by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Those who choose to Develop are an online community.  This means we are a group of people who share common interests.  Although we don’t live together or even close to each other, we stay in touch via telephone, the mail and mostly via the internet.




These can be arranged according to the 7 system:


1. Survival – The community helps us each to survive and thrive, and to combat any efforts opposing this.


2. Emotional support – The community helps us thrive emotionally and assists our confidence (from the Latin words meaning with God) in what we are doing.


3. Power and control - The community helps each of us to feel empowered and more capable of controlling our own destiny.


4. Social – The community offers a degree of companionship and social interaction that people enjoy very much.


5. Teamwork – The community is helping to improve the health and well-being of everyone on planet earth.  You may not be aware of this aspect, but it is true.  We are sort of front-line soldiers or leaders in the effort to clean up the planet and rebuild the bodies.


6. Knowledge and wisdom – The community does research and offers teachings that feed the mind and in this way uplift and inspire us and everyone else on earth.

Ours is a scientific community, which does not mean it is not religious.  It just means that what we do and know is based on science rather than on tradition, superstition or anything else.

The science behind what we do is available for anyone to read and study.  However, the medical profession, and even modern nutritionists and natural healers do not show too much interest in it at this time.  We feel this will change as its truth becomes more apparent.


7. Spiritual/religious level – The community offers a spiritual path that powerfully moves a person ahead toward a more spiritual life.




We can use the 7 system to describe the levels of participation and commitment to the development process and community.  They are:


1. Casual readers of this website and those who have made some changes in their diet and perhaps their lifestyle as a result of their contact with the information.

2. Those who have a greater commitment to the ideas.  Usually, they have begun the basic or ‘free’ development program.  They have upgraded their diet and lifestyle, and they may do more of the program, as well.

3. Those committed mentally to the program.  They follow the basic or ‘free’ program closely and some have begun an individualized or complete program with one of the Approved Helpers.  They follow the entire diet and add the recommended nutritional supplements and detoxification procedures.

4. At this level of commitment, one freely talks about the program with family and friends, sharing experiences and hoping to interest others in it.  Some take the Helper training in order to assist others to an even greater degree.

5. At this level of commitment or participation, one has decided to offer the program to others as an organized and creative business endeavor.

6. Some go on to deepen their knowledge and understanding about development and all of the ideas associated with it.

7. At this level, development has become one’s personal journey, a way of life and a spiritual path.




It is not formally a religious group.  However, we have our “rituals” such as cooking a lot of vegetables, sitting in a lamp sauna, rubbing the feet, coffee implants, twisting the spine daily, and moving energy downward from the head to the feet.

We also definitely have teachings or doctrines.  Some are shared by millions of people such as a belief in truth, and the value of the Ten Commandments of Moses, the Golden Rule and the reality of the soul.

Some of our teachings are less well accepted, such as the need for excellent nutrition for disease prevention and development.  Still others are beliefs in detoxifying the body, retracing old infections and other imbalances, the idea of preferred minerals, using hair tissue mineral testing to assess the body, and the need to make the body more yang in macrobiotic terminology.



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