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            Definition.  The appendix is a small organ located in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, close to the right hip bone.  It is attached to the bottom of the ascending colon, in the area called the cecum.  The appendix is about three to four inches long and about ¼ to ½ inch wide.  It is sometimes called the vermiform appendix, which means that it looks something like a little worm.


Function of the Appendix.  The appendix contains a large mass of lymphoid tissue.  It functions as part of the lymphatic system of the body.  It helps control infection in the large intestine.  It also secretes enzymes that assist digestion and stool formation in the large intestine

The lymphatic system is a secondary circulatory system in which a whitish fluid called lymph drains away from all the organs of the body.  Lymph is rich in white blood cells called lymphocytes, whose function is to engulf and destroy many kinds of bacteria, viruses and other cellular debris. 

The lymphatic system of drainage helps prevent the spread of infection through the body and is a critical part of the immune response of the body.




This is inflammation and infection in the appendix.  It may require surgery if the appendix ruptures, spewing germs throughout the intestinal cavity.

Appendicitis does not occur if one follows a complete development program with a diet high in the proper cooked vegetables. 

Causes.  The main reason that appendicitis occurs is that most people’s large intestine is literally a cesspool of partially digested food mixed with disease-causing bacteria and viruses.  The underlying cause for this is impaired health due often to one’s diet, eating habits and lifestyle.

In this situation, infectious organisms may find their way into the appendix and cause infection there. 


Prevention.  This is the best solution for appendicitis.  We suggest a development program, which cleans up the large intestine and greatly reduces any chance of appendicitis.  None of our clients who follow a development program correctly has gotten appendicitis.


Symptoms. These include pain that may start in the area of the belly button or umbilicus, and then it spreads to the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, near the hip bone.  However, sometimes there is little pain or it just occurs in the lower right part of the abdomen.

Other symptoms may include malaise, nausea, vomiting, constipation or other digestive upset, dizziness or perhaps fever.


Correction.  If perforation has occurred and peritonitis is present, surgery is best.  For mild cases of appendicitis, however, total rest and fasting for a day will often cause it to pass. 

This is one condition in which surgery may be necessary and is fairly safe, so never ignore it!




Pain in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen is not uncommon during a development program.  It can be due to intestinal gas, healing of the colon, healing of the hip area, parasite removal, and perhaps other causes.

If you are following a development program and suspect appendicitis, we suggest contacting your Helper or Dr. Wilson directly and we will recommend what to do.

We have had about four clients out of several thousand who retraced an infection in the appendix during a development program.  This is not the same as appendicitis, but the symptoms can be similar.

Retracing.  This is a healing process, not a disease process.  However, retracing can cause a flare-up of old symptoms and rarely a person has a chronic infection in the appendix that needs to be healed.  This is very confusing because the symptoms can appear just like those of appendicitis.

Two of the clients of ours followed our advice and mainly rested and continued their program.  The retracing passed without incident.

Two others had surgery.  This is okay, but they were disabled for several weeks afterwards and became toxic with drugs associated with the procedure.  This slows development.



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