by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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With any healing system, certain cases are easier to handle, whereas others present more difficulties and require more attention to detail, and perhaps much more caution to handle well.  This is the case with development programs, as well.

This does not mean that our results are not as good with these instances, but it means that practitioners and clients alike need to be alert to these complicating factors.




1. Not following the development diet.  Our biggest problem with development programs is getting clients to do the diet properly.  It is a somewhat unusual diet because of all the cooked vegetables, which must be cooked until soft for best absorption.

We wish this were not necessary, but it is needed because the food is not that nutritious.  As a result, more of the vegetables are needed to renourish and remineralize the body.  Also, they must be well-cooked.  Salad is virtually useless to remineralize the body because the minerals are mostly locked in the tough vegetable fibers that humans cannot digest.

To find out if clients are following the diet, Helpers need to ask specific questions such as “What did you have for breakfast?” rather than general questions such as “Are you following the diet?”.


2. The program brings up feelings or thoughts that the client does not like.  This is our other large problem with development programs.  The thoughts are usually anger or anxiety.  This can be quite intense and scary.

At times, one just begins to experience strange aches and pains or other physical symptoms that do not make much sense.

Usually, one is retracing an old trauma that may have occurred when one was a young child.  The full memory of the event or situation is hidden or blocked, so one does not really understand the symptoms.  Most people assume they are “allergic” or “sensitive” to the food, the nutritional supplements, or the procedures.  In fact, this is usually not the case.  What occurs is the program brings up the trauma to be processed and resolved.  Deep and full healing of the body and brain require this.

At these times, forgiveness of self and of all others, for everything that occurred, is essential!  This is difficult for some people, especially those who are not religious people.

However, understanding forgiveness and practicing it is absolutely required to get beyond the issues and traumas.  For details, read Forgiving and Forgiving Parents. 


3. A change in body chemistry that occurs quickly, so that one requires an updated program before it is time for a retest hair mineral test.  This is another important problem that occurs, at times, during development programs.

What occurs is that one who was doing well suddenly feels badly – tired, depressed, irritable, hyped-up, or something else.  AT times, old symptoms that had disappeared return.

When this occurs and continues for more than a few days, it is imperative to do two things:

1. Contact your Helper and ask that Dr. Wilson and the medical team re-evaluate the entire program and update it.

2. Stop taking the Metabolic Pak (Megapan, SBF or Stress Pack), stop taking any glandular product, and stop taking zinc or Limcomin.

Tinkering with the program is usually not helpful, and just wastes time and energy. 


4. Prescription medication, especially hormone replacement therapy.  The two most common situations involve thyroid hormones or insulin.  Another drug that one must be careful with is cortisone or Prednisone, and there may be others.  In all cases, one must not stop these drugs quickly.  They must be reduced slowly.

Here are the rules regarding thyroid hormones:

1. If the thyroid gland has been destroyed either by surgery or radioactive iodine therapy, one will need to continue taking replacement hormones.

2. If the thyroid gland is present, its functioning can usually be restored.  However, this takes months or even a few years.

In these instances, DO NOT stop thyroid hormone replacement therapy when one begins a development program.  Wait at least a few months before even considering reducing medication.

3. If you reduce medication, always do it SLOWLY, a little at a time and not all at once.  At times, you can work with your regular doctor on reducing medication.  However, beware that a development program will skew blood tests that doctors use to evaluate your thyroid and other things. (see the paragraph below).


5. Development programs often skew blood tests.  These include thyroid function tests, liver function tests, and others.  Even x-rays can be affected.

Retracing is a type of inflammatory reaction that can produce signs of inflammation on blood and other tests.  Development programs also remove toxic metals rapidly. This can raise liver enzymes and temporarily skew kidney tests.  For more details, read Blood Tests and Development Programs.


6. Combining programs.  Some clients attempt to combine a development program with other nutrition, herbal, homeopathic or other holistic healing programs.

Chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation combine well with a development program.  The others interfere and usually ruin the development program.  Please do not combine therapies.


7. Changing programs yourself.  Some clients think they know much more than we do, so they change their program.  They add, delete or change the quantities of various foods, nutritional products, or detoxification procedures.

Our goal is that each person heal himself or herself.  However, with most all clients, ‘the autopilot is broken’, meaning that one needs to follow our recommendations rather than change the program.  We cannot emphasize this enough.

All it takes to ruin a program is one extra supplement such as drinking green tea or kombucha tea, or taking amino acids.  That is enough to upset the biochemical balance and slow down or negate the program.


8. Scary or serious symptoms that must be dealt with as soon as possible.  These include seizures, fainting, severe pain, bad insomnia, and heart irregularities such as arrhythmias and palpitations.  These may require closer supervision directly with Dr. Wilson until they resolve.



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