by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© July 2020, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            Those wishing to destroy or conquer a nation, a group, or even to ruin a marriage, often use the old tactic of divide and conquer.  The goal is to set the people against each other and thus weaken them.  We see this occurring today in many ways.  Modern examples of the use of this tactic including:


1. Pitting dark-skinned against light-skinned people.  Instead of calling for unity, insurgents inflame racial relations and call everyone they don’t like racists.


2. Pitting rich against poor.  This tactic is called ‘class warfare’ rhetoric, and divides the nation mightily.  It ignores the fact that Western societies value liberty, and this necessarily means that some will be wealthier than others, as this is how they choose to live their lives.  Calling it unfair, racist, or other derogatory names is false and simply causes anger and resentment in those who choose to listen to it.

How can someone who works 80 hours per week and devotes his life to earning money be compared with someone who chooses not to work at all, or who does as little as possible?  They will not have equal wealth, and should not.


3. Pitting the religious against the secular or one religion against another.  This is another way that some forces try to divide the people and weaken them.  


5. Pitting heterosexuals against homosexuals and transgenders.  This is just another way to divide the population.


6. Emphasizing ethnic origins, rather than what unites people.  This is sometimes called identity politics.  Really, it is a false identity politics.  The real identity of all of us is we are souls first and foremost.  This is a uniting concept.  However, those who would destroy society don’t want people to know this and instead, they try to divide the population using superficial criteria such as skin color, race, wealth and any other means they can find.


Please beware of this tactic, as it is one of the most  commonly used methods to destroy a society or group.




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