by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Apathy and cynicism are extremely common attitudes and emotions that are very harmful for healing and development.  In fact, they are killers!  This is the major point in this article.





1. The attitude that nothing matters much.

2. Apathy causes inaction.  It causes laziness, discouragement, depression and despair.  It also dulls the mind and makes one stupid because you don’t use your mind to solve problems or cope with situations.

3. An attitude of “I really don’t care”.

4. Lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, or lack of concern.

5. Indifference, passivity, coolness.


Related to cynicism.  Apathy is often caused by and therefore related to cynicism (see below).



1. The belief that most people are motivated purely by selfishness, greed, sex or other base motives.

2. Doubt, skepticism, general negativity, distrust, overly suspicious, disbelieving, scoffing, oppositional.

3. A rush to oppositional judgment.

4. The attitude that there really is no love in the world, people don’t care about what is important, and life is sort of meaningless.




It often helps to understand attitudes by thinking about their opposite.  It also can help you get rid of your apathy and cynicism.

The opposite of apathy is deep caring deep concern, and empathy.

The opposite of cynicism is an underlying deeply positive and spiritual view regarding people and life, in general.




1. The rogues want you apathetic, cynical, depressed, discouraged and despairing.  So do the opposite so they don’t win. 

This attitude motivates the author a lot!  This has to do with what is fun.  It is no fun letting them win.

2. Cultivate gratitude.  Write a list of all the things you are grateful for and look at it often.  Add to it every day.  If you do this diligently, the list will get very long!  Eventually, you will realize that truth – that life is an amazing mystery and gift.

You will also see that you will be happier thinking this way, more effective as a person, and life will work better.

3. Read books and listen to material that explains the truth – which is that we are always in touch with God or the Father or Source.

Also, we always receive guidance and help from unseen beings such as our souls, as well as angels, elves, and other fine matter creatures that are all around us all of the time trying to help us survive and prosper in every way.

4. Sometimes an experience can help you to realize the truth.  It might even be a serious accident or incident that you somehow mysteriously survive.  It might also be a wonderful chance meeting, coming across wonderful information, or something else that “just happens” and changes you.

5. Remember the truth that “Ask and it shall be given”, “Seek and you shall find”, “Knock and the door shall be opened”.

6. Study grace.  What is it? How does it work?  What in the world is going on with grace?  How do I get some?  Etc.




Apathy is not the same as emotional detachment.  However, they can appear to be the same attitude.

Emotional detachment is a broad, wide or long-term perspective on life.  It is required to become a wise person.

It occurs automatically if one follows a development program.  It occurs much faster if you practice the neck pull and the pulling down exercise often every day.

Emotional detachment is a very healthy attitude that greatly reduces stress!  This occurs because you don’t get upset or disturbed by most events or situations. 

Emotional detachment is a kind of coolness, but it is not a lack of caring, concern or interest.  It is merely a “stepping back” and observing attitude that is always followed by action, unlike apathy and cynicism, which do not result in action.



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