by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

March 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.



            To succeed the best with your nutritional balancing program, and to develop quickly, the nature of your job, career or work can be very important.  Here is what to look for in a job or work.




1. Not too strenuous or demanding, ether physically, emotionally or mentally.  Very physical work is too exhausting when on a program.  Some mental challenges are good, but not if you will take them home and worry about your clients or whatever all night.


2. Relaxing and fun.  Yes, there are jobs like this. 


3. Flexible hours, so you can rest, take a nap during the day, or stop for a coffee enema, if needed during a healing reaction.


4. A healthy, safe and attractive work environment.

  It should be free of toxic fumes and cigarette smoke.  You should not have to touch poisonous materials.  The location should be quiet, peaceful, and have access to with fresh air.  Ideally, there should be little electromagnetic stress from computers, printers, fluorescent lamps and other devices.


5. Good work companions and a good boss who treats you well.


6. Work from home, if possible.  This is the easiest way to control the environment and whom you are with all day.

            This is particularly important if you are caring for child or two, and early on in your program when you are retracing a lot and may need time off or naps.


7. No overtime or travel required.  Both of these tend to be taxing and will upset your nutritional balancing program, no matter how attractive they seem.


8. Somewhat boring and mundane is okay because it is less taxing.  For example, being a bookkeeper is not a glamour job, but it can pay the bills and hours may be flexible, and work is steady.


9. Ideally, become indispensible at your job so they will allow you to miss some work during your healing reactions.


10. Work close to home.  If you cannot work from home, or prefer working in an office, if possible work close to home so you can go home for lunch, and for a nap or a sauna, if needed.


11. Glamour jobs where you are paid very well or become known or famous are not as good.  The reason is that most people with these jobs get carried away with their career and forget their nutritional balancing program.


12. A family-owned business may offer more of these benefits than others.  This is not always true.  However, if your parents or other family members own the business, they may be more lenient with you.

This way you may be able to come to work later, for example, so you can do your spa morning routine.  They may allow you to take a longer lunch break so you can take a nap.  They may be more understanding if you are tired some days due to development during your nutritional balancing program.



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