by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© December 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


The human brain, in a metaphorical way, is akin to a muscle.  By this we mean that it can be used to exert a force on one’s own body, on the bodies of others, and on any object in space and time.

This idea may sound odd, at first, but really one does it all the time.  One wills things to be and the body moves itself accordingly.  One also wishes and prays for things to happen, and to a certain degree, they do happen. 

One can develop the mind and the brain-muscle becomes “stronger”, and more capable.  When this happens, you can bring in healing energy to the body, and eventually you will transform the body completely.  This is where life becomes much more interesting, exciting and fun. 




Keys to developing the brain as a muscle are:

- Use your mind.  This means to read books, take on tasks that require thinking, get a job that requires some thinking, and ‘feed’ the mind with quality information and challenges.  Regular reading of this website is very helpful.  It will bring up more questions and challenge you.  It is designed this way.

- Protect your brain from toxic chemicals.  These include alcohol, marijuana, chemicals found in food and water, and chemicals that you contact in your environment.

- Protect your mind against mental, emotional and spiritual insults.  For example, stay away from people who lie to you, who disrespect you, or who trick and deceive you.  These can cause a person to shut down their thinking.

- Pray.  This is a particular type of mental exercise.  Rather than pray selfishly for love, healing or something else, ask that “Thy Will be done”.  This has a wonderful effect on the brain.  For more details, read Thy Will Be Done and Turning Your Life Over To God. 

- Do the Pulling Down Mental Exercise for at least one or more hours a day.  This exercise is ancient, and has been taught secretly in monasteries and convents for thousands of years.

This exercise is active prayer, and more.  It develops the mind in a special way, increasing your ability to focus and to visualize.  It also helps the mind to be more receptive to guidance from more advanced souls, or some would say you become more receptive to guidance from the Holy Spirit.

You can do it sitting, lying down, or even while walking slowly.  It is excellent to do it when you are retaining a coffee enema.  This makes it easier to do.

Morning is an excellent time to do this exercise – although be sure to go to bed early so you get enough sleep.

NOTE: We don’t recommend saying or even thinking any words or prayers when doing the pulling down exercise.  The exercise does not require words or spoken prayers.

We call the time reserved for this exercise “God’s time”.  Don’t let anything get in the way of your “spa morning routine”, including the pulling down exercise.  Be determined to build up your brain-muscle, and you will be well rewarded.




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