by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A bloody nose is a common symptom.  Here is our experience with it:


Babies may use a brief bloody nose for detoxification from the brain.  Some toxins from the brain that the body may not want to pass through the blood and the liver may occasionally come out during development program in the form of a bloody nose.  These are usually not that severe and stop on their own or with a little pressure on the nose area and need no other intervention.

Adults could theoretically experience the same thing, but we havenŐt seen it.


- The rogues occasional put electronic devices in the nose and can cause severe nose bleeds.  To identify this requires contacting us and the guides can check it.


- High blood pressure or a blow to the nose can cause a nose bleed.  High blood pressure needs to be brought under control, whatever that requires.  A development program can lower blood pressure, but it may require several months or longer.  Use of a medical drug in the interim is okay.


- To stop a nosebleed, in addition to something to absorb the blood and using pressure on the nose area, we suggest lying down and resting.  Bioflavinoids, at least 500 mg three times daily, may be helpful by strengthening the mucous membrane tissue of the nose.



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