by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction
II. Advantages
III. Setting It Up
An excellent idea while relaxing or while doing a coffee enema, a pulling-down session, or a sauna session is to have your computer read to you. Today all computers can be set up to do this.
This wonderful feature available on computers is called text-to-speech, speak content, or read aloud.
- It is an excellent use of time. You can listen while doing healing procedures, or while doing dishes, washing the floor, doing laundry or other tasks.
- It will make time pass very quickly.
- It is often faster than reading.
- It may be the only practical way to read through the 1900+ articles on this website.
- It can help you to remember to do coffee enemas or the pulling down procedure.
- It is more relaxing and better than staring at a a computer screen to read an article.
- It is better than having to print out a lot of articles, which wastes paper.
- It is flexible. If the article is complex, just start it over until you understand the material.
- If you get bored with the voice, which is somewhat robotic, you can change the voice.
- If you just want to speed read the article, set the speaking speed to a higher speed. For better learning, set the speed to a slower speed.
- If you have a partner or roommate, two or more can listen at the same time.
- It is particularly good if you have trouble reading, such as with ADD, dyslexia or other issues.
Both the Mac and newer Windows operating systems offer the ability to have the computer read to you. To turn it on on a Mac computer, first go to Systems Preferences. Then go to Accessibility. Then scroll down to Speech. There you can turn it on and set it up.
To set up text-to-speech on the newer Windows machines, go to the Settings menu. Then choose Ease Of Access. Then go to Narrator and turn it on.
The way it works is one brings up an article on the screen. You may have to select the text you want to listen to. Then you push a button to start hearing the article.
You can adjust the speed of the reading and the voice.
If your operating system does not offer this, I am told that the Microsoft Office program offers it.
Another option is that one can download a free extension for the Firefox, Chrome or Edge browsers that offers the same thing. There are also a number of separate programs that offer this such as Speechify and others. Some offer more advanced features.
For more information, I found several reviews of these options by typing text-to-speech, ratings into a search engine.

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