by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© January 2020, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            A few clients have difficulty with a development program because believe that that we don’t understand their particular situation.  This article hopefully will help explain how to handle this situation.




            Those with this problem are usually quite sensitive, have worked with a number of other healers, and may have unusual symptoms.  They usually have a number of diagnoses and have read a lot about their health conditions.




            Those with this condition most often do not understand the following:

1. A development program is very different from other holistic and nutritional programs:

- The goal of development is very different from the goal of most other programs, which is symptom relief.

- The symptoms that arise on a development program are usually of a very different nature than those that arise on other programs.

- The precision of the program is needed for rapid development.

- The development program is integrated.  Adding, omitting or changing one or another part of it often wrecks the whole program.  For example, the diet is very important and cannot be modified much without slowing progress a lot.


2. Retracing is a key to the development program.  These individuals usually do not thoroughly understand this idea and mix up retracing symptoms with disease symptoms.  It is explained more below and in the Retracing article.


3. A development program operates at a very deep level.  Many people believe they understand their health conditions.  However, we would say they only understand things at a certain level and not the deepest level where the development program operates.




The three common reasons are:

- Retracing, a very unusual phenomenon that only rarely occurs with other healing programs.

- Bringing up one’s traumas and issues.  This is also quite unusual and very rarely occur with most other healing programs.

- The program is incorrect and needs updating.

All of the above situations are often very confusing and scary for these individuals.  The person then assumes that the symptoms mean that the diet or supplements or procedures are not for them.  They quit parts or even all of the program, or they change it to “what works for them”.

Their attitude is that we just don’t understand their situation and that they require a different diet, or perhaps some different supplements or procedures.




The problem is that with a development program, one cannot change things or it slows or stops development.  So when one changes or omits parts of the program, it amounts to self-sabotage.  While symptoms may disappear, one also does not progress on the program.




The solution is not to change things, but to ask for help in doing the program. 

To handle the purification reactions, also called retracing, contact your Helper and ask that Dr. Wilson review your entire program.  At times, we can speed up the reaction to get it over faster, and at times, we can slow it down so it is milder.  At times, one just needs to relax and “play sick”, although one is not sick when one moves through a purification reaction.

To handle issues that come up, one must be willing to just observe them calmly and to forgive everyone for everything that has ever occurred in your life.  This is new and difficult for some people.  However, we will assist you to do this if you ask your Helper to have Dr. Wilson check your program.

One may have to ‘work into the program’, meaning to begin slowly and add more of it as you are able to do so.  However, changing it on your own to “what works for you” usually is not the way to proceed.



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