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            Here are some definitions to help understand the Bible.


I. DEFINITIONS              




This is the story of the Hebrews, including the creation story and the story of Abraham and Sarah, the founders of the Hebrew religion.  The first five books of the Old Testament are also called the Torah.  However, there are a number of other books such as the Talmud, the Zohar and others that are also part of the Hebrew tradition.  They are commentaries on the Torah and other additional information.

(The correct word for this religion is Hebrew.  We do not use the word Jews or Jewish on this website because these are relatively modern term and they are also derogatory words.) 




This is an ancient word that roughly translates as the covenant keepers.  Hebrew has another meaning in an ancient dialect, where it means the founders.




This is a more recent set of holy books describing the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  They are sometimes also called the gospels.  This word means the good news in Aramaic, the language spoken at the time they were written.

The actual name of Jesus was YESHua (with emphasis on the first syllable).  This is important because the name means love in an ancient dialect.  Our word yes is related to this name.  The mistranslation of his name has caused a lot of problems because names have power.

Only certain books were picked to be included in the standard Old and New Bibles.  Other books and scrolls exist and need to be included.

Also, some of the books that were included in the standard Bibles have been mistranslated and even altered.  We know this is upsetting to some people, but it is true.  Other articles on this website discuss this problem such as The Two Branches Of Christianity.




This is the name of the highest being that we can contact.  Other names for Him are The One, High Self, AB, Absolute Truth, The Father, All, and Highest Level.




There is a covenant between all the people of the earth and God.  It is not just for the Hebrew people, as the Old Bible suggests.

A covenant is an agreement of protection.  In this case, the covenant is that God will protect all the souls on earth.  In return, the souls will practice the Laws Of God.

Unfortunately, this has not worked out well and the result has been the mess that is currently playing out on earth.  The problem is the souls do not know the Laws Of God so they canÕt follow them.

This is the real problem.  The Rogues, as we call them on this website, are a result, but not the basic cause of the problem.

This covenant is still in effect.  Some people think it has been broken or cancelled.  This is not true.  The souls of planet earth are still protected, provided they follow the Laws Of God.

For example, homosexuality is forbidden.  We find that homosexual tendencies are due to:

- Biochemical and nutritional imbalances.

- Emotional traumas

- Past experiences of some souls such as a traumatic life in a male or female body. 

Homosexual tendencies go away when one a) follows a development program to correct body chemistry to undo traumas, and b) when one learns other reasons for oneÕs feelings.  For details, read Homosexuality.




Part of the Laws Of God are laws pertaining to food – both what to eat and how to eat or eating habits.  In the Torah, they are called the laws of kashrut or kosher.  In an ancient dialect, the real meaning is The Laws Of Clean.  A different word is used for them.




Another part of the Laws Of God describe how to live.  Today, the closest laws we have to these are the Ten Commandments Of Moses (Plus Two) and the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you want them to do unto you).

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