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The concept of conflict is that a person is being pulled in at least two different directions and cannot or will not resolve the conflict and just move in one direction.  This is a common situation in many people’s lives.  While this is a research finding, we believe that hair mineral testing may help identify when a person is in conflict. 

Many people who are in conflict are unaware of it.  Identifying a conflict pattern on a hair mineral test may help a person to realize that a conflict exists, so that one can take steps to resolve the conflict.

 Conflicts may be between the mind and the body, or at times they are between two aspects of the mind such as whether to take one job or another job.  This is explained a little more below.




Three highs or four highs.  This usually indicates a person who is physically exhausted, but for some reason is pushing hard to achieve something.  This is one type of conflict pattern in many cases.  It often has to do with a strong will or strong desire to achieve something.  It can, however, just be a strong desire to overcome or avoid something as well.


Sympathetic dominance.  This almost always indicates that a person is tired and partly wants to relax and slow down.  Another part of the person, however, is used to a high level of physical and/or mental activity and this part of the person strongly desires to continue this level of activity, even though the body cannot support it well.  For this reason, this pattern usually leads to serious illness if it is not changed.


Three lows or four lows.  This usually indicates a person who has, at least in part, given up on life.  However, there is another part of the person that just keeps on going, often at a fast pace of life.


A very high sodium/potassium ratio.  This is a very acute stress indicator.  It may be caused by pushing oneself hard, even though at some level the body is tired and does not want to push hard.  In this sense, it is similar to sympathetic dominance.


A double high ratio pattern.  This consists of a high sodium/potassium ratio and a high calcium/magnesium ratio.  It is very similar to a high sodium/potassium ratio (see above).


A very low sodium/potassium ratio.  This is somewhat similar to a high sodium/potassium ratio in that it is a less specific conflict indicator.  With this pattern, a person may be struggling to keep going, but a part of the person has in fact given up and does not want to keep going.


A double low ratio.  This is very similar to a low sodium/potassium ratio.


A bowl pattern. With this conflict pattern, a person usually feels stuck emotionally or mentally.  One may believe there are few options.  Often part or even all of the cause is nutritional imbalances.  We know this because this pattern often changes quickly when one follows the nutritional balancing program.

A bowl can indicate that a person is actively defending something that is not healthy or that is harming oneself.


            This article will be expanded, hopefully, as research continues.



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