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Dr. Wilson is the scribe for this blog. However, the information comes from our planet’s interior. We try to independently verify the information. If we detect an error, we will immediately post a correction.

Opening Remarks

Welcome to everyone. This is a news blog about changes on planet earth.


We have strong views on this. We think the president did nothing at all wrong. The Democrats just don’t like that he is restoring the power and economy of the United States. They think they cannot beat him in an election, so impeachment is their way to get rid of him.

This is a violation of the US Constitution, which only allows impeachment in cases of “high crimes and misdemeanors”. The Democrats are committing the high crime in this case! For details, read The Impeachment of Mr. Trump.

We strongly suggest that all Americans call and write to their two Senators asking that the Senators dismiss this fake impeachment at once. To find your senator’s contact information, type their name into a search engine.


The earth is a living being. We know it sounds unusual, but planet earth is not just a hunk of rock! The earth is actually alive. This means that it was birthed in a special way and has DNA and a complex inner structure. The structure of the earth is:

The Crust. Our planet is composed of several layers. The outer layer is called the crust. It is what we who live on the surface call ‘bedrock’. In places the bedrock dips down and fills with water. These areas are the oceans.

In other places, the bedrock extends high into the air, forming our mountains. As the bedrock is eroded and broken down by wind and water, it forms the topsoil that supports life on the surface of the planet.

The Mantle. Inside the crust is another layer called the mantle. This is a layer of bedrock that is being hollowed out from the inside to make room for more growth inside the planet.

The way it works is that new bedrock is continuously added to the outside of the crust of the earth by volcanic eruptions. Meanwhile, bacteria and other microorganisms slowly dissolve the bedrock on the inside of the crust. In this way, the earth is slowly growing a little larger.

Early in its existence there was more volcanic action, so the earth grew faster. The planet is now more mature, so there is less volcanic action and the planet is growing very slowly.

The Interior. Deeper inside the earth, beyond the mantle, are many other layers that are actually alive. They are very much like the layers of an onion. This area also contains many large tubes that conduct nutrients around the inner part of the planet.

The nutrients feed millions of fine matter and coarse matter creatures that live within the earth. Most of these creatures have functions related to the maintenance of the planet such as resisting invaders (like the immune system), maintaining the structure (like bones), making food for everyone (like the digestive system), moving nutrients around (the circulatory system) and more.

Deep inside the earth is not hot and on fire, as we are taught. In fact, the temperature is quite pleasant deep inside. Molten lava is found in the crust (the growing area), but not deeper inside.


You may wonder why there are trillions of barrels of oil inside planet earth? It is not to run the cars and the airplanes (old technologies). Actually, oil is a living substance! It is a little like vegetable oil, which is a living substance and can be used to run cars, as well.

Actually, the oil inside the earth is the food for millions of fine matter creatures that live there. Soon, we will not need it in the cars. Electricity can be used. Also, water works well as a motor fuel and costs nothing and leaves no pollution. To learn about this, type ‘Joe cell cars’ into a search engine on your phone or computer.


Within 50 years or so, we expect all vehicles and homes will be powered by what is called ‘free energy’. This is another source of energy on earth that is already helping power a few devices such as heat pumps.

Free energy was discovered over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla, John Worell Keely, and others. Nikola Tesla ran a large automobile on free energy over 100 years ago. For more, read Nuclear Power And Alternatives.


The only reason the people of earth do not use free energy today is that a group we call the rogues does not want it. It would bring great prosperity and cleanliness to the earth

The rogues are a group of beings from a different part of space that came to earth about 50,000 years ago. The Bible refers to them as Satan, which means the secret ones in an ancient Hebrew dialect. For more details, read The Rogues.


The earth’s orbit, speed of rotation and distance from the sun are tightly controlled. It is adjusted constantly to benefit all the human beings, animals and plants on the planet. Nothing is left to chance. The climate is always changing and has nothing to do with driving your car or eating beef.

Predictions that we will all be dead in 14 years (the latest prediction as of January 2020) is pure nonsense promoted by the rogues to keep people in fear, to damage the economies of the nations, and to distract people from the real problems of planet earth – the pollution. Earth is not dying. Driving cars is fine. For more details, read Climate Change.


Everything about your life needs to be about service – to others, to the planet or to humanity, in general. This unselfish way of looking at life will bring you more success than any other approach to life.

This does not mean to overwork or become exhausted. You need to take care of yourself, as well. Include yourself in the circle of your love. However, whether it is in the area of business, friendships, marriage, education or anything else, think service first. How can I serve?


A major task is to clean up pollution. We want everyone to help in this effort.

Be clean in everything you do. Don’t waste anything. If a product is poorly made, call or write the company and tell them to make it better so it lasts longer. Keep your bodies clean, your clothes clean, and your homes clean. If you see trash on the streets, pick it up and throw it in garbage containers. Get into a ‘clean consciousness’.

Don’t get tattoos or piercing – very unclean in all instances. Stay out of hot tubs and even swimming pools – they are unclean no matter how clean the water appears.


The oceans need cleaning up on earth. The problem is mercury and other toxic metals (not plastic bags). Most of the mercury was brought to the planet by the rogues to damage the food supply and more.

There are bacteria that convert mercury into healthier elements, but we don’t yet have enough of them. To read how they do it, read Biological Transmutaton.

Until the oceans are cleaner, we suggest not eating most fish. The best idea is to only eat very small fish such as sardines. Three or four cans of these per week is very healthful and most helpful for development.


The topsoil of the earth is a precious resource. Trillions of tiny creatures live in the soil and make it fertile such as earthworms. Improving the soil of the earth is another top priority because all the food depends on the quality of the topsoil.

The topsoil of the earth is polluted with toxic chemicals that makes the food much less nutritious. The rogues have promoted these chemicals. Their use must be stopped as soon as possible. Don’t listen to anyone who says we can’t grow food without them. The organic food movement and the anti-GMO movement are among the most important on earth.


Many fewer humans are starving today, thanks to the spread of the free market economic system. Please know this is the truth! The main country spreading this is America.

Free market economics, also called capitalism or the free enterprise system means private ownership of land, laws to protect that ownership, and freedom in the economic sphere of life. Capitalism works beautifully when the laws are fair and are enforced.

When this is done (not done enough), prosperity, happiness, and a cleaner planet are the result. Anyone who says or teaches otherwise is a rogue or influenced by them.


This is needed by everyone on earth to eliminate toxins and replenish nutrients. If you do this, you will find that most illness goes away. However, it needs to be done correctly, which means a development program.

Other programs, in our experience, are much less effective. In fact, we find that many natural healing methods are harmful in the long run. These include the use of herbs, homeopathy, chelation therapy, IV vitamins and taking loads of supplements. Also bad are vegetarian diets and raw food diets. They may help for a time, but they unbalance the body.


A very important concept is that there are two basic types of bodies in the universe:

- Coarse matter bodies include the bodies with which we are familiar – human, animals and plants. Also, the bacteria and fungi.

- Fine matter bodies are of a lower density, so most people cannot see them. Examples of fine matter beings that many know about are angels, elves and souls. Some young girls can see angels and elves. They are definitely real.

For a true story about elves, we suggest watching FairyTale: A True Story (1997). It is the story of two English girls, about age 10, who lived about 100 years ago. They saw and photographed elves near their home. The photos were authenticated by photographic experts.

Fine matter beings live very long lives and can live in outer space and deep inside the earth. In space, they can find enough food and water. In space, fine-matter animals can also find enough oxygen and fine-matter plants can find enough carbon dioxide to breathe.

Fine-matter creatures vary in size from microscopic to enormous. They all can fly around using a ‘power unit’ located in the area of their chest. They have many shapes, some of which are similar to earth creatures, and some of which are unique. For more details about them, read Bodies in Space.


Fear is a serious problem on earth. The rogues teach fear in hundreds of ways. The goal is to weaken and discourage the people of the earth. This makes the planet much easier to control. Here are a few examples:

The medical profession spreads fear. We know that if people eat correctly and follow a development program, most diseases would disappear.

The television, radio and other media outlets often focus on bad news, while ignoring happy news.

The rogues use rape to terrorize women. To read all about it, read Rape. More subtle methods are radionic machines that broadcast fear into everyone and spreading poisons.


Music is helping planet earth. You may wonder what kind of music. It may sound unusual, but we are told one of the best is Christmas music and music on saxophones, clarinets, pianos and violins. Providing it is not too rough, jazz seems to be very good, even better than classical and folk music


These are the Democratic Party politicians in America and the Liberal and Socialist Party politicians in other nations. In America, they want to take away the people’s gun rights (which are very much women’s rights) and don’t want to play by the rules of fair play in a republic. So stay clear of them and never vote for them, no matter what they promise because they often do not tell the truth. For more on guns, read Guns.


Babies are not healthy enough today. The rogues want more daycare, which wrecks the health of babies. Daycare has many problems, such as picking up infections from other children and from daycare workers. For much more, read Daycare.

President Trump is proposing a way to fix the daycare problem. He wants to require all businesses to give a woman who gives birth one year off work without firing her.

The company does not have to pay her while she is off work. But they must rehire her after one year if she wishes. If the company does not want to do this, they do not have to hire young women. They can hire men or women who are older who won’t have babies. This legislation is needed in America for the safety and health of our babies.

In Canada, new mothers are actually paid 55% of their work salary to stay at home with their babies for a year or a year and a half. The money comes from unemployment insurance that is taken out of a worker’s paychecks.


This website is the original and real nutritional balancing website. We suggest avoiding the others, unless they are websites of our Approved Helpers. The rogues have many fake nutritional balancing groups and websites who teach nutrition incorrectly, on purpose, to keep people from getting well.

Now we call our work development. It is the science of youth and long life. If you want to stay young, this is the place. To read more, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.


Development requires a careful diet. For the long version, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use, and Forbidden Foods For Development. Here’s the short version:

Diet: Eat a mixture of certain vegetables with each meal – all cooked properly. This is to obtain more of their minerals, mainly. Minerals are not damaged by cooking.

The needed vegetables are carrots, all types of onions, shallots, leeks, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, daikon (white radish), broccolini (also called baby broccoli or broccolete), and just a little horseradish root, celery, garlic, ginger, and golden beets.


We find that vegetarian diets are killers and will shorten your life, no matter how good you feel on them. Have some animal quality protein twice a day, but only 4 to 5 ounce portions for adults and less for children.

Good ones are lamb, chicken, grass fed or organic beef and sardines. Rotate animal proteins so you are not eating the same ones all the time.

Eggs are good in moderation. Prepare eggs by poaching or soft boiling for 3 minutes so the yolks remain runny. This is important. Women can have up to 6 eggs per week. Men can have 8 eggs per week. Otherwise, they become toxic.

Eight ounces of plain goat yogurt per week is also very good. Do not eat much other dairy products for the fastest development and healing. It is not needed and can interfere.


Organic almond butter and organic roasted tahini are excellent and needed for development. The tahini from Israel is best, if you can find it. Sprouts Markets sell it in the Western US. This is a part of the diet that many overlook and it slows development and healing.

Blue corn chips are also most helpful for development. They are somewhat salty and greasy, but we can’t find an alternative to them at this time. Corn cereal or tortillas are not as good. However, if you cannot find blue corn chips anywhere, then yellow organic corn will provide some of the same chemicals.


Stay completely away from all foods made with white flour, white sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and other chemicalized food. Rice is also not healthful, although we do not know why. This even applies to organically grown whole grain rice.

Stay away from fruit. It is too yin and interferes with development. For details, see Yin Disease.

Also avoid all pig products. They often contain parasites even when well cooked. Avoid duck, bison or buffalo, and even duck eggs. They seem less compatible with our bodies.


Many will not like this recommendation. To feel well and become younger inside, cook almost everything you eat. It kills a few vitamins, but it kills germs, too, and the minerals are unlocked from the vegetable fiber.

Cook with water! Pressure cooking is best, but with this method care is needed to avoid overcooking. For example, vegetables just need about 2.5 minutes – just enough so they retain some of their color, and are soft, not crunchy. You can also steam food, or stir fry and then add water and steam for 15 minutes more.

A crock pot can be used, but is not quite as good because it overcooks food.


Avoid all powders, shakes and smoothies. They are bad food combinations and mix too much liquid with the food.

You can, however, blend vegetables in a powerful blender that chops up the vegetables and heats them so they cook. We are still researching this method. However, do not cook the vegetables for more than 1 minute – just until they are cooked. They will cook very fast because they are all broken apart. Also, use as little water as possible because mixing liquids with meals dilutes the stomach acid and greatly impairs digestion.

The only recommended raw foods are a little milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir and a little oils such as olive oils. Do not heat olive oil! It turns to a poison.


Go to bed by 9 and sleep at least 9 hours a night. Otherwise, you will develop very slowly.

Ordinary sex with fluid loss slows development and weakens the body. Keep it to a minimum. However, Down Sex is excellent for health. You can do daily if you wish.

Certain detoxification procedures are excellent for healing and development. We recommend about six about six of them. For details, read The Detoxification Procedures.


For optimum health and development, one also needs to have the right values and attitudes. We find that the ones that work best are Biblical values such as the Ten Commandments and Golden Rule (see The Twelve Commandments – Ten Of Moses and Two More) and The Golden Rule.


Love is not sex. Love is caring, respect and gratitude. Another kind of love is the radiance of the Creator. It is all around and through us. It is the ether (see The Ether).


(1/27/20) The whole world is mourning the loss of Mr. Koby Bryant, an American basketball player. He was killed in a helicopter accident yesterday. This is breaking news, for which reason we mention it on this blog. There will be an investigation into the cause of the accident because it seems like it was not an accident.

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