Keely, and others. Nikola Tesla ran a large automobile on free energy over 100 years ago. For more details, read Nikola Tesla and Nuclear Power And Alternatives.


1/5/20. The earth is a living being. We know it sounds unusual, but planet earth is not just a hunk of rock! The earth is actually alive. This means that it was birthed in a special way and has DNA and a complex inner structure. The structure of the earth is:

The Crust. Our planet is composed of several layers. The outer layer is called the crust. It is what we who live on the surface call ‘bedrock’. In places the bedrock dips down and fills with water. These areas are the oceans.

In other places, the bedrock extends high into the air, forming our mountains. As the bedrock is eroded and broken down by wind and water, it forms the topsoil that supports life on the surface of the planet.

The Mantle. Inside the crust is another layer called the mantle. This is a layer of bedrock that is being hollowed out from the inside to make room for more growth inside the planet.

The way it works is that new bedrock is continuously added to the outside of the crust of the earth by volcanic eruptions. Meanwhile, bacteria and other microorganisms slowly dissolve the bedrock on the inside of the crust. In this way, the earth is slowly growing a little larger.

Early in its existence there was more volcanic action, so the earth grew faster. The planet is now more mature, so there is less volcanic action and the planet is growing very slowly.

The Interior. Deeper inside the earth, beyond the mantle, are many other layers that are actually alive. They are very much like the layers of an onion. This area also contains many large tubes that conduct nutrients around the inner part of the planet.

The nutrients feed millions of fine matter and coarse matter creatures that live within the earth. Most of these creatures have functions related to the maintenance of the planet such as resisting invaders (like the immune system), maintaining the structure (like bones), making food for everyone (like the digestive system), moving nutrients around (the circulatory system) and more.

Deep inside the earth is not hot and on fire, as we are taught. In fact, the temperature is quite pleasant deep inside. Molten lava is found in the crust (the growing area), but not deeper inside.

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