by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Beryllium is a very light weight, highly toxic metal that is one of the less common metals on earth.  It is found in some gem stones such as emeralds.




Beryllium is used in alloys with copper, iron, nickel and aluminum.  Mixing these metals with beryllium makes them stiffer, more electrically and heat conductive, stronger, harder, non-magnetic with good corrosion and fatigue resistance.

Beryllium copper alloys are used to make gyroscopes, springs, aerospace parts (due to light weight and good strength) and tools that will not spark when they contact steel.  This is important when working with flammable materials.




Beryllium “looks” like magnesium and can replace magnesium in some enzyme systems, disabling the enzyme systems.

Beryllium targets cell nuclei where it can disrupt many cellular activities including DNA synthesis.

Inhaling beryllium dust causes an allergic reaction in the lungs called berylliosis.  It takes about five years of exposure to develop and 1/3 of those exposed die, while the others are left disabled.

Beryllium is also a potent nerve poison.  Ingested beryllium settles in certain areas of the frontal cortex.  The effect on the nervous system is to make a person more violent.

The Rogues use it for this purpose.  They can put it in foods or water, or force a person to drink a beryllium solution. 




A development program will slowly remove beryllium from the body.  Otherwise, it is very difficult to remove.  Chelation does not work well.



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