by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Herbal Properties

III. Buying And Eating Arrowroot





Arrowroot is an ancient herb that is now part of the development diet.  It is a starchy root vegetable, a tropical tuber that is native to Indonesia.  However, it is widely available in powder form.

Arrowroot provides a number of unusual nutrients that we are finding are difficult to obtain from other foods.  Fortunately, it is well known in herbal medicine and so it is available.

Arrowroot powder is mainly used in cooking as a thickener for soups, sauces, dressings and dishes such as chow mein. 

It is used much less in the Western nations, where people substitute corn starch, wheat flour or agar-agar as thickeners.  These are much cheaper and not nearly as nutritious as arrowroot powder.

If you order chow mein in most Chinese restaurants in America or Europe, you are likely to get a product thickened with corn starch!




Arrowroot contains over twice as much protein as other starchy root vegetables.  It is also very high in folate, or vitamin B9.  It is also high in some compounds of iron, phosphorus and potassium. These are needed for rapid development today.

In addition, arrowroot contains a form of gold that is important for development.

Actually, the chemicals in arrowroot are needed for many purposes in the body.  These include fighting infections and healing the nervous system.

The brain centers.  Most important, arrowroot contains a form of gold required to activate certain brain centers.  Activating these brain centers is essential if one is to move ahead spiritually at a fast pace. 






For the most rapid development, buy arrowroot powder. This is available in some health food stores and online.  Have about ¼ of a teaspoon of arrowroot powder every other day.  We are still experimenting with the exact amount, but we want to bring arrowroot to your attention now.

Do not eat fresh arrowroot.  It is too yin and not concentrated enough.  Also, donŐt take arrowroot in capsules because it is too much at once.  If you can only find capsules, open the capsule and take about ¼ of a capsule every other day.

Also, do not buy colloidal gold or monoatomic gold.  These are quite toxic and donŐt work as well.  Arrowroot is a food, and that is best.




The easiest way to eat arrowroot powder is to sprinkle it over vegetables or other foods.  It has a taste that some people do not like, but it is not a strong taste.

Thickener for sauces and dressings.  Another way to use arrowroot powder is to mix it with a little water in a small bowl until it becomes a thick paste.  Then add other ingredients to make a sauce.

Use this as a topping for vegetables or some other food that you have already cooked.  The arrowroot is the base for a sauce or dressing.  You need to add other ingredients, however, because arrowroot does not taste that good.

            Do not cook arrow powder.



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