by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

February 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Development, as understood on this website, is a very precise and specific process.  A nutritional balancing program, when followed faithfully, dramatically speeds up the process.

This article explains the very early stages of this type of mental development in some detail.  I will begin with the normal sequence of development that can occur in anyone.




All children are born in a certain type of body.  It may be described as follows:

1. Oxidation rate and overall body chemistry. All babies tend to have a fast oxidation rate.  This is explained in depth in other articles and in the book, Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis.  However, many, if not most children are born nutritionally deficient today and quite toxic, sadly.  This accounts for most problems of children, other than the use of medical drugs and vaccines, which are both quite damaging to babies.  Many children are born with infections, or acquire them rapidly from hospitals, impure water or food, toys, or other exposures.

2. Yin/yang balance. All babies are quite yang, relative to their later life as adolescents and as adults.

3. The energy centers: In babies, all the energy centers or energy centers are closed.  This means they are no bigger than about 2 inches across and about 1 inch long away from the surface of the body.  Most of the time, all the first seven energy centers spin in the correct direction at the correct speed and evenly.

4. Aura: This is usually bright and usually whitish in color, with few blemishes and dark areas.  Modern children are less healthy, however, and may have a darker aura due to nutritional imbalances and toxic metal poisoning at birth from their mothers, primarily.

5. Acupuncture meridians. Usually these are well-balanced and functioning adequately.




1. Oxidation rate and overall body chemistry. Most have a fast oxidation rate.  The sodium/potassium ratio is often less than 2.5:1, which is the ideal ratio.  Dr. Paul Eck called the low Na/K an inversion.

At this time, many young children eliminate toxic metals with which they were born.  This may be revealed on their hair mineral tests.  For example, potassium may elevate because they eliminate a toxic form of potassium acquired from their mothers.  Any of the toxic metals may elevate temporarily.

The use of medical drugs and vaccines may devastate some children at this time leading to autism, ADD, ADHD, cancers etc.

2. Yin/yang balance. Most young children remain quite yang, relative to their later life as adolescents and as adults.

3. Energy centers: All the energy centers tend to remain closed except in exceptionally aware children or those under a lot of stress.  Some children begin to develop a seventh energy center about age 5.

At this age, some of the energy centers begin to spin backwards today due to stress, traumas, nutritional deficiencies or other shocks to the body.

4. Aura: The energy field or aura begins to diminish in brightness around age 2 to 5 in most earth children.  This is due to impaired nutrition, infections, use of medical drugs, use of vaccines, and other stressors.  Blemishes and dark areas of the aura may also appear.

5. Acupuncture meridians. Usually these are still fairly well-balanced and function adequately.




1. Oxidation rate and overall body chemistry.  Most children change from a fast to a slow oxidation rate at this age.  It is a lower energy state of being.  This is recent in the past 25 years or so.  Before that time, most children remained in fast oxidation until the teenage years or beyond in America, in particular.  In Europe, Asia and Africa, children tend to go into slow oxidation even faster.  Perhaps this is due to even worse living conditions, in many cases.

A few remain as fast oxidizers, however. 

Widespread use of medical drugs such as antibiotics, and many vaccinations devastate some children at this time leading to more autism, ADD, ADHD, cancers, delinquency and even thoughts of suicide.

2. Yin/yang balance. Slow oxidizers are more yin than fast oxidizers.  However, these children are still far more yang than they will be later in life.  Electromagnetic field exposure and radiation exposure also makes children more yin as they grow older.  This radiation comes from x-rays, dental x-rays, airplane travel and exposure to ambient ionizing radiation.

3. Energy centers: The first three or lower centers begin to open in many children at this time.  This is because the children are learning to take control of their bodies and their lives.  The seventh center may also develop or open to some degree.  It remains fairly small, however, in most of them except a few who are raised in a Christian religious home, in our experience.  The seventh center is a connection to the divine or to the etheric realms.

The rate of spin and evenness of spin begin to deteriorate at this time.  Most energy centers start to spin backwards and unevenly, and more slowly, especially if nutrition is poor or there are emotional or sexual problems at home.

4. Aura: This continues to dim, indicating poor nutrition, in particular, and perhaps the development of illnesses, medical drug poisoning, vaccine poisoning, and/or toxic metal poisoning.  Blemishes and dark areas of the aura become commonplace.

5. Acupuncture meridians. These become more unbalanced.




1. Oxidation rate and overall body chemistry. The oxidation rate is often extremely slow in sensitive young adults.  It is rarely fast.  A four lows pattern sometimes develops due to discouragement and thoughts of suicide.  Fatigue and depression are very common today among young people.

The use of medical drugs and vaccines continue to devastate young adults.  However, those who are raised in good homes and who are well nourished may move out of very slow oxidation.  A nutritional balancing program at this age is most important for the future, as it can give young adults a fine foundation of health that will last them for years.  They can also learn positive habits and how to avoid the worst environmental toxins such as fluorides, chlorine, toxic metals, chemicals in processed food, medical drugs, vaccines, and others.

2. Yin/yang balance. Adults are much more yin than children due to a slower oxidation rate, more medical drugs and ionizing radiation exposure, lower amounts of etheric reserve or vitality, more toxic metals, and poor quality food and diet.

3. Energy centers: The first three lower energy centers are generally all developed to some degree unless the person is retarded or has delayed development.  This is because most young adults are in control of their own lives to a significant degree.

Among compassionate people, the fourth energy center begins to open.  Those who are creative and given a chance in life, the fifth energy center opens, too.  This means it grows larger and spins faster.  The sixth and seventh energy centers remain small, however, in almost all young people.  Christian young people, as a result, however, have some degree of seventh energy center development even at age 15 or 20.  This is very helpful for them.

Energy center spin and evenness deteriorate further in most people, even the spiritually developed children.  This is sad, as it indicates poor overall health.  In most young adults, all the energy centers spin backwards, unevevnly, and slowly, especially if nutrition is poor or there are emotional or sexual problems.

4. Aura: This continues to dim, indicating poor nutrition, in particular, and perhaps the development of illnesses, medical drug poisoning, vaccine poisoning, and/or toxic metal poisoning. Blemishes and dark areas of the aura become even more extensive.

5. Acupuncture meridians. These become more unbalanced with age in most everyone.  The liver/gall bladder meridian, in particular, weakens in most people.




1. Oxidation rate and overall body chemistry. The oxidation rate is often slow and stays here for the remainder of life.  As malnutrition and exposure to toxins increase, hair mineral charts may look worse and the person develops all the common ailments of aging such as obesity, low thyroid, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and hundreds of others.  Most people end their lives in a four lows pattern or with a severe sodium/potassium inversion (low ratio).  This often causes a sudden death such as a heart attack, aneurism or stroke.

2. Yin/yang balance. Adults are much more yin than children due to a slower oxidation rate, more medical drugs and ionizing radiation exposure, lower amounts of etheric reserve or vitality, more toxic metals, and poor quality food and diet.  Aging is even more yin until death intervenes because the body cannot be maintained when it is too yin.

3. Energy centers: The first five lower energy centers generally develop, at least to a degree, in everyone.  The upper two energy centers definitely develop in creative people, religiously oriented people, and some others as well.

Energy center spin and evenness deteriorate further until death stops them completely.

4. Aura: This continues to dim until death occurs.  Blemishes and dark areas of the aura become even more extensive.

5. Acupuncture meridians. These become more unbalanced with aging.  Nutritional balancing can turn around this degeneration to varying degrees, particularly if it is started early in life.  However, most people will succumb to the process of aging more or less in their 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s.




            While the above describes the life cycle of most people, some will break free of this cycle to some degree through the process that is called on this website development.

This section mainly applies to those who are willing to do more work on themselves.  While some types of stressors can induce a certain amount of advanced development, the sure and safe way to develop yourself today involves doing very specific activities and practices.  The following are the only practices that I can recommend to promote development:


           Resting a lot more.

           Eating mostly organically grown food, or food freshly prepared without most toxic chemical additives.  Also, today one must eat a lot of cooked food, not raw.  This is because raw food is too yin, and because most people cannot absorb enough minerals from raw foods.
            Also, plenty of cooked vegetables each day are essential.  Roots, greens and the cabbage family are among the best.  Meanwhile, avoid all nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes, white and red potatoes, eggplant and all peppers.  These are fruits, not vegetables and are too yin to be eaten on a regular basis.
            Sadly, avoid most fruit.  It is far too yin in macrobiotic terms or traditional Chinese medical terminology.  Most of it is also quite hybridized, often sprayed even if labeled organic, and not nutritious enough.  Its sugar content feeds yeast and fruit acids do not always alkalinize the body.  Instead, they often irritate the intestinal tract and other parts of the body.
            Even worse are fruit juices and any sweetened beverages, with the exception of ten to twelve ounces of fresh or store-bought carrot juice, primarily for its calcium content.
            Whole grains are okay in moderation, except for wheat in all forms.  This has been altered and is now an inflammatory food that damages most peoples intestines severely over time.
            Animal protein daily is a must for most people.  One need not eat red meats, although they are excellent for this type of development.  Vegetarian and especially vegan diets do not work well and often shorten the lifespan.  Soft-cooked eggs, sardines in the can and raw certified dairy are wonderful foods for development today.  Avoid most other fish other than very small ones, as most are highly contaminated with mercury.  Sadly, pasteurized dairy products are somewhat toxic and should be minimized except perhaps for pasteurized butter, which is okay.  Also, avoid all pig products such as ham, bacon, pork and lard.  This may be contaminated with trichina and other parasite cysts, even if it is well-cooked.  For other reasons, pig products are often irritating to the body.
            Sugar in all foods should be avoided, especially refined sugars.  Even honey, maple syrup, agave nectar and other sweeteners are far too yin to be eaten at all.  They are also extremely acid-forming and upset the blood sugar.  Finally, avoid the three thousand or so chemical additives found in almost all chain restaurant food and in most prepared food items as well.

           Eat the special foods for development.  These include organic blue and to some degree yellow organic corn products such as tortillas, and tortilla chips.  Others include 3 cans of sardines weekly, raw dairy only, up to 4 ounces of milk or some cheese or yogurt, and perhaps others.

           Drinking 3 quarts of spring water, or a second-best type of water is a good carbon-block filtered tap water.  Most other beverages should be minimized, though mild teas are okay and one cup of coffee daily is fair, but acceptable if you desire it.

           Specific supplements.  For most adults, these include kelp (at least 3 large capsules daily), omega-3 fatty acids (about 900-1000 mg daily), zinc (about 25-40 mg daily), GB-3 (a powerful, animal-based digestive aid and liver detoxifier), Paramin (an excellent calcium/magnesium supplement containing 250 mg calcium and 150 mg magnesium per tablet.  Most people need at least 3 tablets daily), and vitamin D3 (about 5000 iu daily).

           Selenium. The best sources are only found in sardines, kelp, organic blue corn chips, raw milks and cheeses, and a little in other foods such as garlic, onions, rutabagas and others. 

           Near infrared sauna therapy.  One must use the sauna at least a few times weekly, and preferably daily or twice daily.

           Coffee enemas.  One must do these at least a few times weekly, and preferably daily or even two daily for up to 10 years or more in some cases to detoxify the liver.

           Prayer and meditation.  This must be of the right kind.  Also, it must be done daily or at least several times weekly.  A  powerful type of prayer or meditation appears to be that taught by Mr. Roy Masters of the Foundation of Human Development at  I have recorded a CD with a few improvements to this exercise as well called the Meditation CD.
            Equally important is to avoid most other affirmations that are selfish in nature.  These are less helpful, and may get in the way, as selflessness is a key to advanced development.  If one continually asks for Thy will be done, one will receive all that is really needed.  More is not better.

           Mild exercise. Gentle walking or mild hiking, bicycling or swimming at least every other day is also important.  Deep breathing and some mild stretching is also helpful.
            Vigorous exercise is harmful, however.  It often stops development.  Most adults today are not fit enough to do forceful exercise at any age.  Please do not jog, run, ski vigorously or do any strenuous exercise on a regular basis.

           Avoiding toxins of all kinds.  Among the worst are medical drugs, over-the-counter remedies, food chemicals, recreational drugs including marijuana or cannabis, alcohol, and home chemicals such as solvents, body care products like nail polish, hair spray and hair dyes, pesticides and other lawn care products.  Each chemical has a different effect, but many can slow or entirely stop spiritual development for a time.

           Other. Foot reflexology, chiropractic, osteopathy, body work and other types of body therapies are extremely helpful for many people.  In fact, they may be essential at certain stages of development to work through blockages and kinks in the body and even the emotions.
            Less important for most people is the use of an ozonator/ionizer air purifier in the bedroom while one sleeps to increase oxygenation.  Other methods to increase oxygenation such as ozone therapies, peroxide therapies and others are also excellent, but harder to do safely on a regular basis.

           A hair mineral analysis to assess your specific dietary, supplement and detoxification needs.  This will move anyone forward quite a lot faster.  It must be done by the correct practitioner, however, as over 95% of doctors and nutritionists do not know how to properly interpret the hair analysis and set up the right kind of program.  This website contains a List of Approved Practitioners whom I recommend.  They are the only ones I can recommend at this time.

            Do as much as you can of the above procedures. This causes far more development than just living a normal lifestyle and eating a more standard or even a high-quality diet. 

Some people will do more of one of the above than of the others.  What matters most is to do as many of the above procedures as possible, as often as possible, on a regular basis.  Also, avoid other items, lifestyle habits and procedures as shown below.  This seems to be the key to development today.


Procedures that are not recommended.  Many common therapies, habits and procedures will impair or stop development.  Among the most common ones are vegetarian and vegan diets, fruit juice diets, cleanses, fasting, not taking a digestive enzyme with meals, eating a lot of fruit or wheat products, taking piles of vitamins or herbs, some homeopathic remedies, and using hormones, chelators or most medical drugs unless absolutely needed for a medical condition.

 Many spiritual practices are also not recommended.  These include hatha yoga, tai chi, chanting, intense prayers that go on for hours, physical exertions, and many popular types of meditations and affirmations.  These I find much less helpful today, although in the past they may have worked well.  Possible reasons for this are:


           The bodies are far more toxic today.  This is a major factor retarding spiritual development.  This is why the diet, drinking water, rest and sleep, a few simple supplements and detoxification procedures are so helpful and often necessary.  Yoga practices, for example, can be dangerous when the muscles and tendons are so toxic, causing injuries that slow development.  Very gentle yoga classes are excellent, however.

           The bodies are very yin today due to ionizing radiation, pollution and depletion of nutrition of most of the food supply, even natural, organic food. Yin in Chinese terminology means cold, expanded and ill.  This is why we use cooked and not raw food, animal quality rather than vegetarian diets, and yang detoxification with heat rather than flushing with cold water, juice fasts, herbal cleanses and other more yin methods.

           Safety concerns. Most bodies are so ill and toxic that standard Oriental methods such as hatha yoga cause injuries today and must be applied extremely carefully.  Bikkrum or very gentle yoga is one of the best, but only if the teacher walks around during the entire class and makes sure that each person is doing the postures correctly.

           Less need for some methods.  Energies arriving on earth and other factors make development, even advanced development, much easier today.  This means that complex meditations, deprivations, fasting, intense cleansings and special chants are simply not as needed today.  Instead, these practices that were formerly helpful become intense distractions that can waste hours or years of ones life.  The time would be far better spent resting, eating well and doing the recommended practices such as the Roy Masters meditation.  This is essential to understand.  Millions become caught up in rituals and other practices and ignore or do not realize the importance of a proper diet, loads of rest, enough of the right kind of water and the other factors listed above.

           There is more help available today for those who wish to develop.  Earth is in extreme danger today due mainly to warring factions that could easily ignite a catastrophic war that would end life on earth.  As a result, more guidance and help are available.  This is another reason why extreme measures are not as necessary.

           Practically speaking, people are not living in monasteries as they were years and centuries ago.  This has also required a change in methods to some degree.  


For all these reasons, many traditional methods of development are less needed, less practical and less safe today.  Please know this is not a condemnation of any traditional practices.  It is just an observation after having worked with many thousands of clients.  Here is a summary of what occurs as one follows a nutritional balancing protocol.  This does not happen in the same way with other programs, although I wish it did.




Cleansing of the liver.  The liver is a very toxic organ in most people.  Removing the bulk of the toxins allows the liver to work much better, and to take on new functions as well.  The main one is to receive etheric energy.  This is an esoteric concept, but in order to live a long and full life, the liver must absorb a certain energy from the food, water and even just from the air. 

Most peoples livers are so toxic that their livers cannot absorb this subtle energy very well.  However, as the liver is cleansed deeply, this changes and a wonderful effect occurs by which the liver is able to help rejuvenate the rest of the body by absorbing and utilizing more etheric energy from food, primarily, but also from drinking water and the air we breathe.


Chelation harmful.  Many holistic physicians and the public has been taught to use chelation therapy to remove toxic metals.  However, I find that both natural and synthetic chelating agents and chelation therapy will not cause the development discussed here, as it cannot cleanse the liver deeply enough.  In fact, it can make the liver worse.  The reasons include:


           It removes toxic metals in an unnatural order.

           It does not usually remove all of the toxic metals.  Some agents remove certain ones only.

           It does not remove the toxic metals deeply enough.  Most of the chelating agents work primarily through the blood stream and cannot penetrate deeply enough into the tissues.

           Most chelating agents are slightly toxic themselves and can damage the liver and kidneys slightly, slowing progress.

           Most chelating agents do not address the deeper adaptive imbalances that caused the need for toxic metals in the first place.  As a result, the toxic metals can reaccumulate.

           Chelators occasionally remove toxic metals so quickly they cannot be removed properly and some redeposit, at times in more vital organs where they do more damage.  This problem does not seem to occur with nutritional balancing science.

           Most importantly, all chelators tend to remove a small amount of vital minerals along with the toxic ones.  This unbalances the body chemistry in subtle ways, slowing or even stopping the liver detoxification that I am referring to. 


Nutritional balancing programs use no chelating agents precisely for these reasons.  With proper detoxification, the activity of the liver improves drastically as it becomes more able to cleanse the blood.  Soon afterwards, it can begin to receive more etheric energy.  This is a key to long life and health.  It is not common on earth, for which reason many people die before 100 years of age.

With the liver thoroughly detoxified, living to 100 is not usually that difficult, provided a person can keep the liver in a healthy condition using methods such as coffee enemas, sauna therapy, a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Changes in the brain. Much of this has to do with removing most of the toxic metals from the body, and replacing them with lighter elements, literally and figuratively.  As a result, the brain cavity and the neuronal component of the brain actually increase slightly.  This is not easily visible, but there is a shift in this direction.

            This step in development can occur at any age, but usually after about age 10-15.  We have seen it occur in children as young as four who are following a nutritional balancing program.  This is unusual, however, and it appears these children are born with some ability to shift the brain matter in this way for some reason.

            Copper imbalance, changes in the zinc and phosphorus levels in the hair, a nutritional balancing program, coffee enemas using up to 2 tablespoons, and the use of a near infrared sauna seem to play an important role in this process.  Often copper imbalance is seen on the hair mineral chart, although this is common in the general population as well.


Glandular changes. The glandular structure changes slightly, with changes in the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, and eventually the entire glandular structure as minerals such as lead, cadmium, iron, manganese, aluminum, nickel and others are removed and replaced with more selenium, chromium, manganese in another form, copper, iodine, zinc and others.  The end result is a far stronger and healthier physical structure and body.


Structural changes. The bones also shift as they give up toxic metals such as lead that are stored there, and are made stronger by the replacement of lead, aluminum and other toxic minerals such as fluorides and chlorides with more calcium and phosphorus. 

One also becomes more relaxed, and the entire muscular and skeletal system becomes aligned better, straighter and more relaxed.  Many people will need chiropractic and body work to help remove some of the physical or structural blockages for a while, but eventually the body becomes more supple and most of the changes will take place by themselves, I believe.  The near infrared sauna appears to help this process significantly, probably by removing toxins in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.


General changes in the tissues.  The above causes a quiet and gentle change in the body from a more dense form of matter to a more ethereal form of matter that is sometimes called the fourth and fifth dimensional shift.


Mental and emotional changes during development.  In general, a person becomes far more balanced, more gentle, and more intellectually oriented if they are not very mentally focused.  Often this occurs simply because the brain functions much better.  However, as the glandular system becomes balanced and healthier, this also contributes to a more balanced mind and more easily controlled emotions.  Many people even carry themselves differently, with a lighter step, and become much happier and more pleasant to be around.


This is an early part of a much larger and broader process that is the mental and spiritual evolution of a human being.  It is a shift from a more physically-based and physically-oriented life to a more mentally-based and energetically-based life and life style.  This is as far as this article will go.  To learn about the specific changes that occur in the three stages of mental development, please read the companion article to this one entitled The Three Stages of Mental Development on this website.




As more people begin the process of development described above, they will soon realize how incredible each human being is, and the potential that lies within each of us.  Life takes on new meaning and the value of life increases dramatically.

Additionally, by an unusual vibrational effect, the efforts of individuals to better themselves always spreads out to affect all members of society to some degree.  It is as though they are way-showers and examples that others can and will follow.  This will have profound, though subtle effects upon everyone, a process that is starting already.

As more people learn about development, the harsh reality of earth life will soften.  It is a natural result as people come to know their potential, and that of every other human being on the planet.

For example, fewer parents will ignore or abuse their children, and their capacity to love will increase 10-fold.  Criminality will decrease, as will drug and alcohol use.  Fewer people will waste their time and that of others thinking of themselves only as physical beings here to have fun, or worse, here to fight against and win against others.

As wisdom and love grow on the planet due to this process, more common sense and truth, rather than hate and lies, will begin to prevail on earth.  For the first time, basic subsistence for all, greater personal and national safety, better government and abundance in all things, can and will be realized on earth.  Slowly, this will usher in a golden age of truth, real equal justice, and real hope and progress of an unprecedented kind.



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