by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Many people write about this, so it may sound old, but it needs to be said once again until it really sinks in: 


1. Don’t hit your children or your wife, ever. 

2. Never, ever rape, and especially never rape a child.


These are the main points in this article.  The rest is commentary.  This article is necessary because for various reasons, some men, in particular, keep abusing their families all over the earth.  It happens in the developed nations, and it happens in the less developed ones, too.

It happens among the wealthy and the poor, among the blacks and the whites, the religious and the anti-religious.  It is time it stopped. 

I don’t care about “cultural norms”, “religious rituals”, “cult practices” or anything else.  It needs to stop now.  It will be tolerated less and less, and this is happening already in many nations.  More and more, women and children are being encouraged to report abuse to authorities, and that is good, kids and wives.  Do not hesitate.




Why does child abuse and domestic violence continue?  Reasons that are common include: culture, illness and frustration.  Let’s briefly look at each of these.


Culture.  In many parts of this world, hitting children, raping girls, and beating wives is considered “normal”.  This is shocking to some people, but those who know the truth know it is true.  The practices are condoned by the authorities, both secular and religious, or at least overlooked and ignored.  If a woman or child complains, the authorities laugh at them, or worse, tell the husband or father, who beats and rapes them harder until they “learn their lesson”.  I believe culture is the most important factor in continued child and wife abuse.  Exactly how to stop it without destroying certain cultures I don’t know.

Even in nations without a culture of abuse, in some families abuse is tolerated or even encouraged.  It can be done in the name of religion, tradition, or something else.  This occurs in all nations, at this time.


Illness.  Many men are quite tired and ill.  They may lash out when they come home worn out and everyone wants something from them - when they can hardly stand up.  This cause of abuse is unfortunate, and these men need a nutritional balancing program to restore their health and vigor.  Most of them try psychology, and often medical or recreational drugs, but none of these really restores one’s health.

These man do not want to abuse, but they do because they lose control and do not know how to handle things differently when out of control.  I hope men in this situation or their wives or children will read this, and will take action to restore their men’s health at deep levels with a nutritional balancing program.


Frustration.  This is usually due to unbalanced body chemistry today, in my experience.  However, it could be due to loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or simply an inability to handle stress.  Here counseling and other guidance can prove invaluable to stop abuse that again need not happen, and no one wants it, but it happens all the time.




Will there be some abuse of the child protection laws – yes, and there is already.  Here are a few scenarios to watch out for:


1. Dad is playing hard with his son, or even his daughter, and a neighbor notices and thinks it is child abuse.  She reports him to the authorities.  This does happen, so be careful, Dads.  We love you but don’t play rough, and watch out because some people these days are overly sensitive on this issue, and some of them hate men for their own reasons, so it is necessary to exercise caution.


2. You decide not to vaccinate your child, and a nurse or doctor thinks you are therefore abusing your child.  This one happens, too.  This one is insane.  The real abusers are the vaccinating parents, in my view.  However, in some nations, and at present in California, one must be careful and follow all protocols to get out of vaccination legally.

All American states have “vaccine opt-out forms”, so use them and there is no reason to be surly or angry with doctors and nurses who don’t know any better and are brainwashed by their medical boards and by the TV news.


3.  When your child is diagnosed with cancer, you choose a natural cancer therapy option for your child, instead of the drug, surgery and radiation option.  For this, Child Protective Services can and will take your child away from you in America and some other nations.

This is also outrageous, since parents should have control of their own children.  I don’t agree with this government intrusion at all.


Other abuses occur, at times, so be careful.  I have heard of the authorities considering it abuse when a parent does not allow his or her child to eat junk and garbage food with all the other children.


Solutions.  If possible, do not send your child to public school, and if possible, home school your children.

An even more powerful solution is to avoid getting a birth certificate for your child, at birth.  Also, it is best not to get a marriage license. 

This may sound a little drastic, but in America, at least, if you do not have these documents, the government has much less authority to take away your child.  If you get these documents, then the government becomes a “third party” in your marriage and has some rights to the products of the marriage – namely the children.  This has been tested in court.  No one “needs” a marriage license or a birth certificate, in fact.  Other identification will work, instead.

Finally, lots of patience is required on all sides, and I hope that wisdom will prevail in most cases.



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