By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Parents:  Your children need to spend time close to you for proper growth and development.  This is the message of this article.  Ways parents can set this up are:

- Do many things with your children such as play, work, study, movies and more.  Even just driving around, shopping and doing errands with them is very good.

- Schedule lots of family activities.  This means both parents and children, all together.  Do this even if you are not totally in love with your husband or wife.  Do it for your children.

- Read books together with your child.

- Study things with your child.

- Get on the couch and watch television programs with your child rather than let the TV entertain your child alone.

- Take walks, go on picnics, hikes, visit places and do everything with your child, and ideally as a complete family, rather than with friends or just you and your partner.

- Home-school your children instead of having them spend their days away from you.

- Play sports with your children, especially activities where you are physically close to them such as basketball.

- Play board games, card games, word games or do jigsaw puzzles with your children.

-  Even sleep in close proximity to your child.




1. Children are like sponges.  They learn and imitate and often emulate whomever they are around.  Most other children and many adults today are not the best role models for your child.  Therefore, it is very important to keep them from having too much contact with the public, teachers, and most other children.

Some will say that this will damage the childŐs socialization process.  Our feeling is that the opposite is the truth.  By having a child spend most of his or her time around good parents, that child develops excellent self-esteem and will be better able to interact with others as a young adult.

The exception to this is that if the parents are very troubled and harmful to be around, then spending time with other adults such as quality teachers, coaches or others will be best for a child.  However, even in this case, spending time around a lot of other children in a daycare center or school is usually not the best.  There is too much chance today of bullying, and other damaging talk and behavior. 


2. Children are learning to be adults.  To do this, they need to be around wholesome adults – like you!  They do not need to be around a lot of other children, nor do they need to be around most adults, who are not of the best quality today.

This is very important to know about children.  They need to ask you a lot of questions, they need to test your love and patience, and they need to learn a lot of skills from you.  They cannot learn these from other children, and often they cannot learn them from other adults who care for them much less than you do.


3. A unique type of blending.  This is somewhat esoteric, but true.  When men and women, including boys and girls, are in close proximity to each other, a special type of blending occurs that promotes healing and development.

This phenomenon can be used to enhance your childrenŐs health and well-being.  However, if your children spend most of their time around other children or other adults, they will blend with them, which is usually harmful because there is much less love between them and often the othersŐ health and lifestyle are not as good.


Requirements for this blending of male and female energies.  It requires:

1. Physical closeness.  The bodies must be no more than 10 feet apart.  The closer they are, the better.

2. Proper alignment.  The bodies must be aligned with the heads and feet in the same direction.  This is important or this type of blending wonŐt work.  However, if you are sitting, standing or even lying down, this is often the case. 

It means that the beds in the home should be aligned so they face the same direction, if at all possible.  Ideally, have all beds face with the head to the nearest pole of the earth and the feet facing the equator of the earth.

For example, in the Northern hemisphere, the head should be toward the North and the feet toward the South.  It will be the opposite in the Southern hemisphere.  This is to align with the natural flow of ether on earth.

3. Time together. If the people do the simple version of blending, as described above, they must be close together in the proper alignment for at least one hour for significant effects to occur.

If the people push down during the episode, benefits occur immediately.

4. Nutrition.  While not essential, the blending works much better if the people are well-nourished and well-rested.

5. Age.  The blending works the best with an older person.  This is due to greater etheric and subtle body development of older people.

Height, weight, relationship type, mood, or even oneŐs state of health are not that important.


How it works.  This type of blending is due to an interaction of the invisible energy fields that surround every person.  More precisely, the #6 subtle bodies, which are two large oblong energy fields around a person, vibrate together whenever a male and female body are in close proximity.

This vibration or pulsing, which can sometimes be felt, cuts through the ether field.  This is the field of energy that is everywhere around us.  The result is that it bring an energy into the physical bodies that heals and develops them.

For more details about the subtle human energy fields, read The Aura on this site.



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