by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© November 2016, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


Recently, there have been a number of deaths among acquaintances of mine who were either naturopaths or holistic medical doctors.  Most were in their 60s or early 70s, so the deaths were early.  The question is why?

While it is possible they were targeted, here are some reasons related to their profession that are worth thinking about:


1. Too much raw food.  Many followed a diet containing a lot of raw food diet.  This is too yin, in my view, and can shorten your life.  For more details, read Raw Food.

2. Vegetarian-leaning.  Many of them went along with the idea that vegetarian-leaning diets are better.  I don’t find this to be true.  Red meat twice weekly, especially lamb, is excellent.  Also, animal protein every day is needed for optimum health.  For details, read Vegetarian Diets on this site.

3. Too much fruit.  Many of these doctors believe the idea that fruit is a healthful food that should be eaten in large amounts.  I find it is a harmful food today.  For details, read Fruit-Eating on this site.

4. Smoothies or shakes.  Many of these doctors believe in drinking smoothies.  However, I find these to be extremely yin for the following reasons:

a) They often contain a lot of water

b) They often contain sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup that are very yin.

c) They may contain juices.  All of these are quite yin.

d) Anything that is broken up or in powder form, which these drinks usually contain, is more yin.

Another problem with smoothies is they  are hard on digestion because of their water content that interferes with gastric juices.  They are also often bad food combinations, which is also hard on digestion

5. Not enough cooked vegetables.  Most of these doctors did not eat nearly enough cooked vegetables, which are needed today to supply the alkaline reserve minerals and many other nutrients.

6. Too much “natural junk foods”.  These are tempting but are not good quality foods.  They include food bars, rice cakes, kombucha tea, and dozens of other treats and other products found in the markets today.

7. Herbs.  Many of these doctors took herbs.  I find most herbs are toxic and yin today, and best avoided for this reason.  Herbs easily seem to pick up the toxic metals and other toxins present in our environment.

8. Homeopathy.  This is popular among holistic doctors and naturopaths.  However, I find it is very yin, which again damages the body.

9. Chelation.  Most of the holistic doctors believe in chelation.  This is better than bypass surgery, but many of these doctors used it regularly to reduce toxic metals.  The main problem with it is that it removes vital minerals along with the toxic ones.  This slowly weakens the body, even if it removes some toxic metals.

10. Intravenous vitamin C.  This is another popular therapy among these doctors.  However, it, too, is an extremely yin and therefore harmful substance.

11. Too many vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements.  All supplements are yin.  However, it is tempting to load up on anti-oxidants, probiotics, digestive aids, vitamins and more.  Not only can these interfere with each other, but they slowly make the body more yin, which is not healthful.



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