by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Children we work with beg us to tell everyone – do not put your child into daycare.  Stay home with your babies and small children.  Here is why:


- For many daycare workers, it is just a job and some donÕt even love babies very much. Babies pick this up immediately and know they are not loved!

- Daycare separates a baby from its mother – a very bad idea for a number of reasons, including the one above.

- There is no breastfeeding because mother is not there. Instead, the babies get formula - a major cause of ill health of babies. Some daycare centers also give babies other food, which is usually also a bad idea.

- Daycare exposes babies to lots of infections from other babies and from daycare workers. This is also no good for babies.

- Many daycare centers are filthy. Inspections are required, but they are not done enough.

- Studies indicate that daycare is more dangerous for babies in other ways. For example, one daycare worker has to watch three or four babies at once. This is not easy! Babies can fall down, their diapers may not be changed promptly, and more.

- When young mothers work all day, they often come home exhausted.  They are too tired to cook properly and pay attention to their babies.  This is very bad.

- When mothers work all day, even if they are not exhausted, when they come home they have to do chores around the house and so they spend less time with their babies and other children, which is bad.

- Babies worry that something may happen to their mothers while they are at work – like rape.  Mothers should be at home with their babies close by.

- One never knows what will happen to oneÕs baby when given over to strangers all day, every day. Who knows? They may give a baby a drug if the baby sneezes, or worse, a vaccine.

- The current law in America is that if a doctor is called to a daycare center, he can examine and treat a baby without the permission of its parents. This is no good!

The parent should be called and should make the decision whether or not to call a doctor. However, the rogues want to control our babies and they wrote the rules.

- Babies also get punched and kicked in daycare centers and it is very traumatic!




President Trump wants to require all businesses to give a woman who gives birth one year off work without firing her.

The company does not have to pay her while she is off work. But they must rehire her after one year if she wishes.

If a business does not want to do this, they do not have to hire young women. They can hire men or women who are older who wonÕt have babies.

This legislation is needed for the safety and health of our babies.  The lying media doesnÕt tell us about this proposal, but it is true.

Canada and other nations have laws like this.  In Canada, new mothers are actually paid 55% of their work salary to stay at home with their babies for a year or a year and a half. The money comes from unemployment insurance that is taken out of oneÕs paychecks.




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