by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Some of our consultants have asked about working with people who do not have much money.  Here are some thoughts on this topic:


1. Beware of people who want things for no charge.  We want to help others.  However, one must beware because too many people today will cry poverty when it is not the case, in fact.

For example, the person may not have much money, but they manage to eat out a lot, or they manage to take vacations, or buy a new car, or new clothing, etc.  So please beware and do some checking, rather than just take a person’s word for things.  Try to contact a relative or friend, or employer, perhaps.  This is not ‘spying’.  This is common sense to help as many people as possible and not waste money.


2. Beware of burnout.  It is easy to get burned out or not keeping your business profitable if you start taking on more than one or two charity cases.


3. Have the person begin with the “free program”.  See if they can follow that program first, at least the diet and the basic supplements.  However, they also need to do some of the procedures, or perhaps all of them described in the article.  Here is a link to the ‘free program’:


            This program is an excellent start, and a way to see if a person is serious about doing a nutritional balancing program.  I receive emails all the time from people around the world who tell me they are feeling so much better just with the free program.


4. If the person is excited and following the free program, only then consider doing a hair analysis.


5. As a general rule, do not give things away for nothing in return.  There may be exceptions, but generally people do not value services as much when they are given for nothing. 

So plan on charging something for the hair test, and perhaps for your consultation as well.  Perhaps charge the actual lab fee only, or even a little less, if necessary.

You can barter for services, but only if it is something that you want in return for the hair test and/or supplements.  Barter can be anything – house cleaning, car repair, baby sitting, or other services.  Make sure, however, that it is fair and definitely make sure it is safe for you and your family.


6. Make a contract.  If you choose to give a discount or work on a charity basis, be sure it is made clear to the person that he or she is expected to follow through and do the program as directed.  If problems arise, the person is to call or email you.

I suggest you make the person read some off the basic articles on our website, about retracing, detoxification, and of course about diet, lifestyle, supplements and perhaps others.  If you don’t do this, you may be wasting a lot of time and energy if the person does not follow through.


7. The Center For Development, a non-profit foundation, has some money to help with hair testing and supplements.  We can only assist children and women under 30 at this time.  The goal is to produce healthier children.  Contact me if you have someone in mind and have gone through the steps above and need some assistance.

Also, if you know anyone who could contribute to the Center For Development, donations are tax-deductible and most welcome.



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