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Definitions.  The word correspondence, as used in this article, just means that one part of a body or one area of space, for example, corresponds with, or is related to, another part of a body, or another area of space.

The correspondence principle is that by knowing the manner in which specific locations on a body, or in space, correspond with each other, one can communicate and influence locations that are unbelievably far away from one’s own location.

Correspondence points refer to specific locations that correspond or connect or resonate with other locations.  Here are some examples.




An example of correspondence on our bodies is that rubbing certain points on one’s feet can reduce pain in a distant part of the body such as the head or the tip of a finger.  The points that one must rub on the feet are examples of correspondence points.  This just means that they correspond to another part of the body. 

Other words used to describe these points on the body are reflex points or zones.  However, these are not as accurate because the points are not nerve reflexes.  While they are zones, this is somewhat vague.  One could also call them resonance points, induction points, or entrainment points.  Polarity therapy, a healing modality, calls them zones or examples of the body’s polarity.  I will use the words correspondence points in this article, as I think it is the easiest words to use.


Correspondence is everywhere.  In fact, correspondence points are found throughout the human body.  They are found on the hands, in the vagina, in the colon, in the ear, in the iris of the eye, on the head, on the spine, and elsewhere.


Correspondence points in space.  Interestingly, I am told that correspondence points also exist throughout space.  This would imply that our universe, with all of its planets, stars and other heavenly bodies is not random, but grew and developed using a fractal design.


Control points.  This is the name given to special correspondence points that are particularly powerful.  From these points, it is much easier to communicate and control distant parts of a human body or distant areas of space.




The fact that the correspondence principle works, and it does on bodies and in space, gives us a key to our design.  Words to describe that design include:

1. Holographic, meaning that the whole is contained in the parts.  Indeed, several modern physicists have put forth this exact theory.  One is Dr. Michael Talbot, who wrote The Holographic Universe (1992, 2011).

2. More importantly, the design is fractal.  This means that the body, and our universe, grew and developed in an organic fashion making use of repeating patterns based on simple whole numbers.

In other words, there was not just one huge “big bang” explosion that created our universe.  Instead, it appears that the creation of our universe was a slow and deliberate process that followed specific rules and procedures. 

Space seems chaotic when you look up in the sky because it is so vast that we can see only a tiny fraction of it, even with our best telescopes.  This is analogous to trying to figure out the entire design of a human body just by viewing a tiny part of a body, such as a lymph gland, perhaps.

We could speak more about the theory of correspondence, but let us move on to how the correspondence principle and the correspondence points are used.








Polarity therapy


Nutritional balancing and correspondence healing




Psychotronics and radionics



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