by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© September 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


Three wonderful phrases from the New Testament of the Bible are (paraphrasing):


“Ask and you shall receive,

Seek and you shall find,

Knock and the door shall be opened.”


- Matthew 7:7

- Luke 11:9


            These are more powerful than one may think.  Here is their meaning, as I see it:


1. You must make an effort in life.  Life requires that we ask and seek.  Hard work is helpful.  We cannot just sit around and hope that the right job, the right person, or the right situation will come to us.


2. “God responds to our initiative”.  This is a quote from R. Buckminster Fuller, one of my mentors.  It means that if one decides to ask, to seek or to knock, there will be an answer or response.

            In other words, seeking and asking are never in vain.  Honest, hard work is always rewarded in some way.  The answer or response may not be what you expected at all!  However, there is reward for effort.  It is a law of physics, in fact.


3. This is the “setup” of the universe.  I believe these ideas offer important clues to success and happiness in life.  Note that:

1. The phrases are grouped together for emphasis.

2. They all reinforce each other, and basically say the same thing in three different ways for clarity.

3. They are found in more than one Gospel.

           Taken together, I believe this gives them great power.



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