by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© March 2018, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Development is so important that this article is dedicated to the most common factors that are slowing people down.




Spiritual factors are often important limiting factors for development.


7th Energy Center Blocks. The most important block occurs when the seventh energy center is not open enough.  This is more common with women than with men.

Factors that can close the seventh center or prevent its opening include trauma, especially sexual trauma, accidents, injuries, and fear.

The seventh center is very concerned with development for several reasons:

- It is the connecting link with the world of spirit.

- It is a powerful moderating and balancing factor for all the energy centers, and therefore for the entire body.

- It is a culminating and concluding factor that helps development greatly.

- It is the highest center in the brain, which must overcome the forces of the body in order for development to occur.

- It sets the spin for the other centers above and below it.


Religion.  Lack of a religious orientation, especially a Christian orientation, can be another limiting factor.  The reason is that the Christian religion, especially, encourages love, hope, faith, forgiveness and turning one’s life over to God.  These values are most helpful for development.


Soul factors.  Another important limiting factor for some people’s development is the condition of their main or entity soul.  In some cases, the main soul is malnourished, toxic, traumatized or otherwise dysfunctional.  This often carries over and affects the physical body.




Development requires excellent nutrition and digestion of food, and it requires excellent detoxification or removal of toxins from the body.

Both of these are aided by the parasympathetic nervous system and inhibited by the sympathetic nervous system.  Therefore, attitudes and emotions that are more parasympathetic are helpful, while activation of sympathetic nervous system always tends to slow or stop development.


Attitudes.  Attitudes that limit development include sloppiness and disbelief in development.  Another harmful attitude is Arrogance.

Another attitude that can stop development altogether is denial, or an unwillingness to forgive and to face conflicts and issues head-on.


Emotions.  Tension, fear, stress, oppression and doubt are harmful for development.  Even too much grief is not helpful.  Moodiness or mood swings are also not helpful.




            These include an improper diet and/or an imbalanced or unhealthful lifestytle.  Lifestyle factors that are most important to limit development include inadequate rest and/or too much physical activity that wears out the body and wastes energy.

Another very important lifestyle factor that will limit development is any ordinary sex with orgasm at all.  However, Down Sex, in contrast, speeds up development and is very helpful.

The presence of certain diseases such as infections and perhaps others can also limit development by using up nutrients, wasting the body’s energy, and affecting the brain and other vital organs.

Excessive toxicity in the body with metals, chemicals, parasites or other things can also limit development.

Malnutrition, when extreme, will stop development altogether.  This is the reason why rape, too much exercise, improper diet and even genetics can be factors that limit development.

Physical or other traumas often limit development by interfering with proper nutrition and detoxification.  They may also foster negative emotions and negative attitudes that get in one’s way.

Some birth defects limit development if they affect critical brain and body centers needed for speedy development.

Attacks on the body and brain often slow or stop development.  Among these are entities, implants and other types of damage perpetrated on the bodies and brains.  These are often difficult to identify, but can be very important.


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